Supervillain RP (M/F)

Started by OHWceta, March 27, 2012, 12:50:09 PM

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I'm looking to start up an RP based around the cheesy comic book ideas about Super Villains. The idea is to have the Villain who is your typical cheesy villain always fighting the Hero and losing coming up with ill-fated scheme after ill-fated scheme, the kind who wants to take over the world, has a secret lab and all that stuff. One day they meet the love of their life, who is another villain, a small time lesser known baddie without the tech to get the job done. The pair pit their skills together in a plot to finally defeat the hero. But the Protagonist (The Stereotype Villain) only wishes to defeat and humiliate the Hero while their lover wants to kill the Hero. With the Hero gone the Protagonist wants to go about his/her usual business while thier lover moves on to much more sinister plots. Eventually the Protagonist will have a change of heart and have to choose between their lover or what is right.

This is just an outline idea, if you want to make changes but are interested in the concept, hit me up by PM.
Things that we need to negotiate on before starting the RP:
Who plays the Protagonist, and who plays the lover? Who will play the Hero? What genders will they be? I can RP as either Gender.
Will the Protagonist kill their lover or will the lover have a change of heart?
Does the Hero die or come back later to help fight alongside the Protagonist? Maybe the Protagonist falls for the Hero in the end?
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I find myself interested in this idea. Let me know if you are still interested in getting something organized.


Sorry about the late reply, I lost the link to this one.  Still interested?
Can't get enough of RPing? Check out my site, it needs members, all are welcome.