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June 19, 2018, 07:29:20 PM

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Author Topic: The Green Knight (Fandom) (M/F) [MUL]  (Read 468 times)

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The Green Knight (Fandom) (M/F) [MUL]
« on: March 18, 2012, 12:13:46 PM »

Before I start with the plot bunny, I want to explain the detail I want for this game. It is based on ABC's Once Upon A Time. It is, of course, a Rumpelstiltskin/OC game. For those that are caught up on the show, we know that Rumpel isn't as heartless as he was once portrayed. I already have a Rumpel/OC game that is more focused on the fairytale world than the real I want a game that is focused more on Storybrooke than the fairytale world. That would make this more of a Mr. Gold/OC game than anything else...BUT...I do want to play out both parts. So I need someone willing to play the part of a Fairytale Person and a Real World person, just as I will be playing both Rumpel and Mr. Gold.

The fairytale I have chosen is called The Green Knight. For those that have not heard of it, it is a Danish Cinderella type of story. A dying queen makes her king husband promise to never deny their daughter anything. He agrees and is lucky enough to a daughter who is not spoiled or horrid and never really abuses the request her mother made of her father. However, an evil maid forces her older daughter to befriend the princess and then lie to say that they must move away unless her mother marries the king. The Princess begs her father to marry the woman so that her only friend can stay. After the marriage, the queen and her daughter begin to treat the girl so horribly that she becomes kill. Not just depressed, but physically ill. No doctor can cure it and no doctor can explain it.

Thinking only for the health of his daughter, he asks if she would be happier living on his summer island and palace. She agrees and does so. Despite being happier to be away from her wicked stepmother and sister, she is still ill. She thinks of and wishes for death often. When her father visits her, she always asks him to say hello to the Green Man/Knight for her if he ever sees the man. To tell this Green Man/Knight that she is longing for him and awaits his visit, that he alone can free her from her illness. Her father, not knowing what she meant, searched the land for this Green Man. Not knowing that his daughter was speaking of Death and the green hills of the cemetery. After months of searching, the King finally finds this Green Knight.

That is where I would want to pick up the story. The Green Man/Knight turns out to be Rumpelstiltskin. He promises to cure the Princess of her illness, but only for a price. Not gold, not land (of which he has plenty already), not even material possessions. All he asks for, after the disaster of Belle (him thinking his beloved Belle is dead), is the company of the young woman for as long as he wishes it. The King, thinking Rumpel has met his daughter before, agrees. When the Impish man meets the Princess for the first time, he tells her that he knows she longs for death and he is willing to provide it so long as she provides him with the company he seeks for a months time. If, after that month, she still longs for death, he will provide it for her.

Rumpel will have no desire to 'save' her life. He is perfectly willing to keep her for a month for his own needs and then plunge a knife into her heart.

As I said before, I want this game more focused on the Storybrooke side of things. The Princess being the daughter of a kindly shop owner who married a mean woman. His daughter becomes so ill that she is admitted to the hospital for an extended stay. The doctors don't know what is wrong with her, but every time the father and step mother come to visit, she seems to get worse. Her father becomes to protective over her because of her health that he forbids her to leave the hospital room for anything. From her hospital room, she can see the church and the cemetery. She longs to die and end her own misery, but can't seem to make herself do it (perhaps it is because it is a cry for attention that her father doesn't give her due to his marriage to a woman that is obviously hurting her).

One day, in a silly attempt at running away, she tries to go outside, but ends up running into Mr. Gold. All in the town know of him, but her. She has spent so much time in the hospital during her life that she doesn't know who he is. He asks her why she's running around in a hospital gown andshe says she is going to kill herself. Instead of stopping her, he would step out of her way and tell her to carry on.

So yeah...that's what I had in mind. While not every post of the game would have two sides (Fairytale/Storybrooke), a lot of them would. So I need a partner who is willing to basically make two characters and interact in both worlds. We would not be following the full canon story (just to a small extent). I'd really like to discuss it out more in PM, so please shoot me a message if you're interested. Also, I left it as a [MUL] for the tagging. I don't see it being Light, but I don't see it as BON or NC either, nor will I want it going into EX. So yeah, I'd really have to talk it out with someone before deciding on a tag like that. I do know that I want M/F since I already have a M/M game going (though the story is much different from this one).