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Author Topic: Max looking for dom F/M/futa for tf f or male  (Read 1169 times)

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Max looking for dom F/M/futa for tf f or male
« on: March 19, 2012, 12:04:09 AM »
Hiya everyone.  I am looking for a role=play or two.  I am submissive, with little interest in being the dominant. 

Some ideas for role-play that I have:

Zhor:  Zhor is a lot like Gor, with the twist that a serum was developed that can change a man into a natural slave girl.  This can be done as punishment for most crimes, to men captured in war, or sometimes by criminals, slavers, or rivals to make money or remove a foe from their life.  Not all such serum or Ruk girls wind up as slaves.  Sometimes, prisoners of war are given the serum, then sent back to further shame their home city.  Because of this, this is a trade people and clubs that cater to such girls, treating them as a slave girl for a time so they can live out a fantasy life in safety.

For more information, see:

The Foolish Fop:  (Transformed f/F)
I have given my wife large breasts.  Pity that you were not that fond of the idea, or that I didn't ask. So, you slip me a dose of the serum, then make me your big breasted slave girl.  Maybe I should mind, but, idea of a life in chains does appeal.

Seduced:  (Transform f/F)
I was captured, given the serum, then sent back as humiliation.  I do have some land and money that you covet.  As a lady of the city, you decide to seduce me, maybe try to convince to play games where I am your slave girl.  All in the hope that I will sign over my lands and money to you, and become your slave.  Whether or not you will keep me, or sell me now that you have gotten my property is up to you.

Revenge:  (Transformed f/M)
I was once a great warrior of our city.  A member of the nobility and have angered you in the past.  Alas, you could do little, until one day, I was captured, given the serum, and sent back in disgrace.  Living alone, you see that the chance has come.  Posing as my friend, you have invited me to visit you, where you plan to capture me for the evening, and have your way with me.

Punished:  (Transformed f/M)
One of two ideas here.  You are a crime lord, and I owed you a lot of money.  Unable to pay, you had me kidnaped, given the serum, then taken to one of your pleasure houses where I will be a slave for drinks and sex.  Or, I have committed quite a few crimes, and been given the serum and sold at auction to pay for my crimes.

Reversed Gor:  (M/F)
In a world like Gor, but where females are the dominant sex, I am a minor noble.  But, secretly, I wonder just what it must be like to be a slave boy.  You are a slave on my estate, determined to get free.  And maybe, just maybe make the lord into a slave so I can live out my fantasies for real. 

Slave raid:  (M/F or Futa)
Living in a fantasy world, I am taken captive by a slaving party of Futas that prey on humans, (or, maybe drow).  Not being much of a fighter, I am quickly captured and taken off for a life of bondage and slavery.

Drider:  (Male for female or futa drider)
I was part of a party that is down in the under realms.  And then my comrades are killed and captured.  I manage to escape, but in my wanderings for a way out, stumble into the lair of a drider, who decides to make me their slave.

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Re: Max looking for dom F/M/futa for tf f or male
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2012, 07:03:26 PM »
Hiya.  Have a couple of new ideas as well as looking for RP based on the earlier ideas.

She Who Must be Obeyed
I am an explorer in the 30's looking for a long lost land.  And, after long months trekking thru the wilderness, I find it.  A city, ruled by a Queen that has lived for thousands of years.  That is you.  I am captured by your guards, and brought to you. You give ma a chance.  If I can win against you in a game of chess, I can go free.  If I lose, I am to be your prisoner, your slave.  I agree, but the outcome of the game is not really in doubt...

Hunting the futa demoness

I am a demon hunter, out to destroy a demoness that has been leaving her victims drained dry.  Alas, all does not go well for me, and you catch me.  Rather than killing me, you decide to keep me as a slave or a pet.