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Author Topic: Clear! *Zap!* Role Plays Wanted  (Read 1267 times)

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Clear! *Zap!* Role Plays Wanted
« on: March 25, 2012, 12:22:24 am »
Okay, so, REALLY long hiatus done. I do apologize to everyone about that, but I'm back now, and I hope to play again!

To those who remember me, Hi! To those who are new since my unexpected departure, my name is Xenolord (Xeno is fine). I'm an all-round fun guy, and hope we can get along!

So, before we get into what I'd like, lemme just post something up here for shiggles. I don't honestly care the gender of the person I'm role playing with. If a guy can play a girl believably, I'll take it. Just getting that out there.

And now, for some ideas.

1. We All Have Needs (City of Heroes\Generalized SuperHero Story): You are a super hero who spends her (I will allow a male character here, but I'd much prefer a female) days defending Paragon City\Whichever City They're In. One night, you decide to go to Pocket D\A Nightclub for some R&R, only to meet a young redheaded girl who picks you up. After a few drinks, you're suddenly struck with a realization. This woman is a Super Villain! [I'm looking for someone to play the Hero. Would perfer female, but I could be convinced to allow a male character.] (REVITALIZED by ReijiTabibito. Thankies Reiji!)

2. Klink (Puella Magi Madoka Magica): This is just a little Kyouko\Sayaka or Mami\Homura story I want to see. [Depending on the arc, I'm looking for someone to play either Sayaka, or one of the two in the other. Dun really care there.) (TAKEN by ReijiTabibito as "Of Magical Girls and Heat Death") "Of Magical Girls and Heat Death" is finished. 'Klink' or any variation of is open once more!

3. The One In The Window (Original): With the world rocketing into economic boom, technology on the rise, and war at an all-time low, things are looking pretty good for you. You're a millionaire with a HUGE house, and more then enough things to keep you occupied. There's just one problem. The house is empty! So, window shopping in the local department store shows you the answer, an Artificial Maiden, or ArMaid on sale! Jumping on the chance, you purchase her, not expecting what's in the fine print... (Looking for someone to play the rich mansion owner. Can be male or female.) (Taken by ABagOVicoden, but willing to start another!)

4. C-Sec (Mass Effect): Being an officer in C-Sec can be boring. Once you get past the daily drills, the regulations, and the crap going down in Purgatory, you've got to deal with a kafuffle between the Asari and Krogen. After that's over and done with, you find yourself being followed by a mysterious woman who seems rather attracted to you... (Looking for someone to play either the C-Sec Officer, can be male or female, or the mysterious woman. Dun really care here either.)

5. The Demi-God's Wife (Original): Being a Demi-God is a pretty sweet set up. Phenominal cosmic powers. Bitchin' pad. Pretty damn good dental. But there's just one thing that's missing. It's very lonely some times, and I'll be damned if I have time to my self most days. I think I'll just take a week off to cool off and - Hey... Who's THAT over there? Whoever she is, she's a looker for a mortal. Maybe I'll take this week to entertain some of my carnal instincts... (Looking for someone to play the Demi-God's love interest.)

6. Four, Three, Two, One (Original): I thought life would get easier after I left Earth... Life on the Mars Colony with nothing to worry about except myself? What could possibly drain the fun out of this experience? Oh, yea, right. NO OTHER PEOPLE! Whoever the hell thought this plan up made a serious clerical error. I'm alone on this damn colony, and I'm about to go bat shit. At least there's a supply shuttle coming today. Maybe the pilots'll talk to me... (Looking for someone to play the new colonist on this empty world.)

7. HELP! The Class President is an Alien Nymphomaniac! (Original. I think...): Life at this school is about as boring as boring can be. I get up every morning, go to class, and just hope I can stay awake through my studies. Ugh.. there's the class president, looking as attractive as ever. It's no wonder every guy in the school is crazy for her. I don't even rank on her list of people to pay attention to. But if that's true... why is she waving at me? (Looking for someone to play the alien nymphomaniac class president.) (TAKEN by ReijiTabibito)

8. Nice panties, nice figure. Next time close the window. (Male\Female or Female\Female): Conventions. Times where all like-minded individuals come together in merry revelry to rejoice in what they love. But for two specific congoers, this specific convention will be very different. On a chance look through a window, a man (or woman) notices another woman changing through a three inch crack in the open window. Enthralled by this woman's beauty as she strips naked before their very eyes, s\he writes her a message, slipping it through the crack in the door. I would like this to be a long one-shot, where the female (Your character) spends the entire three-day convention trying to find this person to either punish them or reward their honesty. She can be an exhibitionist who likes to be watched, or someone who simply had a slip of the mind, forgetting to close the window entirely. S\he has never seen her face, and she had her back turned to him\her, so neither knows the other's face, and must find one another amongst ten thousand people. (Partially based on somewhat true events.)

9. Demonology 101 (Original. Cursed.): A young warlock tries to change his luck by summoning a powerful creature from the nether, a Succubus. But can he control her? Or even survive? (Looking for someone to play either the warlock of Succubus. Warlock can be male or female.)

10. Crash n' Splash! (Mega Man. YES! It can happen!): Being a Robot Master can be hard. Harder still if you're not on the winning team. After a crushing defeat at the hands of Mega Man, Crashman heads to a Human\Robot bar to drain some of that stress. There, he meets a cute female robot who's got her eyes set on the Crashman. (Lookin' for someone to play Splashwoman.)

11. Crossplay! Dream or Nightmare! (Original): A young man dives head-first into the exciting world of Crossplay! Attending a convention dressed as his favorite female character, he's surprised how convincing he is! In fact, he's SO convincing that he's attracted the attention of a young woman who's looking for a girlfriend. How long can this charade last? More importantly, how will she react? (Looking for either character.)

12. The Glass Closet (Puella Magi Madoka Magica): She'd given him her soul... literally, and he didn't even know she did it... and now someone else enters her life and throws all of her carefully laid plans into disarray. Can Sayaka hold onto her love for Kyosuke, or is she going to slowly fall for this fang-toothed, harsh girl who seems to see her as nothing more then an obstacle.  Can she hold onto her wants and dreams of having a husband and family forever... or is she too deep in her personal little glass closet that she can't see the truth...? (Looking for someone to play Kyosuke and Kyouko. Push comes to shove, who does she finally fall for?)

13. The End of Days (Original. I'm a retard.): For years, men and women of many walks of life have feared the coming of the day. December 21st, 2012. However, the end of the world did not come with fire. It did not come with darkness. It did not come with warning or fanfare. It did not come with the walking dead. Fire can be quenched. Darkness can be vanquished. The dead can be outrun. At the stroke of midnight, holes erupted in the ground, and from within came that which haunts your nightmares. Velociraptors. It was a month before the earth had been taken over by these creatures... The feel know no emotion - they cannot love. They know no fear - they cannot be repelled. They know no compassion - they cannot be reasoned with. They can only be fought. Can two people find the secret to stopping the Zombie Velociraptor Apocalypse... and can they not kill each other in the process? (Can be MalexFemale or FemalexFemale) Taken by Nenya. Thanks!

14. I Won't Admit it! I WON'T! (Puella Magi Madoka Magica): Miki Sayaka had died. It was sudden, tragic. It's been two weeks, and we've all learned how to live our lives without her... except for one. Kyouko's been acting... very strange since Sayaka's death, but we've not thought anything of it... until she cut her hair, and started insisting she was Sayaka Miki. (FemalexFemale. This is kind of complicated, because there's no set pairing. Maybe have one person play as a sort of spectral Sayaka in Kyouko's head, along with another Puella Magi. Don't really know much where this can go. PM if interested)

That should about do it. Lemme know via PM if you see anything that interests you. Also, it should be noted that if you're interested in Klink, and haven't seen\finished Madoka Magica. Do it. You'll thank me. Anyways! By for now peeps!
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Re: Clear! *Zap!* Role Plays Wanted
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2012, 11:01:07 pm »
Added "The Demi-God's Wife", "Four, Three, Two, One" and "HELP! The Class President is an Alien Nymphomaniac" for your perusal.

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Re: Clear! *Zap!* Role Plays Wanted
« Reply #2 on: March 30, 2012, 11:33:49 pm »
Added "Nice Panties, Nice Figure. Next Time Close the Window".

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Re: Clear! *Zap!* Role Plays Wanted
« Reply #3 on: April 04, 2012, 03:59:52 pm »
Added "Demonology 101" and "Crash 'n Splash!"

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Re: Clear! *Zap!* Role Plays Wanted
« Reply #4 on: April 11, 2012, 06:32:01 pm »
Added "Crossplay! Dream or Nightmare!".

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Re: Clear! *Zap!* Role Plays Wanted
« Reply #5 on: December 13, 2012, 12:36:23 am »
Added "The Glass Closet".