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Started by saranicole, March 13, 2012, 01:33:47 PM

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Hi all- I am so excited to begin roleplay on Elliquiy.  I have a few characters that I would like to begin with.  I am very much a bondage girl and seek partners who respect my need for instruction.  I also plan at some point to play a dom character, but really wish to begin my life on Elliquiy in submission.
I would prefer story building, but as I am sometimes a bit of a slut I am certainly not opposed to an IM quickie to see how well we mesh.
My core character is Sara Nicole Monroe.  As Sara I am very much a dom, the wise queen.  Sara is my character in the outer world.  Nicole represents my true private nature.  As Nicole I am quiet and insecure and seek very much to be dominated.   I am open to a partner of any gender, in fact I would love to play out the role with every gender. 
My most developed character is Marilyn Sloan, a young widow whose mother was a big Marilyn Monroe fan and has prepared her to live her life in the image of Marilyn.
Marilyn's husband Benjamin was from old money in Boston.  He was stricken by Marilyn's beauty and innocence and married her despite family objections.  He died tragically in a car crash last year.  Marilyn is lonely.  She is cut off socially from Benjamin's family and social circle.  Her 3 siblings- the O'Hara kids are hard-working busy, midwestern and all are married with children.  They care, but Marilyn has been out of their circle for years.
Marilyn is wealthy.  She inherited 40 million dollars from Benjamin.  She dresses the part of the wealthy widow who wishes to move on from grieving.  Her clothes are couture- an ivory colored silk blouse that clings perfectly, a red mid-calf length skirt and matching Prada heels and purse.  Her jewelry is diamond and elegant, her blonde hair is done in a simple french twist, makeup is also perfect showing red lips and nails perfectly coordinated with her clothing. There is also just a hint of piercings to each of her nipples not quite concealed by her blouse.
Marilyn is lost.  She is seeking direction, stability and control in her life.  She has sought you out to provide that service.
Again, I am open to players of any gender playing any gender.