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May 23, 2018, 05:56:23 PM

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Author Topic: Italian man sentenced to more than two years for 'aggravated defamation'  (Read 1166 times)

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Offline King_FurbyTopic starter

I am glad the guy was sent to jail for what he did. Teach him a good lesson.

Offline Trieste

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That's ridiculous. Utterly and completely. Granted, it doesn't tell what (he thinks) she did to warrant this, but breaking up is hard to do. Get together, get dumped, get over it. Happens a lot, to a lot of people, and spreading others' personal business around is just uncalled for.

Offline Jefepato

I was going to say that two years in jail for defamation was kind of ridiculous.

Then I saw what the guy actually did.

Offline Elvi

Offline King_FurbyTopic starter

there is alot of sick stuff is this world, and sadly there is way worse then even that.

Offline Sabby

While that Youtube story is pretty sick, I disagree with the mother sending wrath the websites way. Its a video sharing website, so the only way they can keep stuff like that off of it is by monitoring the new content and letting viewers report it. Youtube did nothing wrong, and they always remove pornography as soon as its found.

Offline Elvi

She didn't Sabbat, there is nowhere in that artical where she said it was youtube's fault.

I think she may have, however, been just a little disgusted at the fact that 600 people watched it, before it was pulled.
Which one reported it?
Well it doesn't say, however, I bet it wasn't the first one....

The victim condemned the 600 people who watched the mobile phone footage.

Sky correspondent Jayne Secker asked the mother what kind of person searches for a rape video on the internet.

She replied: "Someone perverted, someone not right, someone sick.

"It's just crazy to think that someone would get a kick out of watching that.

Offline Sabby

Criticising the website, she said: "How could anyone allow anything as degrading as that to be posted on the internet?"

Offline Jefepato

She doesn't know the Internet very well, does she?

Offline Elvi

Sorry, didn't see that line and it isn't exactly 'sending her wrath is it?

It's also a very minor point to pick upon Sabbat, as I said, especially as this was viewed by 600 people before it was infact taken down.
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Offline Sabby

Considering how much attention the keyword 'rape' would get on a mainstream website like Youtube, I wouldn't be surprised that it would get 600 views in a short time.

And I agree with Jefe. While thats a horrible thing to happen to anyone, the victim clearly doesn't know the internet very well.

Offline Elvi

And the point of that is?

From the way I am reading your post sabbat, you are saying "Ah well, it's the internet, what do you expect?"

Offline Sabby

Oh hells no! I'm no monster.

Just saying, while its a horrid thing to happen, shes expressing such surprise that the internet would allow that kind of content. Not saying its right, but she mustn't be a big net user if this is a surprise to her.