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Author Topic: A few ideas from the Vault of Karamel  (Read 1952 times)

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A few ideas from the Vault of Karamel
« on: February 23, 2012, 06:04:53 am »
Moshi Moshi

Welcome to my request thread, you are one of the brave few who come looking or are just REALLY board. :). Note before you read any further, there is going to be a lot to this and please don't be nervous or scared. Everything that is put up here is just to make sure we have a good time together if you chose me as your partner or vice versa. I have been burned before with rps and I am doing this just to protect myself. This thread will be updated periodically.

Status of Real Life:Getting better
Status of Current Rps: Available
Status of New Rps: Available

  • First off DO NOT respond to this thread. If you do it will be deleted without being read. I only respond to pm requests.
  • Posting size: 1 decently sized paragraph (4-5 sentences) or up to 3 paragraph (3-5 sentences each) minimum. Quantity is no reason to slack on quality, so make sure that they're good paragraphs and not just filled with actions, fillers, or fluff please.
  • I’ll give what I receive, however that does not mean you always have to match me but I do hope that you will try to (There's always a chance to improve your writing and I love challenges that help me to improve my own writing). Yet if I get a sentence or two don't expect for it to hold my interest for very long.
  • I will not accept one lining. No exceptions.
  • Plot! I love plot over sex scenes. Don't get me wrong I like the sexy parts, I really do but if our RP is filled with only sex, I'll get bored of the RP and drop it.
  • I can play Seme, Uke, or Seke
  • If you have read thus far, tell me your favorite color. (In your pm if you are interested in rping with me)
  • If you have a problem with something, tell me. Do my posts make sense? Did I mix up the names? Maybe you're getting tired of this and want a plot twist? I'll work with you on that, and I do make mistakes. You just need to tell me and I'll fix it.
  • If you are more than one character in your post, then I hope your posts are longer. Again please don't just use fillers.
  • I do have my off days like anyone and I know that RL can get in the way…a lot. So I hold no grudge against someone who disappears. I’ll wait two weeks for a post if no notice is given. If you don't post by then, I'll PM you. You then have one additional week to reply or message me back with an explanation, or the thread might get dropped. Exceptions are made if you message me or leave a note in your signature saying you'll be gone or delayed.
  • Please be at least semi-lit. I'm not a grammar nazi, I would just like a post that makes sense. Please don't confuse me in your post. The occasional typo, misspelling, or incorrect homophone is okay. I do it as well, no ones perfect.
  • Character Sheet/Summary (CS)- If you have one/make one I ask that the CS is placed in a spoiler in your first post, I'll do the same. I will also accept a copy of your CS in my inbox if you would rather do it that way. This is because I tend to have a lot of RP's going and get confused, and I don't want to do that to you.
  • With my plots and pairings, the genders can be changed. Even though the plot depicts a male character does not mean it has to be a male character nor the fact that if I ask for a male character to play alongside mine. I am very understanding when it comes to plots and if you like the plot idea but would rather play a different gender that is fine with me and vice versa. With that said I do however like Yaoi rps a lot so I am more than happy to do a Yaoi rp if you are interested.
  • Threads only!
What I would like to see when you PM me:
  • Please make the title of the PM of which idea(s) interest you or character of mine you are interested in. If more than one interests you, then say so in the content of your message and list them out in the beginning of the pm.
  • If I left the roles open, then please tell me which one you'd prefer.
  • If you like an idea, but want to tweak it, then say so! I have no problem with tweaking any of my ideas. (There are a few plots that have an exception to this rule, if curious just ask me. I don't mind minor tweaking with them still so long as the main point of the story stays intact)
  • If you chose a pairing or picture inspiration and not a plot, then throw some ideas to me and we can discuss.
~ If any of my plots or pairings interest you please PM me (See rule on PMing) and we can discuss things further.
~ Most likely I will have more ideas to come and pairings.
~ If a plot is taken that you are interested in don't fret. I am always open to starting another version of the thread if you can convince me of a new twist on it. (However I will only do two version of a plot idea)
~ If there is a plot of yours that you think I would be interested in, pm me with the details of the plot or idea.

If you still stuck around, here is what youve been waiting for, the plots and pairings listed in the next post.
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Re: A few of ideas from the Karamel Vault
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2012, 05:58:28 am »

Blue lettering= Craving badly
***= Interested
Slash = not interested at this moment
All others that are not marked are extra ideas to give variety. But that doesn't mean I'm not interest in them.
Note: Plots are from my own head or a modified version of older rps that I have done over the years with the permission of my previous rp partners to reuse.

Unfortunate Mistakes
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
My Character: Jun
Your Character: Kenzio (name can be changed)
After the city championship Martial Arts tournament Kenzo and his best friend Jun, were headed out to celebrate their victories when an car almost killed Kenzio but hadn't because Jun shoved him out of the car, placing himself in it's path and it cost Jun his eyesight. Kenzo felt that if he had paid better attention that Jun never would have lost his eyesight and forced to give up his dream of becoming the best martial artist. Thus he felt responsible and couldn’t take seeing his friend like that anymore, with his cheerful smile like nothing had happened and so Kenzio left. Jun felt that it was his fault that his friend was even placed in that situation. Jun thinks Kenzio left because he could no longer continue martial arts with him or really do anything for that matter since he couldn’t see anymore.

Top Dog
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
My Character: Karma
Your Character:Fate
Note: Thinking this will be either Seme's butting heads or both as Seke.
Gothic. With pain and loss but there is light, happiness but it's far in between. My character has thwarted Fate many times and so has Fate thwarted Karma. They have their own kind of relationship with each other. Picking on each other and what not like siblings would. Karma wants to teach Fate a lesson and Fate wants to teach Karma a lesson. Karma had gotten away from Fate at one point after several injuring him and now Fate is hunting Karma down.

Too Late For Regrets
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
My Character: 14 year old boy
Your Character:29 year-old nosy doctor
The story begins in a YC doctor’s office. It's during a routine physical check up for school that reveals more than the boy is willing to admit. YC finds some surface tearing of MC's rectal area along with some odd bruising. Being a doctor YC is concerned and trying to get MC to open up about what actually happened.   
This will be a story about love and loss of innocents.

***Caught Between Two Worlds

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
My Character: Mathias Barker
Your Character: Gardener
The dangerous, seaside town of Zunka holds a secret only those that lived it could fathom the horror.
Mathias Barker (MC) had the perfect life working as a lawyer in the city north of Zunka with his boyfriend.
However, when he finds a ripped up letter in his cellar, he begins to realize that things are not quite as they seem in the Barker family.
A Christmas celebration leaves Mathias with some startling questions about his past, and he sets off to the industrial seaside town of Zunka to find some answers.
At first the people of Zunka are giving and loving. He is intrigued by the curious and thoughtful gardener (YC). However, after the man introduces Mathias to his personal homemade liquor, Teddy slowly finds himself drawn into a web of murder, pride and perhaps, even Lust.
Can Mathias resist the charms of the gardener and uncover the secret of the ripped letter before it's too late, or will his demise become yet another Zunka legend?

Morbidly Beautiful:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
My Character: Kuro Araki (Master changes name to Roki)
Your Character:Master
A hardworking average guy finds himself the new plaything of a powerful and terrible individual. But for what reason was this particular person taken?
Kinks: Bondage, Violence, Torture, S&M, Angst, Anal, Swearing, Stockholm Syndrome, Mature, Master X Slave, Training.

It's Not What It Seems
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
My Character: Kano Erozin
Your Character: Tall, slightly awkward, gentle college student Uke
Note: I want this to be a reverse perspective story of sorts. Where the Seme is the short, cute, young feisty teen and the Uke is a tall, awkward, older and gentle college student.

Kano has always been a compact person, treated like a littler brother because he was small. It sort of have him a complex and to compensate he found ways to let his anger out through martial arts and archery. However his small groups of friends still like to try and protect him but if something pushes Kano too far even his friends back off.
So far Kano has been able to go about his last year of high school like any normal stressed out student but that was until he saw a college student being harassed by a group of punks. That was the last straw for Kano.
Kano took it upon himself to step in, going against his martial arts code and saved the guy.
One thing leads to another and the simple, quiet college guy starts to cling to Kano but won't say why he wants to be near him. (The reason is up to you).
This will blossom into a weird relationship.

Revitalizing Passion
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
My Character: Cerin Tsukimi
Your Character: (Name can be changed but to make sure there is no confusion while readying the plot I've designated a name) Luca Koizumi
Both  boys were raised by single fathers, however Cerin’s mother chose to leave them which gave Cerin a deep fear that everyone will eventually leave him because even his own mother didn’t want to be around him. Whereas (Luca’s) mother was taken from him (the way she died is your choice), making him want to be better for that one special person so that he could protect them since he couldn’t protect his mother. Cerin and (Luca) had become the best of friends, practically brothers. Their father’s didn’t seem to get along at first but as both boys continued to push their dads until something changed and both their single lives seemed to turn into something like a family again.
It seemed as if those carefree childhood days would never end…though as everyone knows they do. Cerin and (Luca) were close in age, sadly not close enough. When Cerin went to Jr. High, (Luca) still had a year left in elementary. It wasn’t that large of a gap but to kids, it was big enough. Cerin started to mature, discover new things and the biggest things he learned were the emotions of love and lust. It took mere moments for Cerin to realize that he was deeply attracted to and in love with his best friend. He knew that (Luca) wasn’t like that and would surely be disgusted if Cerin confessed to him. And so Cerin began distancing himself from (Luca) and bottling his feelings
Things progressed so far that even their friendship died, Cerin could see the sadness in his friend’s eyes but he knew it was for the best. Eventually Cerin and his father moved away. Time passed slowly and Cerin’s father told him that he could no longer be away from his lover. His father confessed that it was (Luca’s) father that he wanted to be with. Knowing the pain of being separated from your love, Cerin gave his father his blessings but asked that his father promise not to tell (Luca) where he was. EVER.
By the age of 19 Cerin became a bar tender, choosing not to continue his education. Now 21 he is the most popular bartender at Re’Cue a high class bar and lounge. (Luca) on the other hand was entering university at 18 to continue his education in (your choice).
Will Cerin ever tell (Luca) how he feels? What will happen when (Luca) goes to Re'Cue to release stress from Uni?
Watch how the tension rises and if these two can overcome years of misunderstanding and hurt to finally be together.

***Prismatic Heart:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Note: This is a dream I had and is really rough so pardon the description of plot.
My character: C2 Seke
Your Character: C1 royalty of some sort. Seke preferred, open to discuss C1 being Seme or Uke

C1 is male royalty from (country of your choice), he goes to (country) forced to find a bride since none suit him in his own country. His parents gave him a certain amount of time to learn about love/find love. Unfortunately C1 has no intention of doing what he is told and thus spends his time having all sorts of fun.
C2 has just gone through a catastrophic breakup and decided to go out drink in hopes to cheer himself up. However his night is just one disappointment after another. Until he runs into C1. They get talking and pretty much spill their guts to each other, finding the conversation refreshing.

When morning comes C2 wakes up with one of the worst hang-overs he's ever had. However he is greeted by a maid/handler of some sorts. C2 can't remember anything from the previous night but the maid/handler tells him that breakfast is prepared for him and after that he is told that he's to go shopping. Confused he questions almost everything told to him but after getting overly frustrated at none of them getting answered he complies and does what he's told.
After the day of shopping C2 gets to meet the person paying for everything, C1. After their meeting and learning how much C2 spent on clothes that day C1 becomes angry. C2 had only spent about $200.00 and C1 wanted him to spoil himself after C1 had heard all about what C2 had been through with their meeting last night.

C1 was doing all this at first to piss his parents off. C1 was instructed to find a bride, a female bride for which he instead decided to spoil some random guy, C2.
Upon C1's parent's meeting C2 they have mixed feelings (your decision really) about C2.
C2 is still confused about what's going on.

This will go on to C1 actually finding love in C2 and C2 opening his heart to love again with C1.
Plot twists
A: C1's parent's throw a Formal Benefit where C1 introduced C2 to his parents.
B: C2's old love shows up and almost ruins things between C1 and C2.
C: C1's parent's try to force their choice of female brides on C1
D: Because C2 doesn't remember C1 he think C1 is someone different who has kidnapped him or something and wants to find the guy from the night before. C1 doesn't say anything about the night before after leaning that C2 doesn't remember because he's pissed that C2 doesn't remember. Instead C1 decided to use the information he gathered the night before to tip things in his favor and slightly mess with C2 as a sort of payback for not remembering.

Full Moon:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
My character: Human turned Merman Zayn Kokan
Your Character: Human or (another Merman-This plot is a bit different)
One Stormy night a stands upon a cliff overlooking the ocean with the full moon high in the sky. The moon is calling him, begging join. Join what? The moon never said.
Zayn went to the cliff to die because he couldn’t make her happy. Jumped from the cliff but woke in a whole different world. The Mer-world under the ocean and unknown to those that walk the land. Was this his destiny all along?
Years pass. Zayn adapted to his new life and forgetting his human life.
A guy stands on the cliff that overlooks the ocean. Zayn see from below the waters surface and realizes that something seems familiar about the scene. He stays and watched the guy watch the waves crash against the cliff but unexpectedly see the guy jump. Without a second thought Zayn saves the man.
However as time passes Zayn's actions creates problems in his life.
Soon things become complicated when Zayn wants to see how the human is doing since he saved him and he begins to see this man more and more at the edge of the waters. Why does this human return to the waters? Is he going to jump again? Is he searching for something?

Halfling or just Halfwit?:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
My character: The Halfling Kain
Your Character: Choice from full blood vampire, werewolf, hunter, human mafia
Born from shadows and whispers. Left to die on the streets. This rift raft of unwanted origins finds himself in the midst of full bloods after trying to con a man for some money to buy himself food. Kain realizes that he had picked the wrong person only moments after finding himself surrounded in what ‘looks’ like a rundown mansion. However by some miraculous twist of fate Kain has found himself in the one place that could help him or will this just hinder him further.
Learning the truth about himself has so far brought only agony but is that just a teenagers angst at being controlled or is it truly torture.
What will come of a rebellious Halfling and his antics? Will the hunters finally get their chance to overthrow the plague on humanity? Will his own even acknowledge is blood? How will the mutts take to finding out about the halfbreed? And what’s the mafia’s interest in this little nobody who is barely connect to the blood he shares?

Teddy Bear:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
My Character: Introverted/abused male
Your Character: Neighbor
This is about a guy who had been abused his whole life starting with his father and with every boyfriend he happens to get. Finally realizing that he needs to get away from stuff like that he up and leaves for a new place hoping to get everything behind him. He starts a new college, new job and moves into a new place in a different town. Everything is going good, his neighbors are even nice to him when he is able to talk to them. With several years of being beaten on and told that you are crap he has a hard time not being shy especially when his next door neighbor in his apartment building talks to him. He is the most gorgeous guy in the whole building and seems very sweet. The kind of guy he always thought was too good for him. This story is based on the two neighbors getting to know each other and the neighbor helping the guy change and get away from his old life and he helps his neighbor to be more confident in his everyday life.

***Unexpected Consequences:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
My Character: Neko
Your Character: Savior. Seme or Seke
This story is about a guy who has been on his own since he was a child. He gets into fights, tries to avoid the cops since he is 18. Till one day he gets into a huge fight where it’s five against one and is too tired to even fight back so he takes the beating. Enter his savior. An older man who has been well off most of his life but is tired of his tedious everyday life happens to take a different route home from work and sees a guy being beaten up in the local park. He saves the guy only to realize that the guy looks young but finds out later that he is 18. So being the professional caring guy he tries to help the kid only to get back lash from him but the guy won’t take no for an answer and tells the kid he has two choices: either come home with him so he can take care of him or he calls the cops.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
My Character: Male druggie
Your Character: Male or female. Best friend

This one is about a guy who has had a great downfall since his childhood best friend left town at the beginning of their first year in middle school. I would like it if the best friend was a girl and her leaving town is up to you. This story will deal with heavy drug use and violent language.
After several years of the childhood friend leaving, the guy had turned to drugs to deal with the loss of his other half, for years he thought it was because of him and so he couldn’t help but take the easy way out. Then one day out of the blue she returns and the two don’t exactly return on to good friend. Each having a lot of problems with the other person.

Keep it up
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
My Character: Ravage
Your Character: Looking for Quentcher (they are like bounty hunters sort of)
People used to claim that because the Mayan calendar said that the world would end in 2012- so would the earth itself. A simple rumor such as that caused hysteria on New Year’s- people planning to die- others expecting to apparently just 'poof' and vanish into thin air.
Or so they wanted us to think.
On the day the world was supposed to end there was a mass murder in Mexico. Nationwide people were being killed by an unknown source. Naturally people assumed it was the Apocalypse starting. Flocks of people trampled and killed others- in order to cram into churches. Ironic, don’t you think?
It wasn’t until a border patrol in Texas spotted an animal they hadn’t seen before, coming near the look out tower that we realized what was really happening.
People wouldn’t vanish from some godly means- but by an ungodly demon. Today we call them 'The Ravage', though in the past people referred to them as demons. The Aztecs had been right. The world- for them- would have ended in 2012 because of a monster they released with the help of a human sacrifice.
The Ravage can pose humans and often do- taking on the shape of either a man or woman with abnormal beauty. Models were instantly the target of witch hunts- so were most celebrities. No one- even high school students would let themselves be seen as overly attractive. One slip of the tongue and they could easily be accused of being one of them...
The drinking age had been lowered in 2010 to 18 nationwide in the US. It turned out to only be transformed into yet another tool in the ongoing hunt for the Ravage. The beasts would not swallow Liquor and many people tested others with it, slipping a few drops of brandy into someone’s soda without mentioning it. Maybe that’s why there are so many car crashes now.
Guns were now also legal to be owned and operated by 18 year olds.
With the demons now inhabiting earth 'Quentcher's' rose up- someone who has taken it upon themselves to try and remove the Ravage from our lands, a vigilante really.

Once was...Shall be again
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
My Character: Male Demon
Your Character: Male or female. Either another demon or human
Gather around children and listen to my story. A story filled with evil demons. But not to worry, for this story will have a happy ending.
Decades ago, when the Old Oak Forest stretched much farther than it does now, a village filled with monsters sat at its core. These monsters, demon creatures from hell, went on the prowl. Stalking us in the dead of night, stealing poor little kids, just like you, out of their beds. Dragging them off into the shadows and eaten alive. No one was safe. Your grandfathers can attest to this. For they formed a mighty group of demon hunters. They would stop at nothing to end the nightmare, the fright and terror caused by the evil village in the forest.
Protecting the village, and slaughtering all demons who dare enter was their passion. But they feared this would not be enough. They scouted out the woods by day, when the monsters slept. Found their home in the center. Saw that they were breeding, creating an army, and preparing for a war. Many scouting missions passed and little by little they learned their ways. The males, warriors, hunters slept by day and awoke at dusk. The females, mothers, nurtures, and gathers where out by day protecting the village they called home.
With all of the evidence stated, your grandfathers took action. They would strike first. Taking the demons by surprise. They would burn the whole forest down if needed.
As your grandmothers, mothers, and fathers said their good-byes, the demon hunters set off. Formed a perimeter around the evil village and lit it a blaze. The smoke could be seen for miles upon miles. The battle lasted only two days. Many where dead, dying or wounded. But at last our village was safe from evil once more.
This story is about a demon trying to get humans to accept his kind once again however not all of the humans take too kindly to demons in their towns and the demon trying to change things doesn't always hold true to not killing humans. He's rough and hard to bare sometimes but mostly keeps to himself unless provoked.

Come Brighten my Darkening World
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
My Character: Miharu, 18 year old blind student
Your Character: Male or female. New teacher or transfer student. Please no one that know Miharu is blind
Miharu grew up in a pretty tense home. Both his parents are very talented, his father is a well-known painter who also owns several businesses and his mother is a famous singer. It was no surprise that Miharu would be talented himself, but that could have been because his parent’s pushed him to do every creative thing from theater to pottery. Miharu liked photography the best and piano. He would often sit at the piano with his mother’s pianist and learn from him, he spent a lot of time at his father’s studio as well. Though no matter how much interest or achievements he got, his parent’s never seemed to be satisfied. Miharu was beyond a 4.0 student, participated in many club activities and was even called ‘The young genius of the year’.
He worked hard every day studying and doing his work while his parent’s pushed him harder and harder while doing their own work.
Some say it was no surprise that something bad happened to Miharu, others felt sorry for him. He saw it as an opportunity to start doing things for himself, however this new change came at a price. At the age of thirteen Miharu started to lose his sight, the doctor’s said that by the time he was twenty he would be completely blind. Miharu wasn’t as devastated by the news as his parents were but he could understand why. He was supposed to be the heir to their fortune and now since he couldn’t paint, draw or read music his parents started trying for another child, someone who could carry on the family name.
At the age of 15 he couldn’t hide it anymore, his sight had become so bad that his photos were crap and his music sounded horrible. Miharu could no longer draw properly and couldn’t play the piano as well. He kept his old life a secret once he got into high school, it wasn’t that hard seeing as how his younger brother was now the center of attention, he looked more promising to his parents then he ever did. This was something that he kept from his new friends when he started high school; no one knew what he was actually capable of when he was a child. Though part of Miharu missed being able to do the things he used to.
Now 18 years old Miharu is graduating soon, with no more scholarship opportunities and only the chance to rely on grades to get him into college. He still tries to hide the fact that he can barely see and tries to stay optimistic about his everyday life.

More To Come...
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Re: A few of ideas from the Karamel Vault
« Reply #2 on: April 09, 2012, 01:59:42 am »
Bold Lettering= What I want to play
Blue lettering= Craving badly
***= Interested
Slash = not interested at this moment
If it's not marked I don't care which one I play

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Rich Student/ Poor Student
Teacher/ Student

Fantasy: (For these, any pairing with the same type creature or another kind of creature or a human)
Genetic alters (meaning creatures, droid/humans, plants, etc...)

Worker/Bosses Son/daughter
Businessmen from Rival companies


Older Brother/ Younger Brother
Older Brother/Younger Sister
Older Sister/ Younger Brother
Older Sister/ Younger Sister
Father/ Son
Father/ Daughter
Mother/ Daughter
***Fraternal Twin's
***Identical Twin's

FanFics/movies (with OC. Maybe specific pairs- you gotta convince me):
Repo! The Genetic Opera. (But with hanyou's or animal traits/shifters)
Ai no Kusabi
Black Butler
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Re: A few of ideas from the Karamel Vault
« Reply #3 on: May 02, 2012, 02:45:38 am »
Picture Inspirations
Blue= Craving badly
***= Interested

#1The Boss and his little Boy toy secret
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I'd like to play the one that is blind folded.

#2The Stray and The Veterinarian
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I would like to play the blonde.
This has a partial plot, if interested pm and I will tell you about it.

#3The Joker and The Stiff
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

#4***Cats Ferocity vs. Dogs Playfulness
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

#5Immortal and his Good Human turned Pet
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
For this one I'm up in the air about which character I would like to play
This has a partial plot, if interested pm and I will tell you about it.

#6All Play, NO work[/color]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I know this is a picture of three of the boys from Free! but the partial plot I have for this is not a fandom of the anime. Just ask and I will reveal the bit of plot. I would like to be the one in the middle of the two boys.
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Re: A few ideas from the Vault of Karamel
« Reply #4 on: May 28, 2012, 12:42:01 am »
Slashed out a few pairs that I'm not interested right now
And added two new plots
Open skies
Reigning Chaos

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Re: A few ideas from the Vault of Karamel
« Reply #5 on: November 21, 2012, 09:33:25 pm »
Added two new plots:
Once was...Shall be again.
Come Brighten my Darkening World.

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Re: A few ideas from the Vault of Karamel
« Reply #6 on: February 18, 2013, 12:35:30 am »
Update 02/17/13
Added two new plots:
Painful Beginning, Brighter Ending

FanFics/movies (with OC. Maybe specific pairs)

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Re: A few ideas from the Vault of Karamel
« Reply #7 on: January 07, 2015, 10:03:57 pm »
Revamped Request thread.
Added SEVERAL new plots and took away WAY old plots.
Added more pairings
Added Picture inspirations.