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Author Topic: [Pictures included] Some characters need system games~  (Read 1439 times)

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[Pictures included] Some characters need system games~
« on: March 22, 2012, 06:05:59 am »
I have a handful of specific characters in mind that I'd like to use for some system games. So I thought I might just list them, and if people have games already running and think "This character would be a welcome addition", throw me a PM. Likewise if you think "I like this character enough to run a game, let's grab some other players!"

A Female Human Witch - specifically, the White Haired Witch type. You can probably guess the picture...
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No, she wouldn't be using guns. More-or-less a good aligned character, though one who is not above taking the fight TO the gods if they cause too much havoc on the Prime, and just as sassy to angels as to demons. Just as likely to use her sexuality to get what she wants as her magic. Ideally starting at level 3 or so.

Dungeons and Dragons 3.0/3.5:
1. Female Human Wizard/Lurker in the Swarm: a little more evil, this time, a character who can regularly summon swarms of demonic bees, not only having them sting people to death, but also gather their blood to make blood honey and royal jelly, which she can sell for high prices and enjoy like sweets as well. Best with an evil party so they can go about preying on others (mainly because innocent victims and Good creatures don't tend to include Undead, which are effectively immune to her), but her lethal acts could be tempered, only using them on evil creatures for a good party. The Prestige Class can be entered at level 7, so this character is suitable from 7th level onwards (I'd rather not wait through several levels - which can take years in PbP - to reach the actual point of the character).
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Though not necessarily that bee-like herself - I just think the character is cute and needs more exposure.

2. A Female Yuan-ti Halfblood (Challenge Rating 6, makes a good 7th level character). The character would mostly be a cultist of Sseth/Mershaulk, all too happy to ally with humans so as to turn them to her faith - so as to one day either convince them to offer themselves as sacrifices, or to convert them into cultists or even use them for producing Yuan-ti offspring. For higher levels, I'd like to homebrew a Yuan-ti Cultist class. It'd be easy enough to do.
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The seated female, not the giant Anathema.

3. A Human or Elven Wizard who happens to be an intelligent undead of somekind (typically played as a Lich with a reduced Level Adjustment, as it's seriously not worth FOUR levels, especially on a spellcaster - but there are other options). Basically, she was a girl in "high school" - a Magical Academy sort of like Hogwarts (except in the typical D&D setting, so no need for secrecy or complete ignorance about the rest of the world), but more importantly, an Elite All Girls School. She actually has a "big name" (family name Bigby - yes that Bigby) so has a lot to live up to, and is expected to invent her own Bigby's ___ Hand spell at some point. Best friends may include the great great granddaughters of Mordenkainen, Tenser, Evard, Melf, Otto etc.

However she ended up getting abducted by an evil cult, sacrificed, and turned into an undead. There are pretty much three options here:
A) We can ignore what happened in the short-lived games where she was Undead, and actually have her still alive and play up the high-school hi-jinks and magical lesbians.
B) Undead, the group have decided to break free and oppose the evil overlord, as they did not appreciate being sacrificed. Probably also out to see if they still have their humanity.
C) Undead, the group are actually evil and going around razing villages and the usual.

Come to think of it, I kind of prefer A...
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The one on the right...

1. Female Human Sohei (Rifts: Japan), out to hunt demons and make the land calm once more. She could be part of a traditional team, or she could be teamed up with other Japanese characters (including from H-Corp - no snickering there, this was written before H meant Hentai!), or thanks to Rifts and all, could be with any other group anywhere else in the world. A kindly yet strong-willed girl who believes she's ready for the world, but mostly wishes to head out to be free of her instructor, another female sohei, but excessively perverted.

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2. Female ex-Gun Brother (Phase World Sourcebook), who left that intergalactic group of mercenaries as she wasn't fit for their life of evil. She's not so much on the run (as they couldn't care less about the odd deserter) as starting a new life out as one of the good guys, always on the forefront to protect civilisation. Ideal for a group based in Centre (see: Phaseworld), but ultimately could end up anywhere.
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