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Author Topic: Ty's Requests [M for F]  (Read 5110 times)

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Ty's Requests [M for F]
« on: March 16, 2012, 06:17:03 PM »
Been gone for a while, finally getting back into role playing as my muse is coming back.  My posting rate may still be a bit slow though.  From a one of two times a day, to posting once every two or three days.  Currently I am only craving role plays that have fantasy elements within them.  If you have some ideas of your own that are similar to the ones I have listed below then feel free to run them across me with a PM.  If you are interested in anything below then please send me a PM, do not reply here.  I am also only looking for partners who are capable of writing detailed and descriptive posts with length being a few paragraphs.  I'm not demanding perfect grammar or spelling, since I make mistakes as well, but I am looking for decent and literate writing partners.

Kinks that I am currently interested in:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Size Difference - I like playing male characters that are much taller than the female.  Allowing a bit of dominance play and even pet play.  Picking her up easily, carrying her around or throwing her up against a wall, down on a bed or the floor.  Even big enough that she is basically like the size of a pet to him.  Size difference could be just like 1 to 3 feet, or he could even be like twice her size.

Large/Huge Penis - Relates to size difference, a large male with a large package.  The size can be discussed, I'm not really into hyper or macro though, depends on the scenario and situation.  The length and width will be big, but always still somewhat proportionate to his body size.  He will not be walking around with what looks like could be a third leg.

Cervical Penetration - Goes along with his large cock.  I don't like this to be painful though, maybe at first like virginity but then it would start to feel extremely good for her to have her cervix penetrated.  This is fantasy after all.

Stomach Bulging - Goes hand and hand with his large member and cervical penetration.  He is so big and penetrates her so deep that he stretches her womb and the bulge of his cock can be seen on the outside as it makes her stomach bulge.

Cock Sitting - His endowment is so large, thick and strong that she can actually sit on it and it can hold her up off the ground while nestled between her thighs.

Excessive Semen - Now not necessarily an amount that would would be overwhelming or anything, but for his size compared to her his load could make for was wet and messy fun - also possible impregnation somewhere done the line if wanted.  The amount is up for discussion but I do like it nice and messy.

Cum Inflation - I like it when he cums so much inside her that it makes her inflate with the amount as he fills and stretches her womb to make her look like she is several months pregnant.  Once it drained out it then her stomach would be flat again, unless she really was pregnant of course.  She could also walk around for a while with her womb inflated by his cum and have it slowly drain.

Squirting - I like it when a female ejaculates too, or her fluids just gush out of her when she cums.  I like it wet and messy after all and not only to include male cum.  She can squirt all over him as well and give him facials or cot his body.

Groin Affection - This would be doing things such as petting or licking his penis, nudging it with her nose, nuzzling against it and rubbing her face against it or his large balls...just working his large shaft and balls however she wishes with curiosity and love.

Rough Sex - I would like it to get a bit rough here and there...basically while he is thrusting into her or something like that she claws and bites at him, grabbing and holding onto anything...maybe ripping clothing, fabric, creating red streaks on his body and perhaps even drawing small amounts of blood at times.  Not to mention she would get it rough sometimes as well, getting picked up and thrown against the wall or down on a bed, being spanked and groped, thrusting into her fast and hard, etc.  She would get scratched and and bit as well of course from his nails digging into her thighs and back as he thrust hard and fast or from biting her shoulder/neck.

Blood Play - Especially fun when being rough or including things such as demons or vampires...blood drinking can be very sexy and intimate when done right.

Adventurous Sex - Depends on the setting but here are some ideas...Having them have sex all around the house and not just in the bedroom, but also in things like the shower, hot tub, garden, on a table or couch, up against a wall, or while they travel they could do it in a private jet, in the back of a limousine, in the corner of a train/subway, in the restroom at a restaurant, on the balcony of a hotel, in a office, etc.

Foreplay/Teasing/Non-Penetration - With size difference and also them finding alternatives to penetration there can be all kinds of fun in foreplay, and not just the usual stuff either.  Vaginal/Anal penetration does not always have to happen in a sex scene, there are many other things that can occur.  Of course there is oral which is always fun, but there is more than that as well.  I'm one that likes to draw out foreplay a lot, and sometimes it could consume the entire sex scene without actually leading toward penetration as I will show below.

Oral - Scenes dedicated to just exploring each other orally, sucking and licking each other, deep throating, having her ride and grind on his face as he eats her out, cumming in her mouth or giving her a facial...even having her squirt all over his face and/or body.

Deep Throat - Can be on the unrealistic when dealing with a large endowment, though it is fantasy.  Other than that though, it would be interesting to have him penetrate her nice and deep with his long, strong, thick wiggling tongue.

Mutual Masturbation - Either teasing each other by watching the other masturbate before them, or having her jerk him off at times or him finger fucking her...could be used as a great tease as well such as her rubbing his erection through his pants or him stroking her wet pussy through her panties.

Buttjob - Penis is rubbed and stroked between the cheeks of her ass without penetrating her anus, could lead to him cumming all over her back and bottom.

Thigh Sex - when either she sits on his lap or he comes up behind her and slides his penis between her thighs and they move as if they were having sex but instead the penis slides in and out of her thighs and rubs against her pussy.  She could also jerk him off in such a position, her hands playing with and stroking his shaft as it comes through her thighs.  Can also be done clothed, or with her panties on.  He could cum then in her thighs, in her panties, on her pussy or pull back and cum on her ass.

Grinding - When they grind their bodies together, such as he grinding her round bottom and hips against his groin, she can even be sitting on top of him, riding him as she grinds her pussy along the length of his cock - can be done naked or even clothed.  Could lead to them cumming while still clothed, or having him cum on himself or between the two of their bodies as they move and grind together.

Titty fucking - Can be done with any site, though it is a bit tricky with a more petite figure...but I think it would still be rather cute and sexy if she rubbed and ground her chest against his erection or he did so himself right between her small breasts, could be done naked or even clothed.  While clothed she could just lift of her shirt, or unbutton it a bit to create a hole that leads to her mounds, or even keep her bra on.  Then it could lead to him cumming on her face, breasts, shirt, etc.

Watersports - Definitely optional.  Things like him urinating on her to mark her as territory, used for domination and humiliation...could also have her drink it, or even release himself inside of her and have her hold it and run off to the bathroom to dispose of it for him.  She could accidentally wet herself sometimes during sex or bondage scenes where he limits her use of the restroom...or she could just accidentally release herself after an orgasm/squirting.  This one can definitely be left out of the role play but if I am putting it here just in case someone wishes to try it or experiment.

Role Play Ideas

Taking in a Stray - Seeking a plump/curvy/bbw/voluptuous woman for this role play.  She can be a teenager, a college student, even an older woman in her 30s/40s.  Basically her age is up to you and we can also the situation and scenario.  Basically I will be playing a canine shape-shifter which can of course shift back and forth between a human figure and a canine figure.  His goal, infiltrate a home as posing as a stray dog and then impregnating the woman of the house hold with his seed.  His kind are trying to grow in numbers and spread for territory and power.  This will have supernatural elements to it and the plot is up for discussions.  Looking for a female writing partner to discuss the details, you must be willing to role play sexual themes while he is in his full canine form...and yes he will knot.  He can also have a complete human form, and maybe something in between such as like an anthro form...werewolf like or whatever.  This role play would probably involve some sneaking around and what not, maybe even some cheating/adultery.  My character will be dominant and even possessive though once he does mate with the female.  I want a more curvy and filled out woman for this to catch this canine's eye, his animal instincts will read her wide hips as ripe for birthing and of course her large breasts for lactation.
Plump Girl Pic 1 - NSFW
Demon Girl Pic 2 - NSFW

Demon Mates - A high fantasy and supernatural setting.  Taking place in a demon realm, though can include many adventures as well.  Can have a post apocalyptic feel to it.  Basically the Demon's are at war.  It can be against Humans, Angels, some other race or multiple.  Since they are at war it is their current duty to mate and produce the best and most offspring that they can.  To do this, the best females are arranged to be rewarded to the best males to of course ensure powerful genes.  My demon would be very strong, tall and muscular.  He would be a very well accomplished fighter and a general amongst the ranks.  He would be rewarded with your female demon, a young and very sexy and seductive female demon with a luscious hour glass figure, round bottom, and large breasts.  She would be untouched and a virgin, just for him and only him as a mate and vessel to carry his seed.  This would be completely consensual as well.  I see demons being very lustful and I would want her to be very willing to explore.  She could also be in "heat" and crave it, her body ripe for mating.  She will get pregnant, but it's not something I like to dwell on and I don't like to role play taking care of the offspring.  I would like it if perhaps she laid eggs and then they were taken away by the army to be born and raised as warriors.  This could include multiple pregnancies and also lactation.  I expect them to also be rather rough with each other, but still hold a romance as mates.  Also, the demon male will be much larger than the female for size difference purposes.
Demon Girl Pic 1 - NSFW
Demon Girl Pic 2 - NSFW

Forever Young - A female that was turned into a Vampire when she was just 16, stuck to look like that forever.  For this one I would like a more petite figure as she does have the body of the 16 year old, even though she may be decades or centuries old.  For this I'm not really sure what kind of plot or pairing I would want.  I was thinking that she could perhaps be looking for a mate...this mate could be another Vampire, a Demon, or even a Werewolf.  Or, she could find a human that she wishes to change to be her mate.  I like to play by the rules that vampires mate for life as well.  I do want this to be rough and with blood play, but it will have romance in it as well.  Most of this is up for discussion really, and I usually like to put my own spin on vampire mythology to make it fit and more interesting, they will not sparkle or turn into bats.
Vampire Girl Pic 1 - NSFW
Vampire Girl Pic 2 - NSFW

Space Goo - This would is a Sci-Fi setting and basically I am looking for a goo girl that can modify her shape and appearance as she wishes, meaning the shape of her curves, size of her body, breasts, ass, etc.  She would be able to stretch and accommodate any endowment and of course inflate perfectly to hold excessive amounts of cum shot inside her.  I would be playing a large alien, humanoid, but he can have tentacles if desired.  I don't really have a plot set in stone but I was thinking that both of the characters, my alien and your goo girl where experiments on a very large space cruiser that was attacked.  It crash landed on a planet, leaving the two of them as the only survivors due to their abilities.  So they would become companions working together to salvage what they can from the wreckage and later commandeering a ship to escape.  This would include some action and adventure as they would travel through space and visit several space stations, cities, and planets.  They could also be wanted and are being hunted by bounty hunters.  And of course a romance would form between them but at first sexual curiosity and lust would behold them...especially since I would want the goo girl to be an extreme tease with her body since she is virtually naked all the time and likes to show off and expose herself, feeling sexy.
Goo Girl Pic 1 - NSFW
Goo Girl Pic  2 - NSFW

Cross Blades  - Now this one is a bit up for discussion, but this will be a fantasy based role play.  Our characters will both be Samurai/Assasins.  They will be a team and work together, traveling, fighting and adventuring together.  They could be for hire or fighting for a cause, it is up for discussion.  This will be very romantic, there will be a lot of passion and lust between these two.  Also, the female will be an amputee missing an arm but it still as deadly as ever...and the male, he will be blind so expect a lot of sensual foreplay and exploring hands/mouth.
Pic 1 - NSFW
Pic 2 - NSFW

Star Wars - This would take place during the large gap in years between the Third and Fourth movie as the Jedi go into hiding as Luke grows up.  So it would be right after the Clone Wars as the Empire spreads and takes over.  I would be playing a male Jedi, you his female padawan.  They were both away on a war assignment, leading a small group of Clones on a planet to overtake a hostile settlement when the orders were issued and the clones turned on our characters.  They managed to make it out alive and received the message not to return to the Council but remain hidden from the Empire as they had been betrayed and deceived.  So the role play would follow the story of our two characters, on their own in the universe as they travel around from planet to planet on a lone ship in deep space, trying to stay undercover and also fighting off any trouble they come in contact with.  They would only have each other, and being alone like that they would of course develop feelings and sexual urges for one another, perhaps the female padawan has had a crush on him for a while since she grew up and trained under him.  That is the basic idea.  I would like for my character to be rather human in appearance, though if possible I would like my partner to play a female of a different race....preferably someone close in appearance to Ahsoka Tano, but is not necessary.
Ahsoka Pic  - NSFW
Aayla Pic - NSFW

Spoils of War - A high fantasy setting.  A civilization of Elves has just lost a war to large, brutish demons that overpower their magic and took their city by force.  Now to bind the Elves to them, the King of the Demons takes the Elven Princess and gifts her to his oldest and strongest son as a mate.  He is to take her virginity and impregnate her with his seed, thus forcing a bond between the races.  The elven princess is not frightened, she willingly does this for her people but is also cocky since her virginity and womb are protected by the strongest of enchantments that were placed upon her by a dozen of their finest spell casters, it could only be undone on her wedding night.  However, little does she expect that this massive, demon, the prince she is gifted too is able to over power and break the wards with his cock alone, claiming her virginity and her womb with his seed.  This would be non-con at first, but I would not like to dwell on it for long.  She could come around in order to try and best serve her people and accept her fate and also really start to enjoy the sex.
Elf Pic 1 - NSFW
Elf Pic 2 - NSFW

Hung like a Horse - This is a bit of a silly role play and meant to have some comedy just due to its nature.  I will be playing a 16-18 virgin male, this boy, with a lithe and well toned frame is cursed/gifted with a huge cock and large balls to go with them.  It is large enough to create a large, noticeable, embarrassing bulge in his pants even when not erect.  He has to wear loose shorts and pants because of it, though has to make sure the shorts are quite lengthy so the head of his magnificent shaft is not exposed.  The problem with wearing loose pants is that as he walks, people that stare will notice his package swaying with his steps...and whenever he has to run it bobs up and down and smacks against his legs.  He had originally his size would attract women, only problem is he is too big and now no girl can fit him inside.  You would play the one girl that does want him and his size.  She could be an older woman or someone around his age.  This would be fantasy and unrealistic since she will be able to handle his large cock and take it all the way inside her, even deep throat it.  Some kind of magic could be involved as well, perhaps he was experimenting and that is how he accidentally created a monstrous member...or maybe she used magic on her body in order to adapt to his size.  Adding more fantasy, she could also be of some other race as well which could explain her abilities and advanced sexual prowess.
Pic 1 - NSFW
Comic Pics - NSFW

More Inspirational Pics

Some of these Pics relate to some of the ideas above while others don't.  If you see one that you like let me know and perhaps we can get something going.

Pic 1 - NSFW
Pic 2 - NSFW
Pic 3 - NSFW
Pic 4 - NSFW
Pic 5 - NSFW
Pic 6 - NSFW
Pic 7 - NSFW
Pic 8 - NSFW
Pic 9 - NSFW
Pic 10 - NSFW
Pic 11 - NSFW
Pic 12 - NSFW
Pic 13 - NSFW
Pic 14 - NSFW
Pic 15 - NSFW
Pic 16 - NSFW
Pic 17 - NSFW
Pic 18 - NSFW
Pic 19 - NSFW
Pic 20 - NSFW
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Re: Seeking Fantasy/Supernatural/Sci-Fi [M for F]
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2012, 09:11:48 PM »
Added "Space Goo" and "Magic Shaft" as well as some images.  I will probably add some more stories as I think of them and images as I find them.

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Re: Seeking Fantasy/Supernatural/Sci-Fi [M for F]
« Reply #2 on: March 17, 2012, 01:37:23 AM »
Added "Cross Blades" and more pics

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Re: Seeking Fantasy/Supernatural/Sci-Fi [M for F]
« Reply #3 on: March 20, 2012, 12:15:12 AM »
Updated "Crossing Blades" and added a Star Wars plot and "Spoils of War"...also updated "Magic Shaft", I can do a non-magic version with a guy just naturally gifted with a large endowment.  I also added a link to a comic featuring a guy with a huge cock as an example
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Re: Ty's Requests [M for F]
« Reply #4 on: March 21, 2012, 11:56:58 AM »
Updated a bit and added some links to inspirational pics.  If you like anything you see, send me a PM.