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Author Topic: Endless Ideas [Plot Driven - Mind Candy] M for F  (Read 2645 times)

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Endless Ideas [Plot Driven - Mind Candy] M for F
« on: March 27, 2012, 11:03:44 pm »
Hey! First off, thanks for stopping by and I hope maybe some of what I have written here will interest you. Before we get to the real meat of things with the actual RP ideas I feel it's best I outline a few things so that you know exactly what you're getting into and whether it would be to your tastes. :)

I have been involved in online roleplaying since my mid-teens and the same thing that drew me to it then is what keeps me writing with others day. Simply it's that fun, that satisfaction that emerges when you hit on an idea that just seems so right or with characters that almost seem to write themselves. When you hit that mark you just know it, I have many times in the past and I'm always seeking to see it happen again! Perhaps if you are interested some of my ideas and wish to indulge my creativity we may be able to create some that both of us can enjoy, something that keeps us coming back to it.

Also I'd like to note that I am quite/extremely open and willing to try many different things or ideas so please don't feel afraid to offer your opinions and advice to me, I can't say I will agree to them all but I will certainly consider anything proposed. In terms of my preferred methods I really don't mind whether it's handled via IMs, forums or another means that is easier for you. Just let me know beforehand and I'm sure we can work something out that will meet your satisfaction (I feel I should also note here that generally I prefer OOC talk between people as well, I find it fascinating to meet and talk to new people and it's fun to exchange ideas or things about the game in such an environment)!

Any other questions you may have please direct them too but, since I don't want to put any more of a preamble on the actual ideas, I'll end with the personal stuff here and get into the ideas! :D

Unless specified for in the idea itself I often have no concrete ideas of a great deal about your characters so feel free to speak with me about your ideas etc. and we can work things out! Also I should note that I am certainly willing to run the same ideas with multiple people (potentially!) to see how things may play out differently (though I would change some minor things myself so I don't end up repeating myself). A final thing would be if you have suggestions with regards to making the idea a little different so it would appeal to you I am willing to hear it and offer thoughts on whether I will do so or not, so don't feel immediately turned off if there's some minor problems that are holding you back since we might be able to work something out! :)

~Currently Craving: Queen of the Skies~

Unheeded Warnings
Spanning the desert a kingdom is shaken when strange lights from across the untravelled sea begin to radiate one night. With the secession of the lights a young man is recovered from the coast and imprisoned as soon as his magical abilities present themselves. Believing he is a demon from across the ocean his warnings of danger go unheeded and he is left to rot within the castle dungeons, alone and ignored aside from his daily 'meal'. Curiosity of this stranger, for whatever reason, prompts a Princess of the kingdom to investigate this man believed to be a monster by her people, though what happens next is yet to be decided...
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Background Information: Known as the 'Jewel of the Sehsna', the great desert that stretches far and wide, the Kingdom of Rahlead has been a beacon amidst and otherwise relentless sea of sand. The various towns and cities of Rahlead dot the coast and occasional oasis with none more brilliant or majestic as its capital, Halish. Indeed, the current ruling family had little to concern themselves with other than cultural pursuits until one unforgettable night.

As the sun went down over the kingdom a strange series of bright lights began to appear from across the horizon and out into the sea. At the time none could explain what exactly was going on but the Vizier of Halish, a man whose advice had always been trustworthy in the past, appeared to have an answer. He reminded people the old stories of monsters and magic that lay across the ocean, that these lights had been recorded long in the past as various demons fighting one another for petty control. Most were satisfied with this answer but others were not, they wanted more. Surely such stories of magic were just created to make sure children did not stay up late into the night?

These fears were soon compounded upon the discovery a young man washed up on the coast, an unknown symbol seemingly carved into his hand. Upon their approach of the unconscious individual the mark began to emit a glow much like had been seen the previous night and, believing him to be such a monster, he was hastily thrown into Halish's dungeons. Whilst being awoken and accosted the man protested his arrest, urging warnings about the unknown land across the sea and appealing for help. His ravings earned him no sympathies as orders were given to keep him separate from the other prisoners and, effectively, cut off from others aside from the food and water needed to keep him alive.

Stuck in his cell he longed for an escape, seemingly unable to use his magic to escape that had first cost him his imprisonment. Trapped in such a place he wondered, would this be the way it would end?

My Character: I will be playing Alum, the man seemingly from across the sea. With what little clothing and possessions he had confiscated by the authorities he has been locked away with only the barest essentials to survive whilst the King and his entourage ponder his fate. Word has spread however of the 'demon' locked within the dungeon and there are many who would wish to use this to their advantage, for good or ill.

Your Character: Quite open with this, the only necessity be that your character is a Princess of the kingdom (whether sole or not is completely up to you). I have no real idea with regards to any predisposed personality, appearance or anything like that. Could be someone nice, nasty or just confused! We can work this out so please let your imagination run wild, I am open to most anything and even if I don't agree with an idea I am always happy to read and discuss it!

Other Notes: To help get a feel for how I believe things to feel imagine the exoticness of great cities in and around the Middle East during the Middle Ages (with some fantasy elements thrown in of course!). There is no 'magic' in the world that the kingdom knows, and magicians tend to be those who operate with gunpowder and things like that. I've left a lot open to your interpretation too so that your own ideas can work into the setting well and create something we can both enjoy and have fun in! :)

Entwined Fates
Within the Holy Land the Third Crusade is underway as two great cultures collide for control over land believed to be sacred to each. For two individuals however they have another mission, the hunt for demons and monsters that have escaped from the world beyond and into our own. An unlikely pair the two have been bound to one another for centuries after a chance run in and now both find themselves having to rely on each other to survive. This is no ordinary partnership however for while one was once a mortal man the other is an eternal Demon, a creature from another world itself that now stalks its own kind. With the nature of their bond meaning the death of one being the death of another the pair have been hunting beasts of legends before any of the current states even existed...
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Background Information: The sound of the horn is all Aetius needs to know that it his time to advance. As a member of the Roman legion he and his battle brothers have been drilled perfectly on formation and moving in sync and, like that, they advance towards the charging mass of a Gaulish army. It only takes a few moments however before the fighting becomes frantic and rife with chaos as the enemy facing them manages to break up the ranks that had so recently seemed strong and steadfast. One warrior charges towards him and the pair begin to fight, Aetius for survival while the other seems to revel the heat of battle. They begin to drift away slightly from the main battlefield, finding themselves alone as their fight continues.

Aetius finally realises that the foe he faces is beyond ordinary as its' form changes into something else entirely. Even with this shock the Roman still fights, somehow able to avoid the creatures attacks and even being able to force it back onto the defensive at points. Eventually both collapse on the point of death, exhaustion wearing them down to within inches of their life. Not wishing to see its own life end via the actions of a mortal the demon offers Aetius a choice, a bond so that both may live. Unwilling to die and leave his wife and child behind he agrees, not fully knowing the implications of the deal he has just accepted.

As time passes Aetius finds he does not age like normal men and is instead trapped as he was at the time of the battle, worse still he finds his mind plagued by visions of ghastly monsters that prey upon the innocent. The demon however finds it has not gained a simple enthralled servant like it had wished, instead Aetius is able to see and speak into the creatures mind. Somehow the bonding had not simply destroyed Aetius and left him and empty husk, somehow he had managed to survive and live with it. Another deal is struck, to hunt the other creatures that have journeyed from another world and attempt to deal with the nightmares that keep the Roman awake.

For one it is atonement in a way, for the other there are other reasons for agreeing to such a task...

My Character: I would like to play Aetius, the 'former' Roman turned monster hunter. After so long with the demon much of him has changed. Seeing the Empire of his people crumble and others rise up have caused him to rethink many things, not to mention his gift of seemingly eternal life changing his perspective.

Your Character: A demon of sorts really, could have one form or many! As always I don't mind, though I think a predatory demon of sorts would be interesting ;) This part can be change a huge deal due to simply the raw power such a creature can wield (though obviously with limits)!

Other Notes: You don't need to know a whole lot about the setting at all, just know it takes place during the Third Crusade and in the Holy Land! :)

New Saga
The world has changed a great deal since Ragnarok took place a couple hundred years ago. Societies and nations were torn down and much of the world was rendered ruin and destroyed. Those who survived only did so through the intervention of the Old Gods, those that had long since been abandoned. In their time of need the former 'Norse' figures that had been relegated to mythology had not forgotten their people and they led a few from danger, teaching them the Old Ways and helping them survive in this devastated world. Scattered about a world of ruins these 'new Vikings' have to deal with vicious and mutated wildlife and eke out a living as an eternal winter shrouds much of the known world. Two such people from one clan are entrusted with what seems like a simple task, a journey...
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Background Information: There's not a whole lot I can put here for this one since the idea is quite simple. A Post-Apocalyptic world inhabited with Vikings pretty much. Imagine a lot of items and such being re-utilised, shields remodelled from old car doors and things like that and you'll get an idea of where I'm going with this. In this world the Gods are in fact very real and runes/magic and such now also have begun to come to fruition and, since this is long after the initial devastation, the characters know nothing of the world before other than what has been told in stories etc.

My Character: No name yet but I will be playing one of our duo sent out to perform some task, things will escalate both on the journey and deviate from there. This character will most definitely be male but a lot of things about him are still undecided, we can tweak that together if you like.

Your Character: For this role I would preferably like a female character because I did manage to get a brief start on this one once before with a woman as the other half and it was actually a really fun dynamic. (I would imagine in this Post-Apoc Viking Age there's a little more equality between male and female, that is, if you needed an explanation) Once again though I have no fine details on how I would like your character to be, open to interpretation and all that!

Other Notes: Not really any here, just someone who thinks the idea is worth a shot and feels that it really appeals to them in some way :)[/s]

The Mechanical Republic
Beneath the great city of Rome the great furnace, Vulcan, powers the Republic and brings to life mechanical marvels that have to be seen to be believed. While Caesar and his army of augmented Romans fight against its native inhabitants however old magic stirs outside of the Republic's borders. Just south of Rome a revolt in a slave camp erupts and, amidst the fighting, many take this chance to try and flee their oppressors...
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Background Information: Another one that is sort of self-explanatory. Basically this takes place during the last days of the Republic while Caesar is in Gaul, the big difference here being the steampunk technology under the control of the Romans. To counter this those outside of Rome, from Britannia to Pontus have more classically imagined magic and the like. I have a huge amount of ideas for this one and where things could develop and I would be really interested to get a partner who is as fascinated as I am in the setting!

My Character: An undecided slave of either Roman or other descent. They will break out along with your character (and others) and eventually decide upon their own way.

Your Character: A slave within the camp along with my own character, either born in Rome or from any number of cultures outside (which would be more interesting in my opinion, something from the Middle East could be fascinating here too!) As always details can be discussed :)

Other Notes: Basic knowledge of Rome really but not much else, I'm willing to help you with things if required! I'm winging a lot of things here but I'd love to work out some long term stuff out with this one, I have had an interesting story in mind here I would love to share and get others to influence!

Queen of the Skies
Set upon a flying world of fractured landmasses the story entails a civil war between two ruling families fighting for dominance. An airship headed by the Queen of the Skies (one of the most notorious sky pirates around) stumbles upon the end of a battle between the two sides and, whilst plundering the remains of one ship, discovers an unconscious survivor. She later realises she has come upon the heir to the current dynasty, Prince Sebastién, and soon the civil war can no longer be ignored by her...
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Background Information: I will admit I don't have a massive idea for this one but I think it'd be fun to work on it together! Consider this one if you'd like to help me with creating an intricate and believable world as well as the usual intrigue (and much more!) you get with these kinds of tales!

My Character: Prince Sebastién and heir apparent to the kingdom.

Your Character: The Queen of the Skies, once again I have no definite ideas for her other than to be, of course, female. I would imagine she'd have some gruffness to her but I really don't mind, surprise me :)

Other Notes: As mentioned this one would require a lot of talk between each other but I would absolutely love to do it! Would be a neat collaborative writing project :)

Greeks in Space
We all know the great legends of Ancient Greece and the history held within this land where democracy is said to have first arisen. We have seen the films or read the books first written so long ago and many are infatuated with this ancient and mythic land. I propose to turn these stories and the setting upon its head, transporting the styles, themes and stories of Ancient Greece into a distant Universe whereby the codes and customs of this society still hold sway. Battling amongst the stars the great City States hold sway over entire solar systems and the ancient myths of this civilisation are more real than could ever be imagined...
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Background Information: This is another of my ideas where I would love to work with you on making things work out. We're talking mighty space Hoplites fighting with reinforced armour and huge battles between starships. I have a number of different ideas with which to try out in this setting and am willing to hear some as well. As some examples imagine a huge coalition from various system sending force a space fleet to battle against the supposedly impregnable Troy system, its huge fortress armed to the brim. Invasions into Greek space by Persians whose worlds easily outnumber those they face, bringing with them strange alien creatures that the Greeks had never before encountered. These and many more! :D

My Character: Very open, Male or Female is fine really!

Your Character: Once again I don't mind but it would be kinda nice to have a Female character again. Could possibly even do F/F as space Amazons? ;)

Other Notes: Some minor knowledge would be neat but mainly someone with a passion for this Sci-Fi/Futuristic setting! Like with my previous idea this one can be worked on a lot and I'd love someone whom I can communicate, have fun with and help design the Grecian galaxy with together :) (Suggest things to me and I will listen, IMs/Yahoo would be awesome to work something out with so please do!)

When executions are unable to get the job done and simple imprisonment isn't the answer there is only one thing that the Empire can do, exile. With a growing number of political prisoners and would-be revolutionaries it is decreed that many guilty (or not) of crimes that effect the integrity of the state should be exiled west. There exists a land where colonisation efforts have continuously failed and vicious creatures are known to stalk its interior. What better place to send those who defy the will of the Emperor and his indomitable will? Locked into great prison ships and transported across the ocean men and women find themselves in a land even more hostile than the one they had just left. Ruled over by a Governor who himself has effectively been exiled and a small garrison force of imperial troops the exiled are about to find themselves entangled in much more than they could have dreamed.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Background Information: Another idea that is pretty open and ready for input. I'm thinking that this is a fantasy setting (with or without gunpowder, up to you) filled with whatever our creativity can come up with. There will be 'monsters' and other such things but I'm really open (as always!) with what you want to do. I could even go for a setting that has characters with magic involved somehow (Perhaps it was locked during transportation?). Really open to it, just hit me up with some stuff and we can work on the little details!

My Character: Same as before, open! I like to play off whatever you may be able to come up with!

Your Character: Open again! Just hit me up with an idea that you think might work, I'm quite open with this really. If you have a character you think would be perfect let me know.

Other Notes: While the idea I am initially thinking of involves two exiles it could just as easily have one exile and some strange person from the islands interior or someone else on the island (ie. one of the guards etc.) I can't say this enough but I am super open about this so just PM me whatever you may have. I bet you I'll love it! :D

Welcome to the Militia!
Isaac was like many who had set out across the sea to the colonies hoping for fame and fortune. He had hoped to come across riches beyond his wildest dreams and to rise above his rather lowly class, a fact that was always too apparent back in the home country. Unfortunately what he and many others discovered was an inhospitable land filled with dangerous creatures and unexplained phenomena. Even worse Isaac found his station was no better improved than from where he had left and soon found himself drafted into the colonial militia to avoid dying destitute in the streets. It was not exactly the glamorous lifestyle he and many others of his ilk had desired after surviving the tough voyage across the ocean. It wasn't until after he found himself assigned to Squad Garnet that he found out just how bad things could be. On the front line and spear heading every dangerous mission Garnet is sent to tackle missions that usually means death for its mainly rookie members. Perhaps a life of hunger would have been better for Isaac than what now awaited him outside the safety of the colonies sturdy makeshift walls...
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Background Information: I'm imagining this setting to be similar to early/late colonial period in terms of technology although not necessarily based on reality and with various fantastical elements thrown in. It's another idea that's open to development with interested parties, especially with regards to what might be found in the surrounding areas and whether they would like it played more as a 'monster of the week' type deal or a more involved and connected plotline.

My Character: Isaac Browne, a rather ordinary and unlucky man who has found himself a member of the Squad Garnet. His personality is something that will come out as we write but I assume him to be a somewhat cocky individual who uses it as a way to mask the fear he has of the various dangers he now finds himself facing.

Your Character: I have three ideas here that could work (with, of course, the caveat that you can most definitely come up with your own). 1) A compatriot in the squad. 2) The squads famous and feared Captain, someone who has survived hell and attempts to beat the raggedy band into shape. 3)A native of the land that is connected in some way. If I had to pick I would say that the second choice is my personal favourite but it is all up to you.

Other Notes: Nothing really to add to this other than, as always, there's a lot of wiggle room for a setting etc.

The Curse of the Mechanical Witch
Set in a Steampunk world that has been devastated in a constant fighting between the Machina Empire and the Magic users who have fought for their own place in the world. As the two sides have slowly begun to try and work towards peace however a new terror has arisen that is somehow able to utilise both ways of life. Known as the Mechanical Witch this dreaded creature been slowly destroying the remaining forces of both sides in an attempt to become the greater power in the land. With the future of millions of people at stake the Empire and those who had fought against them for many years have hastily agreed to a truce and sought out the best on each side suited to the job of ending the crisis that is soon to engulf the entire world.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Background Information: For hundreds of years the Machina Empire had grown in size and population, a golden age had seemingly dawned upon this utopia of man and machinery. Not
all saw things as so great however. Magic, the force that had governed the land before the onset of such advanced technology, was outlawed and many users were forced underground in an attempt to keep practising their way of life in peace. For a long time little changed, the Empire grew and those who could utilise magic kept quiet and moved onto the outskirts of the territory. It was in these areas furthest from the Imperial Capital that the Great Strife began. The indiscriminate killing of a group of magic users that had been caught in the act prompted mass protests and eventually violent revolts in places that had swelled with such people. In an attempt to keep the calm the Emperor called in the military to suppress what was going on, only to find themselves caught up in a fierce fight against those that had once been thought to have been 'beaten and neutered'.

The Great Strife eventually spread throughout the Empire and the fight between the magically aligned and the technology obsessed Empire became one of ideology and personal freedom. Cities were left ravaged by great magical spells that called forth fire from the skies and peaceful communities were torn apart by the Imperial Fleet, swooping in from above in their mechanical Airships. Both sides fought an all-out campaign against one another, hoping to be the victor in the end. Everything was put in to the war effort, people's sons and daughters and by the end of it the world had grown emptier as less people returned home from the front lines. The 'End' that was so often spoken of as being soon still did not dawn as the cycle of death and revenge continued unabated.

What forced the two sides to finally come together was a threat from within, that of the Mechanical Witch. Emerging from the wasteland that had been created the Witch had struck against both forces with an army that machine and magic, somehow managing to defeat both and send them scattering back in retreat. Slowly more territory was being lost to the Witch whose forces seemed limitless and all consuming as it engulfed all in its wake. Against such a powerful force both sides finally agreed to a truce in order to come to terms with exactly what was happening. Knowing they could not win in a frontal assault they pitted their hopes on their best and brightest of their respective communities and send them on their way to hunt down the Mechanical Witch and end the terror that had been brought upon the world. Perhaps then the End could finally be found, perhaps then Peace could reign sovereign once more over the land?

My Character: This one is very open and depending whether you would wish to play the Mechanical or Magical character in our lovely little duo!

Your Character: Basically the same as above with the only real 'rule' being that you're either Magical or Mechanical. In terms of 'power' assume you are one of the greatest of whatever field you have, feel free to go pretty wild and out there really!

Other Notes: This is an idea that will be require a huge amount of creativity to make a living and engaging world. If you require any more information on the two sides involved I do have some more information I have written out previously for them so please let me know!

A Cursed Realm
The land spread out before him as Syrus crested the hill, a sprawling mass of what had once been a great and advanced civilisation. It had been his life's work to find this place and now as he stood before it he could hardly believe his eyes. Everyone knew the story, of the curse that had doomed this empire but none had been able to make heads nor tails of the lands location. Now with it before him Syrus was prepared to take the first step forward and into a strange and unknown world...
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Background Information: Basically a more traditional adventure story about discovering a new and unusual world. I intend there to be tonnes of various magical, technological and monstrous elements so if any of the above is interesting to you please get in touch and we can work something wonderful out.

My Character: Syrus Greaves, scholar and reluctant adventurer. It has been his life's work to find the secrets of this place and he would not let anything stop him now.

Your Character: Perhaps a compatriot who has come along with him or joined him on the way. Perhaps even more interesting would be a native of this land he has now come across, what that could entail I leave completely up to you and would love to discuss such an idea further!

Other Notes: A little short this one but I think it could be a fun little adventure with all sorts of twists and turns if you like that kind of thing, I know I certainly do!

Dark Skies
[color=beigeThe rain continued to crash onto the dark streets below, lamps flickering as the power fluctuated. Men and women rushed to get in from the weather as armed soldiers stood on guard, mechanical hounds prowling beside them. The recent terrorist attacks had put the city on high alert and security was being beefed up throughout. There was often trouble in the slums of the Undercity but never before had it spread onto the surface. News broadcasts boasted of the city’s defences remaining strong and that the people who perpetrated it would come to justice. Despite the propaganda there were many who were glad someone was finally standing up to the corrupt government and its iron-fisted approach…
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Background Information: Massively inspired by Final Fantasy VII this is essentially a dirty and gritty dieselpunk world. In this setting you’ll see lots of machines spitting oil and smoke, people of questionable morals and more! Characters are quite open and can be from any strata that would tell a fun story.

My Character: I don’t have one for this, more want to work with my opposite to create a fun and engaging story.

Your Character: As above!

Other Notes: Like most of my ideas I’m happy to work with you to flesh out the world some more too. I can picture how this city looks with its dark alleys, spotty lighting and a seemingly creeping darkness taking hold.

[Note: Spoilers hold more details, anything before is a basic synopsis with important info (ie. part looking to be filled will be in bold] A strike through it however means it is currently being run!

This segment is where I can place ideas with even the barest of details. Most of which will pretty much just be a genre I am really interested in and would love to write for but have no current idea. If you have a story you think I'd be interested in or want to work on an idea in that setting then please get back to me! I may also eventually develop an idea out of some of these genres, if so expect to see them on the more detailed list above!  :-)

  • Early Modern Period settings - 1900 - 1950. It doesn't necessarily have to be this specific time period on earth but a game with this kind of aesthetic would be really fun I think. It also doesn't have to be played straight period either. This particular setting can play well with more fantastical stuff like various mechanical or scientific marvels. In fact a twist of the genre would be even more interested to me I think then simply playing it as it is!
  • Science Fiction/Space. Would love to play in more Sci-Fi settings. I do have an inkling of some ideas but I haven't gotten around to writing them up. Suffice to say I'd love to play a game set in space though some added twists would be even better. Although I would say the 'harder' settings appeal to be more I don't mind a pulpy kinda of game either if the ideas and person are right. I just really love detail and background when it comes to things like planets, galactic history etc. I'm open to talk about all this in PM however!
  • Historical/Historical-Fantasy/Fantasy. Thought I'd roll all of these into one. I love all of these settings and have numerous ideas, so too many to write down for now. Generally though I'm in favour of less traditional fantasy (Elves, Orcs etc.) and like to come up with quite unique and original things with others although I can include the more standard elements if people would like.
  • Final Fantasy Played pretty much every game and loved them all so I would adore being able to do anything in one of these universes. Personally I'd prefer to go with original characters and stories but I'm willing to compromise for the right person!
  • Steam/Diesel -punk If it wasn't already obvious by my other ideas but I love these kinds of settings as well. With regards to 'Diesel-punk' I like things involving mechs and dirty machinery, all that good stuff. To many ideas to name for this...

Thought I'd throw this in now before I spend ages writing a huge amount up for it but I do have an original setting I've worked with for years 'd love to get involved with. I'll explain it as brief as can be but if you're interested PM me and I'll tell you all you need to know!

Suffice to say it's a Fantasy setting but without tonnes of races (I prefer human differences to be conveyed by culture and history than physical characteristics) and magic to contend with (though there is a little of the later). It is more technology orientated and, to compare it to real history, would take place sort of Late/Post Renaissance. If you like deserts or Franco-Italian styled settings then this might be for you. I have a huge amount of history and background information worked out for it (many years worth) but I'd love to develop it more with interested parties. As I mentioned there are some fantastical elements but for the most part the setting relies upon intrigue, political machinations and adventure as its mainstay though the setting can be catered to fit around your own ideas! I will likely write a proper entry up at some point for this but I wanted to give it a brief mention here in case anyone passing might be interested to inquire and give it a shot!  ;)

Useful Links:

Thank you for taking the time to read this and, if you're interested let me know through the thread or via my PMs! And hey, if you have an idea you think I may enjoy feel free to let me know about that as well, I can't promise you anything but I will always check these things out! :D
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Re: Czar's Elementarium [Plot Driven - Mind Candy]
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2012, 02:48:10 pm »
Added Idea - Greeks in Space

(Since it's a 'new' idea I'm kinda in the mood for it right now but I'm still taking on all of my other ideas as well!)

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Re: Czar's Elementarium [Plot Driven - Mind Candy]
« Reply #2 on: January 03, 2013, 09:36:52 am »
Added Muse-lings & Wildcard segments
'Reopened' many former ideas

Back after a long and unexpected absence!

Also any of those who I have previously written with should check out this for my apology/explanation and whether you wish to continue writing together (or not): Cradle of the Czar - My A|As

Thank you! :-)

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Re: Czar's Elementarium [Plot Driven - Mind Candy]
« Reply #3 on: February 06, 2013, 09:58:53 pm »
Added New Tale: Exiled

Since it's new this is obviously one I'd be craving most right now. This is an idea I am sorta wanting to develop a lot along the way so someone who is happy to do so with me would be wonderful :)

As always feel free to check out the games I currently partake in to get an idea of my posts etc. (I really should add them as links to the first post sometime)!

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Re: Czar's Elementarium [Plot Driven - Mind Candy]
« Reply #4 on: May 20, 2013, 02:41:56 pm »
Still looking for a lot of these, I am also very open to changing things to suit your tastes!

Feel free to suggest ideas or even express interest in plots I already currently have running!

As an aside I should mention that I am more than happy to chat OOC about things as well with regards to these ideas so have no fear if you're a little unsure about what to say or write. I'm more than happy to work something out! :)

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Re: Czar's Elementarium [Plot Driven - Mind Candy]
« Reply #5 on: December 17, 2013, 05:37:37 pm »
Updated with:

- Welcome to the Militia!
- The Curse of the Mechanical Witch
- A Cursed Realm

- Final Fantasy ~ museling
- Steam/Diesel -punk ~museling


- Queen of the Skies

All of the above ideas are the ones I am most craving right now so please get back to me in PM if any interest you!

~ Ciao ~

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Re: Endless Ideas [Plot Driven - Mind Candy] M for F
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Wow, been sometime!

I'm now back with looking for any/all of the above and more.

PM me if you're interested or have any ideas of your own that you think I'd be interested in.

Merci! :)

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Re: Endless Ideas [Plot Driven - Mind Candy] M for F
« Reply #7 on: June 29, 2020, 12:53:40 pm »
I am back after an uber long time and would be interested in any/all of the above plus any of your own ideas if you think I could be a good partner?

Message me and let's chat, ciao~

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Re: Endless Ideas [Plot Driven - Mind Candy] M for F
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Super craving so many of these ideas, please hit me up if you're interested ~

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Re: Endless Ideas [Plot Driven - Mind Candy] M for F
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Added in a new idea: Dark Skies

Also added a 'Craving' section.

Currently massive craving for Queen of the Skies. This idea does require a somewhat more dominant orientated character to play opposite against but we can work on whatever is enjoyable for us both. I would just love some swashbuckling fun in a fantasy world among the skies

Please PM me if you're interested in the above or any other ideas! ~
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