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Started by luvablelilmonstr, March 05, 2012, 07:43:09 PM

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I love plot-driven stories, but when it comes to the sex scene, no details are spared. I can play both male and female roles, so it's your decision.

I can come up with ideas ranging from SciFi/Fantasy to Real/Incest, but I'd love to hear your ideas as well.

I like to be Sub, but ABSOLUTELY NO toilet play. That makes me uncomfortable. The most I'll do is spit, sweat, cum and maybe blood. That's it.

PM me if you have an idea or are interested to come up with one with me!
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I would love to come up with an idea with you. I absolutley love fantasy/future plot lines. I also have limits which are absolutely no scat or pee, and I do do anal but only giving no recieving and I prefer not too much blood but a little could always be fun. Please PM me so we can collaborate.


Oops! LOL Well I thought you didn't want established characters! But if you don't mind. I had an idea with a Vampire dawn where Dawn is turned into a vampire during season 7 one idea was where when spike turned a series of people into vampires under the influence of teh first. What if he turned dawn and while he didn't turn buffy dawn did in the basement. Another ideas sort of based on that is what if one of those he turned wasn't staked. She is recruited by the first and sets her sites on (Buffy, Dawn or Faith) initally to help the first. Another one I had in mind was a what if Season 1 had gone differently and Buffy had been turned into a vampire during the nightmares episode.

2) Set during season 1 of Angel where Kate is turned into a vampire instead of being saved. She turns her sights to cordelia, as she works with both wolfram and heart and also against them trying to at first torment angel.

3) Where J