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Started by Darth Deadpool, March 25, 2012, 07:37:31 PM

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Darth Deadpool

ATTENTION: After several years away from the site, I have returned! :D Hoping to reconnect with old friends and make new ones, so I thought I would spruce up the old want ad! Have a look, see if there's anything you like!

Hello, I am Darth Deadpool, but you can call me Deadpool/Deadie/DP/Darth/Sexy boy/whatever. I have been a member of the site for a little bit, joined an RP or two, but something I'm looking for right now is a solid one on one or private RP with a female RPer.

I am a male, and would like to find a good female roleplayer for some lit rping, with at least one to two paragraphs per post. I only do hetero, but the kind of hetero I do can vary. Story driven, long term, short term, Romance, hell even just plain smut, I'm down for any of that. I don't do scat, guro, nor futa, just not my thing I'm afraid. I'm up for originals or something based in a franchise (video games, comic books, movies, limited number of anime).

Mostly I'm looking for someone willing to RP for long term, someone that just wants to have some fun writing a good, sexy RP. If the partnership is fun and exiting then I'm am entirely down for creating multiple stories with a person, though it is not something that I am adamant about at the moment, either. I'm cool with using the board itself, PM, or in some cases live RPing through IM. You'll find I'm a pretty laid back kind of guy, not too serious with these things, but serious enough that I won't flake out and disappear or go against the 'rules' of the world we've set up. I'm into slow burn, quick and dirty, and everything in between. I RP romance, smut, taboo, many different kinds, but for a little more detail you can find my list of kinks HERE and HERE

NOTE: I do prefer to Roleplay over messenger, but I am flexible and can RP in forums or PM. As far as Messengers go, I have YIM; PM me if you want to chat over messenger (I've had a couple of...interesting contacts while I had my Messenger IDs in my profile so I decided it might be best to have it be by request instead) :P

Now, onto the lists. First, the genres...

~ Real World (Same age, younger/older, friends, lovers, incest)

~ Sci-Fi (Humans, humanoid aliens, cyborgs, robots with AI, etc)

~ Old Time or Modern Fantasy/Mythology

~ Super Heroes either original or based in Marvel/DC comics (Heroes, villains, civilians, and any combinations of those)

Any combination of these I am perfectly happy to roleplay, and would really enjoy. I may have missed some things, though this is the stuff on my mind at the moment. As a rule, I am not into Rape, to do a story based in that would take a pretty convincing argument. Also, not a big fan of anal (Giving: Maybe...Receiving: Never).


((All ideas from me/to me should be considered M/F, not interested in other stuff, sorry :P I am fine with the role of the male or female being reversed in most ideas, unless stated otherwise. Also, believe me when I say that race is not an issue: if you want to make a Caucasian, African, Asian, Middle Eastern, Indian, whoever, I'll be down with it. And I can play multiple races, as well, honestly none of it is that big of a deal to me.))


Best Friends: Teen to Adult (Male/Female roles are interchangeable)

A young man/woman thinks the world of their best friend, and secretly harbors much stronger feelings, though fears permanently soiling their friendship if rejected. One night, their friend becomes rather upset over a rough break up/rejection. He/she tries to console them, which quickly spirals into something else entirely.

Hot For Teacher/Hot For Student: Teen/Young Adult X Adult (Looking for female teacher against my male student)

A male student finds it hard to be intimate with fellow students, mostly because he wants an older, mature partner. Making matters more difficult is the fact that he cannot stop lusting after his teacher, who happens to be the center of many a students wet dream. Will this horny and confused young man finally act on his desires, or does the teacher have plans of her own?

Or maybe he is the one completely oblivious to the desires of his horny teacher? Maybe he is held over after class, to discuss grades, among other things.

Best Friends Sibling: Teen to Adult (Roles Interchangeable)

He/She has enjoyed the relationship they've had with their best friend since they were kids, never wanting to do anything to harm/offend them. The only problem is, his/her best friend's sibling is very attractive, and has been making rather suggestive comments lately behind their siblings back. Will lust take over? Will the best friend find out? And if so, will they actually be mad, or something else unexpected?

Gotta Love Family: Teen/Adult x Teen/Adult

For this subject, I have FAR too many ideas to place a standard description. Instead I'll list all the ideas I have for this and let you, the reader, decide which you would prefer to do. Again, I'm pretty flexible, and all of these sound wonderful to me so I'll just leave these here :)

Sibling Walks in on Sibling: Sibling sees sibling pleasuring themselves, and can't resist giving them a 'helping hand'.

Unusually Close Siblings: Siblings have always been much closer than expected, even down to preferring to sleep in the same bed rather than apart. Parents attempt to separate them, fearing the worst. Maybe this works for a while, and the siblings do not take things to the next level until much later, or perhaps this only pushes them closer together and, when given the opportunity, find that they can do more than just cuddle under the sheets.

Home Coming: Sibling returns home after a few years to find younger sibling has grown up, and has certain needs.

Lonely Mother: A woman's husband dies/leaves, forcing her to raise her children alone. As time goes on, she finds it impossible to find someone that can replace the love she had for her husband, and instead finds comfort in the arms of her son. Will she make the first move, or does the son have lusts of his own?

Nephew/Niece Comes to Visit: A man/woman agrees to watch over their sibling's son/daughter for a week, but things get a little out of hand, quickly.

Passing the Knowledge: (This one is a bit more specific, and a little less flexible but things could change) A single mother watches as her son and daughter grow into rather attractive teens, and long buried memories of her sexual relationship with her father and/or brother begin to toy with her imagination. After seeing her son/daughter spying on their sibling, this woman decides that maybe punishment isn't the appropriate response, and instead encourages less than 'standard' interactions between her family. And if that works, maybe she will decide to get involved, as well.


Those are the original ideas I have, but I'm perfectly open to hearing other ideas! Now, onto the fan stuff! Instead of full plots, for most of them I will simply mention pairings of interest. If I do have an idea in mind, I will write a small description with it.


TMNT: Huge TMNT fan, have watched just about every incarnation (including new show), and would LOVE YOU FOREVER if you offered this to me :) My favorite Turtle is Leonardo, but I can easily play any of the four, or Casey Jones, Shredder, and more. It goes without saying that I love April, and would be more than happy to play opposite any variation of April (from comics to films to cartoons). I'd be lying if I didn't say that Venus didn't get me hot and bothered, as well as Mona Lisa. Karai is another option (especially from the TMNT CG Film....yum).


Gwen/MJ: True love, a hero and his love interest in various states of intimacy. Perhaps even a love triangle that ends in mutual love between all? Maybe...

Black Cat: The bad girl in Spidey's life; Felicia only wants to show Peter that there is more to life than just saving people.

Ms Marvel/Captain Marvel: I LOVE this pairing; it was strongly hinted at in the comics that both Peter and Carol Danvers (Marvel) both cared deeply for each other during this whole Peter/MJ no more saga. And while I'm not a huge fan of the marriage annulment, I absolutely love the idea of Peter and Carol harboring these hidden feelings for each other, including awkward dating sessions which lead into an incredible night of passion. This one probably would require some heavy build up, and would be romance heavy, just as a forewarning.


Aunt May: Some people might only think of the 'old' Aunt May from the early comics, but I'm thinking more along the lines of Ultimate Spider-Man (comics and cartoon), or even the new films with Sally Fields. This Aunt May is older, but still quite the sex lover. After she loses Ben to the mugger, and Peter has lost Gwen to the Goblin, perhaps they find comfort with each other?

May 'Spider-Girl' Parker: For those that may not know, Spider-Girl is an alternate reality character who is the daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane. This is an interesting pairing, and one that could come about two different ways: Either she goes back in time, meets the younger Peter, and they become intimate (whether he knows she's his daughter or not), or set in her 'present day', where potentially MJ died when May was young, and when she got older decided to make her still mourning father feel better.


Batman X Catwoman/Zatana/Wonder Woman/Talia/Batgirl(Oracle)/Batwoman/Carrie Kelly (Female Robin)/Black Canary/Supergirl. Also interested in Poison Ivy or/and Harley Quinn

Robin/Nightwing (Any incarnation minus Jason Todd) X Catwoman/Batgirl(Oracle)/Batwoman/Poison Ivy/Harley Quinn/Talia/Starfire/Raven/Wonder Girl/Supergirl/Powergirl

Superman/Superboy X Lois Lane/Lana Lang/Wonder Woman/Supergirl/Powergirl/Martha Kent/Wonder Girl


Wolverine/Cyclops/Beast/Nightcrawler/Magneto (Willing to play many others, just ask) X Jean Grey/Emma Frost/Mystique/Storm/Rogue/Kitty Pryde/Jubilee/Psylocke


Captain America/Iron Man/Hulk/Thor/Etc X Spider-Woman/Scarlet Witch/Black Widow/Maria Hill/She Hulk/Ms Marvel

Fantastic Four:

(Only character I will not play is Reed Richards, do not like him and find him boring) Thing/Human Torch/Franklin Richards/Spider-Man (During his Future Foundation days) X Susan Storm-Richards/She-Hulk/Storm

Star Wars:

Luke Skywalker X Mara Jade/OC/Princess Leia (What if Luke and Leia had gone further than a kiss before Luke discovered the truth? What if after they both knew the truth, they didn't care?)

Boba/Jango Fett X OC/Insert SW female here

Darth Vader X OC/Any SW Female

Han Solo X Leia/OC/Any SW Female

Clone Wars!

KOTOR: Would really love to play Revan, bonus points if I can use MY Revan. Bastilla, Mission, Juhani, Visas, Handmaiden, Mira, or even an OC.

Persona 4 (Have more experience with the game than the animation, but still roughly the same):

Yu Narukami (I would prefer to play him, but I could possibly be convinced to play a couple others. Bonus points if you let me use the name I created for him in the game, Johnny Husuke XD)/Detective Ryotaro Dojima/Yosuke X Yukiko/Chie/Rise/Naoto/Margaret (from Velvet Room)/Eri Minami (Lonely Mother), Noriko Kashiwagi (MILF teacher who replaces Morooka as one of Yu's teachers and constantly flirts with male students)

Various Fandoms I like (Send me an offer)

Star Trek

Mass Effect (Loooove Liara, but also like Miranda, Ashley, Edi, Samara, Tali and sometimes Jack. There are also many others that I could see playing against, like the Asari Consort, Matriarch Benezia, and Kelly Chambers. Would prefer to play as Default Male Shep, but could be convinced to play Wrex :P )

CRAVING! Nintendo Related Characters

Halo ( Master Chief's head...nothing else needs to be said)

Star Fox

CRAVING! Pokemon (I can play characters from the game/series against yours (or OC), or even various Pokemon themselves.)

Various cartoons: Looney Tunes, Animaniacs, Thundercats, Reboot, Teen Titans, Ben 10, Fairly Oddparents, Flintstones, Jetsons, Scooby Doo (Wouldn't mind playing Scooby for someone :P ).

Many others, will probably update later!


That was...long. Anyway that should give people an idea of just what I'm looking for, or at least give you an idea of the kind of things I like if you'd rather suggest some. My preference right now is the real world stuff, as I've done far more of the fan stuff recently and I'd like to do more realistic settings, but that doesn't mean I don't want to do the others. Just PM me if you want to discuss potential RPs.
I'm back, and currently looking!

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First off, hi there, and welcome. :) I've been gone awhile, so all your faces are fresh to me.

I'm looking to get back into forum RP, and your sci-fi plots, particularly for Mass Effect (which I logged well over 40 hours each playing 1 &2) and Star Wars, are interesting me. I've been into SWTOR as my new MMO du jour, and have played it pretty frequently tabletop in the past. I'm also fond of superhero games, historical fantasy, myth is a big yes, and nonhumans are usually  fun.
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Darth Deadpool

I have been playing SWTOR as well, though I took a small break I'm trying to get back into now, actually. Working on ME3 as well, haven't beaten it yet since I've been trying to get my galactic readiness to 100% before I get too far into it.

Any of the above plots I would be interested in doing or if you had anything else in mind along those lines I'd be curious there, as well. I don't really have a specific 'plot' in mind for either Mass Effect or Star Wars, just what I had written before, so if you just wanted to start plotting that stuff together that would be great  :-)
I'm back, and currently looking!

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im up for any star wars deal you can throw at me

Darth Deadpool

I LIVE! And my want ad has been updated! Have a look, won't you  ;)
I'm back, and currently looking!

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