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Started by LaCroix, March 02, 2008, 01:20:14 PM

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    This my first thought for a game. I figured I would go with something a little simple to help ease my feet into the water. The general concept will be based around a fantasy setting and office or offical building in that town.

     The concept is a rather simple one. There is a corrupt offical who works in that building and is basically in charge in the entire town and all of its business, something like a modern day mayor. He makes it a purpose to hire almost only women, and only women that have visually aroused him from the town.

     This is where the other player will come in. I'm looking for a female who will begin as his newest secretary. During the course of the play, he will attempt to frame her for some sort of crime, set things up to look like she has commited some sort of treason or something along those lines. He will then go on to offer a deal of sorts telling her that he will keep her out of prison but only if she serves him.

     This game will involve domination, some small humilation ( in the form of the shy, timid girl being made to do hirribly naughty things she would never do) some mild bsdm and whatever turn ons and kinks come to mind when I am discussing things with anyone interested.

     What I am looking for is solo at the moment, I'm looking for a partner so I can sort of feel out things in general here and see how everything goes. I'm looking forward to eventually rping with all of you and letting my games become much more bold.

      That being said, if this sounds like it interests you at all then please post a response. I play mainly through mirc these days, but I am I am looking forward to getting threads and stories going on the forums as well. I am open to either, whichever suits my partners tastes better. I'm looking forward to having a wet and wonderful time getting to know all of you. ;D
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