[Pluto's Kiss: 77 Minutes] [MxM] (OOC)

Started by Acid, March 10, 2012, 09:03:53 PM

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I'm looking for a dedicated and hyperliterate MALE writer with which to RP this slightly futuristic, mostly realistic, end of the world scenario.


“…because when computers abandon us, all hell breaks loose.”

[Genre]: Realistic/Post-Apocalyptic
[Date and Location]: Near Future (2020)

QuoteWhat happens when machines forsake us - their Makers? For centuries, humans have relied on machines and computers to do our work for us. Humans have relied on their automated convenience for far too long. What if one day, those machines just decided to stop listening?

With a flick of the wrist and a push of the finger, our world came to a screeching halt in one fell swoop. That was Pluto’s Kiss. That was the day our world stopped. The event that brought the world to its knees, seemly named after Pluto, the Roman God of the underworld.

QuotePluto's Kiss was a catastrophic event that took place on December 21th, 2020. On that day, all computers connected to the Internet crashed simultaneously around the globe. Additionally, all networked computer and communication network control systems were shut down instantaneously. Needless to say, this affected more than personal computers, but virtually every machine. The incident resulted in a plethora of disasters; traffic lights shut down, planes colliding in midair, the international power grid blacking out, life support systems in hospitals all across the world turned off due to the global blackout, and the United State's nuclear missiles were nearly launched.   

In the United States, the automatic retaliatory systems malfunctioned, in a short time reaching a point of crisis. 77 minutes later, the global network was able to recover itself from the incident but the resulting chaos caused the United States' nuclear defense and automated counter-strike systems to be armed.

The incident was so damaging that United States President Jim Stonecold soon thereafter became the 3rd US President impeached from office in January 2020, even after taking full responsibility for the incident. Fingers were pointed in all viable directions. The chief programmers of the various Operating Systems available, were all scrutinized even more.
[News Reporter:] “For 77 minutes, the world stopped. Countless lives were lost as a result of Pluto’s Kiss. The final cause of the Pluto’s Kiss virus was never uncovered, but one thing is for certain; it was an intricate tragedy, done with malice and intent. Speculation continues as to what caused Pluto’s Kiss…

If interested, fill this out.

Age: (16+ only)
Personality: Do they work well under pressure? Are they a leader or a follower? Do they panic or keep calm and collected in times of crisis? Do they believe there’s strength in numbers or are they their #1 priority and think anyone else would weigh them down? Be detailed.

Appearance: Photo/picture/text.

The RP would obviously take place shortly before and during the incident. Both our characters are currently residing in New York and become engrossed by Pluto's Kiss and eventually join the ranks of those who became victims on that fateful day. Our characters' fates will become intertwined and whether we survive depends on our synergy (or lack thereof.) Will either of us come out this alive?