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Author Topic: What Sin is looking for~ [I play F, you play M or F]  (Read 833 times)

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What Sin is looking for~ [I play F, you play M or F]
« on: March 15, 2012, 07:48:38 PM »
Hello, [you]. Glad you took the time to stop by my roleplay requests and see what I have here. If you’ll allow me a short introduction - I’m Sin. I’m 23 years old, and I am a self-sexual in real life - meaning I don’t actually have sex with others. Once upon a time, I did but extenuating circumstances led me to find more creative ways to get the job done, so to speak. Speaking of creativity, you’ll be happy to know that as a roleplay partner, I like to experience a multitude of sexual preferences. I like them black, white, Hispanic, asian. I like men, women, and even some that don’t identify with each. If you’d like to read more about what ‘does’ it for me, be sure to check out my Ons and Offs. You should know I’ll only be taking on a limited number of roleplays until I can find my comfort level here. (However, I will make exceptions for some tantalizing fandoms.) If you’ve made it this far, I assume you are fairly interested, so I’ll not keep blabbering about and get onto some scenes.

Active RP’s: 4/6

A Loving Wife~
[Oneshot] [FxM] [FxF] [Fx??]

This scene is extremely flexible, and one I am willing to do in multiple ways. I would be playing the cheating wife, while you would play her lover. Now, this can be done at home, on vacation, in a bathroom at work - you name it. We can work together to create this plot. I am also very willing for her to be sneaking around very close to the husband. Say, across the pool while she thinks he is asleep. Close to caught is a huge turn on. However, since I like a jealous husband,
I don’t want it to turn into double teaming the poor little wifey. Also, I am open to female or male partners. Hell you can play more than one if you want. I do have a few playby’s in mind for this, but I am open to suggestions based on age. I usually only use celebrities, just because photos are easier to get a hold of and I like visuals. As you can see, I have Elizabeth Hurley and Mila Kunis posted up here. I think I'd like to use Elizabeth Hurley or maybe Julianne Moore for an older (40 or so) wife while I'd like to use someone like Mila or maybe Natalie Portman for a younger woman. Like I said, very open to suggestions, but please - no extremes on looks. I know some people like big asses and gargantuan breasts, but I kind of like to keep things proportionate. Thanks~ So far as this roleplay goes, it's definitely a one-shot deal, as I don't see it going any further. That is unless we can find some way to keep it going. If you have any ideas at all to add to this, feel free to pitch them to me. I like new ideas. :) NOTICE: Due to an overwhelming response to this scene - I'm not accepting any more offers for it until further notice. Sorry, and thanks to everyone who's replied :)

Queen of Darkness
[Long-term] [FxM]

Warning: Modern fantasy setting, although most scenes would be done in the sithen. This is mainly for people familiar with Laurell K. Hamilton’s Merry Gentry series. It’s based on fae and fae kind, specifically the Unseelie. My character is Symantha, the new Unseelie queen having just taken the crown. She is absolutely, one-hundred percent batshit crazy. She enjoys making people bleed. In fact, it gives her a little jolly. She likes her position even if most people in her kingdom are positively frightened. She likes to walk the halls of the Castle Proper and know that every noble is terrified her piercing violet eyes will find them. You will play the captain of my guard and long-time friend. By long-time, I mean two hundred years. You were literally a present for me when I was born. You are half-night flyer and all sociopath. Your feelings are close to nonexistent - unless it comes to me. You’ve been guarding my life for the last two hundred years, and believe it or not? We make a great team. It will be set soon after my mother's (the previous queen) death. She was assassinated, though not much is known about it. In fact, the only one who believes she was killed is me. I'm working relentlessly - madly, even - to figure out what happened. I know she wouldn't just fade like everyone says. So will you be on my side, or will you just nod and smile like the rest? In the meantime, how will you handle my increasing attentions now that my mother isn't around to enforce her sidhe supremacy rule over me?

Mad Man with a Box
[Long-term] [RiverxDoctor] [FxDoctor]

Hello sweetie. I’m Dr. River Song and you, well you are the only man I could ever fall for. A man as mad as myself and easily quadruple my own age. We were literally meant for each other in ways that even the universe can’t quite figure out. We’ve only saved it from complete annihilation a dozen
times. Your time stream is going the opposite from mine, but I think it’s time you took me on a proper honeymoon and got me out of Stormcage for a while. What do say, Doctor? Are you feeling up to it? For all intents and purposes, I want to play River. BUT, I am also willing to Rose/Ten or Amy/Eleven. Or some other combos you might think of. Basically, if you want to play the doctor, we’ll work something out. Unless you ship Doctor/Jack. I hate that ship with a passion. However, no matter who I play, there always has to be something going on. The doctor doesn't just sit around with his pretty little box and wait for the universe to come to him now does he? No, he doesn't. So whatever the setting, there will be some kind of plot that we can work out through PM. Sound good? Now here's hoping some fellow whovian will stop here and decide to play the doctor for me. -sigh-
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Re: What Sin is looking for~ [I play F, you play M or F]
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2012, 01:00:27 AM »
Coding and graphics added; more to come as I get more familiar with the system. :)

Offline Kristen

Re: What Sin is looking for~ [I play F, you play M or F]
« Reply #2 on: March 17, 2012, 08:14:54 AM »
Hello there.

I'm actually in the process of doing up a private message for you. I've never done a 'one-shot' before so I'm pretty excited about giving it a go. You should get my message in about 5 minutes lol-!

- Kristen -

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Re: What Sin is looking for~ [I play F, you play M or F]
« Reply #3 on: March 17, 2012, 10:31:51 PM »
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