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Started by Myra, March 03, 2012, 05:16:07 PM

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Good day!

My name is Myra, you can call me that or any variation, I have been called My-My, Myra, Myrawr, Mine, whichever you prefer, I do not mind. I am new this website but not new to roleplaying! In fact I am a huge addict, which is why I am very excited about finding role plays on this website specifically. So here I am, I usually start with everything that I will role play, but this time I will just take my time. I will post a plot that I really want to do. If you aren't interested, but wish to role play come at me with plots or pairings and I can tell you if I am interested (96.8% of the time I am).

I will have my On and Off's up soon as well!

I am hoping to find a partner that can post at least once a day. It can be difficult and I understand, but if you can try that that would be greatly appreciated.

I don't need a novel but I would like some decent writing. Someone that can write possibly two paragraphs a post, something like that, because I want to also advance my writing skills. So that would be awesome!


Plot 1

War Lord: In a world where royalty sent the peasants into war while they lounged around in their thrones, where you would get killed for hunting in kings forests, and if you were to so much as look someone of royal blood in the eye you would be abandoned, it was cruel and harsh. However that was the open cities, nothing compared to the black markets of slaves and secrets. For women to keep safe they were to marry and stay in the houses tending to children and spending time with their husbands. If they were to stray, often enough they were captured and sold as slaves, actually if they didn't they were killed. At age 16 (age can vary), Theodora should be married, but her father was older and her mother passed on, she took care of the house. Her father was called to duty when war began to rage, and she couldn't lose him. So she hid herself, cutting her hair and wearing her fathers armor she joined the military as Theo, claiming to be his son. She makes it threw training until they are fighting. An enemy warlord, that is feared by even his own men captures her and when he finds out he is a she, he takes her as his own slave, after all what other choice does she have?

There will be more ideas to come! Hopefully some people are interested.

If you aren't interested, I wish you luck on your role play searches!


I like the idea, and would be quite happy to be playing the warlord!  Will PM further details.




I have quite a few ideas I would be willing to try.


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