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Author Topic: Flight's 1x1 Search [f/f, f/m, m/m]  (Read 596 times)

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Offline flightzeitTopic starter

Flight's 1x1 Search [f/f, f/m, m/m]
« on: March 07, 2012, 12:56:19 AM »
Hey everyone!

I'm new to the boards and you can call me Flight or Zeit or anything like that. If you are so inclined, make up a new name for me. I'm not too picky.

Anyways, to start off, if you are wondering what wicked kinks and whatnot I have, I believe looking at my On and Offs will help you determine if we are a good match - kinkwise. I would recommend reading that first, given that it includes important details, such as I like my roleplays dark/twisted/sick. I don't need gooey romance. I have RomComs for that.

But, roleplaying isn't just about kinks. It's about plot. It's about two or more characters working towards some goal. And that is what I love about roleplay. So, here I will suggest a few plots that have been lurking at the back of my mind and if something catches your fancy, contact me and we can discuss roleplaying together further. Also, keep in mind, when I suggest plots I akin them to being what you would read on the back of book. A leader. I feel that roleplaying is two-sided. If you like some aspects of my vague plot, but want to add in something - always ask! Creativity fuels me and makes me far more likely to reply back. Also, if anyone is interested in using a plot and adapting it from a group roleplay, I'm game. I'm just a horrible organizer, so I would need assistance.

Plots? Plots.
(Spoiler! If you have a plot, suggest it to me! I'm not limited to this list).

The Delivery: a Post-Apocalyptic Journey Across a Wasteland
General Notes: This can be f/f, m/m, or m/f. This is my ULTIMATE craving and I know that this is a complete rip-off from Fallout. What can I say? I love Fallout. Also, the organization names were just pulled from nowhere, if it is too cheesy, we can change it. I am super open-minded and I know this description is vague, but if you are curious, shoot me a PM. Let's word something out.

The world is in shambles from a nuclear arms race gone wrong. It is many, many years later but, people finally begin to exit the vaults that have so long held them captive and civilization is beginning to reconstruct itself. This reconstruction is not without faults. For power is now up for grabs and everyone wants a piece of the cake. Two factions have shown up - proving themselves quite powerful and with many followers - the New World Order and the True Challengers. The New World Order is made up of those whose families held power in the distant past, not quite ready to give it such power and quite ready to reinstate the peace they feel they could provide to this new world. The True Challengers view themselves as fighters for the people, claiming to work towards a future that builds from the ground up - not from expectations of the past. It is with these two factions feuding that two people (an diplomat and escort) from the True Challengers are sent to New World Order territory to organize a treaty of peace and coexistence.

That Circus Blues
General Notes: As with the other one m/m, f/f/ and m/f are all appropriate. I will say I think this will work better in a homosexual situation because guilt is soooo much fun to play with. But, I can dig a little hetero action. Warning! This plot involves a little of that sibling!cest.

Dashkov Circus & Emporium of Shock is a family run circus and freak show that travels across all of Eastern Europe in an attempt to make a little money and explore the world around them. Two siblings are both important aspects of the show - one a extremely talented acrobat, while the other is a humble clown. Both resent each other. The reasons are many (this is a plot point we can decide together), but they are, without a doubt, at each other's throats all the time. But, when their father falls ill and is close to dying - will they grow closer or will the fight for inheritance cause an even bigger rift between them.

That Greek Love
General Notes: Obviously m/m. Maybe less dark, but still not gooey romance.

Alexander the Great and Hephaeston was one of the world's best love stories. Boyhood friends, comrades in battle, and very possibly lovers. I would love to explore their relationship from boyhood to adulthood to possibly death. This would be a roleplay less focused on the physical aspect of their relationship and more on their friendship and what that means to them.

Other: Not Quite Plots but Vague Ideas
  • Steampunk/Victorian adventures, such as The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters (Or, if you've read that book, something based off of that would be so fun!)
  • Mad Scientist - fantasy, modern, victorian, middle ages, all of that is a fun time. A revamping of Frankenstein?
  • Greek or Norse Mythology
  • Tarot Cards - characters based off the Major Arcana, possibly in a competition to control a human?
  • Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep-esque thing - or anything that would deal with the question of what constitutes humanity

Current Roleplays
A Delivery
+1 Group Roleplay

Aaaand, I think that is it! If anything catches your fancy, PM me and we can discuss it further! Thanks for taking a look at my humble thread!
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