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May 28, 2018, 05:10:11 AM

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Author Topic: When I Die f/f light  (Read 290 times)

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When I Die f/f light
« on: March 18, 2012, 07:17:31 PM »
Hey all...

I have resolved not to bump my ideas thread until the number of active RPs I have has fallen to a more manageable level (in other words never).

But there is one story I am craving above all the others and no one seems to be interested in it, so I'm posting it here, separately.

CRAVING When I Die...: This is probably good for a bit of light-hearted romantic fluff. The general idea is that one character dies suddenly at a relatively young age. She is met by her spirit guide, who shows her around the "afterlife". I don't want this to be the traditional concepts of Heaven and Hell, though. Rather I'd like something much more surreal.

The basic idea I have is that, when you die, what happens to you is what you believe will happen. In other words, if you believe you will go to heaven and spend eternity singing songs to a distant throne, that is what will happen. If you believe you will go to the Happy Hunting Ground, and spend eternity chasing deer, then you will. If you believe you will spend eternity surrounded by 70 virgins, then you will spend eternity surrounded by seventy naked women whom you can never have sex with... And if you believe you will cease to exist, then you will cease to exist.

Our deceased heroine doesn't actually believe anything though, and so when the Reaper comes for her, she has no idea where to take her. This doesn't happen very often, of course, but it does happen and so, the Reaper shows the deceased around all the various afterlives.

Obviously the two characters fall in love. How physical that love can get is down to the setting the player in control creates

The story may actually end with the human asking why she can't just stay with the reaper...

I am happy to play either role, but the player playing the spirit guide is the one with control of the plot, the settings, everything. I have my own ideas of how this should work, and if you want to play the deceased, be prepared for a strange experience. If you want to play the spirit guide, I expect you to be original and creative and as weird as you like.

My character if I play the "reaper"
Name: Agogia (αγωγια) (Greek for Conductive)
Age: Timeless, immortal

Job: Conveyor of souls to their chosen afterlife

Personality: Gia (for short) is a conveyor of the recently deceased. She is gentle, kind, caring, and helpful. She has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the various afterlives available. She does try not to give out more information than is healthy for a soul, though. For example if a soul has chosen hell (many do) then she will not explain to them that it is their own choice to go there, as this would be too much of a torture. But, as kind and considerate as she is, she is also unswerving in her duty, as are nearly all reapers. She does not kill, rather, at the moment of death, she frees the soul from the body. This she does unrelentingly, no matter the circumstances.

Appearance: Gia can appear however she wishes, and will often appear as the deceased expects her to appear. However, her natural shape, which is what those with fewer preconceptions will see, is shown.

History: Gia is as old as life, like all reapers. She was spawned from time when life first began, originally as part of Death, but as life expanded and grew, so the individual reapers split off, to enable the amount of souls to be harvested with none being missed. Agogia is a supernatural being, an angel if you like. As such, she is immortal. She is also part of a primal force, part of the embodiment of the concept of Death. She is a transition, a force for change, a means of keeping things fresh and renewing life. She is not an animated skeleton on a skeletal horse!

Anyone interested, please either PM me or post here.