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Author Topic: Into the Darkness: A medieval tale (f seeking m)[modified]  (Read 1061 times)

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Into the Darkness: A medieval tale (f seeking m)[modified]
« on: February 24, 2012, 04:12:16 pm »
Guardians are magical beings that have sworn to protect the earth from darkness. There is a legacy that one Guardian shall rise above them all, and truly lead his people into a victorious battle against Darkness. Because of this, the devil himself created Mariah, a street whore, who was meant for the Guardian to love. If he should fall in love with her, the darkness that taints her will corrupt him and allow evil to consume the earth. The only way for the Guardian to rid himself of her darkness is to kill her. But, how can he do so when they are meant to love each other? And is a world worth saving when she is no longer in it? For a little more drama, I was thinking that Mariah could fall for the Guardian's best friend as well, which would taint him through hatred and jealousy.

I would like to have a six paragraph minimum at the beginning of the story (I would be delighted to keep up that length throughout the entire thing).

I'm a big fan of grammar, and would like for my opposite to be the same

Obviously, I'm hoping that you can play the two boys. The reason that I decided not to make this a group rp is because I'm not the best with having more than two people working on a rp together, it messes me up and when someone doesn't respond to keep the story going then it gets annoying.

This will not be all about sex, but will have a grand plot line as well, along with action! I promise though, there will be plenty of sex throughout! (;

I already have made my starter, and am just diligently waiting for someone to show me some type of interest.

Now, it says that she is a whore. So, a whore she is. I expect your character(s) to act like typical young men, not those that are completely virginal, because we all should know that's not the case. I cannot stress this enough. Apparently, some people feel the need to act like they aren't supposed to want her. That's not how I plan to play this through.

Here's a little prequel to the story:

London, 1763

For our story shall begin on the most ordinary day of the year, where the English weather lashes down unto the not so fair city of London, streaking it a darker grey than it already was. As people rushed for cover, underneath, in the underground of the city, sat a lone, wizened gypsy woman, clothed in an array of many vibrant, yet very worn and tattered scarves and shawls. Her weathered face was frowning, deep in thought as she shuffled cards between her hands, soft whispers being said underneath her breath.

She dealt her cards, placing three up turned on the table before her. The first showed The Lovers, a man and a woman holding hands, the card in reverse to the old woman. The second revealed The Devil, a half beautiful face, half twisted. And finally, The Tower. The card showed a majestic castle being stuck down by a single bolt of lighten. After a long moment, the old woman sat back, looking defeated. “It is as I have feared.” She muttered eyeing the cards. Her finger lay on the first card she had drawn. “Jealousy, betrayal.”

Her long, bony finger pointed to the next. “Tainted, plagued by darkness and the desires it brings.” She sighed, pure anguish etching over her face as she moved to the final card. “A downfall from glory, his falling from grace.” Closing her eyes, the woman breathed out a shaky breath, regain composure she was beginning to lose. “He must never find her. Their paths must never cross, for I fear it is she that will be his undoing.”

The dark shadows around her stirred, the candle illuminating the room flickered then continued to shine bravely. A tall, cloaked figure approached, head bent to her table. “My thanks, Seer.” his voice was soft as he dropped three silver coins unto the table. As the hidden man turned to leave, the woman's soft voice made him pause. “He cannot know of love. There has to be nothing she can invoke, nor can she use to stray him off his path. His is one of glory and power, hers is naught but one of darkness and deceit.”
The man did not turn around but addressed the woman anyway. “How do I know who she is? The one of darkness?”

“You will find her a whore, one that bares the mark of Christ though she is the makings of the devil. She will poison him with a sweet smile as darkness clings to her.” The man wanted to tell the Seer that she made no sense, but did not so. “And my son?” he asked.

The woman smiled, revealing a display of yellowed, rotten stubs that were her teeth. “He will lead the Guardians into battle, brave and strong. He will prevail only if his heart is whole and pure, rid of the venom she spills.” the woman's lip curled in disgust as she spat on the floor and crossed herself. “If she corrupts him, he must kill her. Rid himself of the pain and suffering she inflicts. Only he must do it, only he can choose good over evil, the life of many over one.”
The man nodded. “Once more, my thanks.” and then he left, devoured by the darkness. The candle flickered and died.

Here's her(Descriptions will also be made in the first post):

Here's linkage to my On's/Off's:
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Re: Into the Darkness: A medieval tale (f seeking m)[modified]
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2012, 03:20:48 pm »
[updated]: Edited information regarding requirements

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Re: Into the Darkness: A medieval tale (f seeking m)[modified]
« Reply #2 on: March 18, 2012, 10:31:40 pm »
[updated]: Fixed misspellings. (they make me sick!)