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June 17, 2018, 11:11:50 PM

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Author Topic: Wanted: A Female War Refugee (MxF)  (Read 306 times)

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Offline JaneilbennettTopic starter

Wanted: A Female War Refugee (MxF)
« on: March 22, 2012, 03:29:18 AM »
An idea that's been floating in my head for two months now....inspired by Homeworld and Battlestar Galactica.

Background Info & Setting:

In another galaxy, there's a large-scale conflict going on between two large empires. The Taiidani Imperial Empire, who are all human, have had spaceflight for a few millenia and claim half the galaxy. The opposing force, the United Alliance, is a loose federation of humans and aliens that are a bit new to the neighborhood in age, and almost on par with the Taiidani tech-wise. The reason for all this fighting? The Taiidani have a supremist xenophobic outlook on things, hating aliens and believing the "weak must die", including anybody who doesn't agree with their views. The Alliance on the other hand, upholds coexistence and interspecies cooperation, peace, and that they are responsible for the protection of races that are below their technological level until they are able to do so on their own. Perhaps sort of like a WW2 scenario, except blown up to a galactic scale.

There's a bunch of smaller people, species and cultures caught in the crossfire, namely some civilizations that don't have the capacity to defend themselves fleetwise or even have spaceflight. Most of these governments and/or species are not on either side for whatever reason, mostly because their contribution would be minimal. The Alliance is trying to provide humanitarian aid to said people, and have carried/evacuated many off to safer areas out of the main conflict.


I was thinking a girl who was a refugee had just been evacuated was on board a barge or a population transport heading away from the area, and on the way she befriends a pilot. He would feel sorry for her and start to visit her more, eventually making it possible for her to stay aboard the ship he serves on. I'm looking for someone to play the girl while I would play the guy.

I'm open to what happens from there, but it was an idea that she gives him motivation and a reason to fight, being a good friend or more for him, and him looking out for her well-being in various aspects. She doesn't have to be a character with a complicated background or profession, or not even technologically advanced. I imagined her as from someplace maybe like a civilization from the 1940's in tech level/fashion, maybe with some more advanced things like what one would see going on in the Cold War (jets, guided missiles, etc)

This is a story I see a lot of dialogue/character development/romance, and not sex heavy. Looking to use my brain and flesh words out with this story. Sex can happen, but it will not be a focal point in this story.

I look forward to hearing from you, I posted some inspiration pictures with what's going on in my head and what I may be looking for, and maybe convey the mood I'm trying to aim towards. Sorry to bombard you with so much imagery; just pick and choose like a gallery. :)

Girl Idea(Fashion Wise):

Guy Idea(Fashion Wise)(Flight Suit currently, hope to get a casual/normal attire when time allows):

Guy's Fighter(Still picking which I should use):

Bad Guys:

Good Guys:

Miscellaneous Ships:
Idea 1 for "Refugee Barge/Transport", older Alliance Design.
Idea 2 for "Refugee Barge/Transport", a modern civilian tanker to be specific.
Civilian-made Alliance transport jet, space capable, main role would be used to ferry survivors from the planet to transports in low orbit.

Alliance/Taiidan Military Uniform Comparison:

Taiidans are more elegant in the way they do things (sort of like royalty/Imperial France fashion), versus the most prominent human race in the alliance, which has more rugged/functional characteristic traits as of Terrans:


Snippets of Possible Races/Cultures Involved(These are Alliance, as Taiidans hate aliens):

Settings & Scenes:

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