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November 28, 2020, 01:32:40 AM

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Author Topic: A small collection of RP ideas  (Read 641 times)

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Offline DathTopic starter

A small collection of RP ideas
« on: March 14, 2012, 01:26:16 AM »
So I decided that since I have a pretty active imagination, I'd try and get some more RP going! These are my ideas, feel free to PM me regarding any of them or if you have something that you think may interest me.

Dath and Hinata - Dath Dom (an RP I've already advertised for but I'll re-add since it's too far gone now)
Dath is a Night Elf who in the past few years was corrupted to turn into a Succubus but mitigates this by using an advanced form of Druidic shapeshifting to retain her original force. An avid Engineer, she decides to mess around and make a portal, this backfires and sends her flying to the Konoha universe. When there she arrives in aftermath of the Fourth Shinobi War, she is helped by the locals to recover after falling from the portal and as thanks becomes a successful nurse for them.

A few years later Hinata has gotten with Naruto, but Naruto gets himself attacked, he is poisoned and riddled with disease due to it. Tsunade herself gives him no chance of survival but lets Hinata know that Dath MAY be able to help. Though since the woman no longer has any need to pay Konoha back there'll likely be a price. Hinata wouldn't realise it but getting involved with Dath would see the Elven woman wanting her body in return and maybe even more over time...

Dath and the Dragon - Dath Sub
Dath is sent on a scouting mission to the long abandoned Blackwing Lair, the former lair of Nefarian and his Chromatic Dragonflight. When she gets there she finds a fully grown Dragon skulking the place, she shadows it for a while only to end up in the middle of the Suppression Chamber when the traps go off, slowing her down so the Dragon can swoop upon her. It reveals it was hatched from an egg that somehow survived the culling many years ago and grew rapidly to it's current size. It then reveals that Dath is going to be it's new breeding ground... if she survives.

Dath and the Prince - Dath Sub
In another Dimension Dath could possibly fall into the woman finds herself serving a prince who saves her when she is about to be killed following her fall. He makes her his bodyguard when it's revealed she's quite handy in combat. This of course causes her to be the target of many, from gangs of men, marauding beasts and ogres. The poor woman finds that she's an excellent guard by virtue of being a distraction for those who would harm the Prince.

Dath and Namari - Incest Romance
Dath looked up to Namari more than anyone else. Born blind, Dath had been looked after for a long time by the snow haired beauty, she was someone to look up to not just from her perspective but for everyone around them. She was smart, athletic and a crack shot with a bow. Now that the world had opened up to the Kal'dorei after The Scourging they decided to go exploring the world together - this had the effect of having the two grow closer than ever before.

I will add more over time as I think of them!

Offline DathTopic starter

Re: A small collection of RP ideas
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2012, 06:50:06 PM »

Dath and the Princess
Dath gets involved with a princess on the night before her wedding, cue cheating!