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Author Topic: Male seeking Female  (Read 625 times)

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Male seeking Female
« on: March 05, 2012, 10:27:21 am »
Stranded- A young man finds himself on a deserted island with an older woman after their plan crashes. While fighting to survive the two become close friends and more... After a year one the island they are rescued and taken back to their families. What happens when they discover they live within a few miles of each other... And that she is pregnant with his child. What might her husband do? What will his family do? What will the two do when they continue their love affair.

The New Pet- A single mother buys her daughter a new dog for her birthday. Loving the fact the dog is so well trained, the mother finds out one night just how well trained he is. The woman's new pet was trained by a woman who specialized in training animals for bestiality.

This one has the possibility of having some incest between the mother and her daughter. It could also be a small group RP as well.

In a world where Fairy’s exist, people have learned what a wonderful pet they can make. People discovered that once a Fairy is touched by a human they become bonded to that person. It wasn’t long after Fairy’s became pets that people found out how sexual they were around mating time and how it affected their owners. Once this aspect was found out, a law was past making it illegal for minors to buy one… But that didn’t stop them from hunting out wild Fairy’s.

Most Fairy’s are breed by special breeders. Using other Fairy’s to handle there young, they go without human contact until they are bought at special pet shops. Where 99% of the pet Fairy’s are breed in captivity, 1 % come from the wild. It’s the wild Fairy’s that still have all of their magic while those from captivity don’t. Which includes being able to grow to 3 foot tall for a short period while in heat.

The story starts when a teenager (17) happens to catch a wild Fairy. After the bond is made he must hide his new friend from his parents. While taking care of the little creature he discovers how much please she really is.

Aspects: First time, Risk of Pregnancy (When in heat) Risk of getting caught

Lights, Camera, Action
On the set of a new T.V. series, a teenage boy (16) finds himself falling for his T.V. mother. While shooting the pilot, the director encourages the actors to get to know each other so plans a dinner for the crew.

The boy arrives at the dinner with his real life parents and starts to introduce them to the other actors. Being his first acting job, he is nervous but quickly relaxes as the other actors talk to him. The director pulls the boy and the T.V. mom to the side and explains he wants them to be comfortable with each other and wants them to spend time together to get to know each other.

The two quickly discover a mutual attraction and start spending more time together. Spending as much time as they can, their love grows.

How will the two hide their love from the boys family and her husband?

Aspects: Cheating wife, First time, Risk of pregnancy, Possibility of getting caught

MotherxSon: The son of a beautiful woman happens to catch his mother with the family dog. The boy (17) uses his cell phone to get a video of the action. After the first time, he decides to sneak into the house in hopes to catch his mother again. While trying to sneak a peek at his mother one day while his father is at work, the boy gets caught. When the mother starts to yell at him, the boy shows her the videos he has managed to shot of her and the dog. What starts as blackmail with the son making his mother sleep with him, slowly turns into a full fledge loving relationship between the two.

Possible kinks: Beastiality, risk of pregnancy, incest, cheating wife.

The Babysitter: Fxm A recent widow hires a teenager (any age) to babysit her 3 year old son for the summer. The widow starts talking to the teenager and a relationship starts to build between them.

Possible kinks: Any
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