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Author Topic: Monster (M) X Healer (F) [Low Fantasy-Character Driven-Possibly Extreme.]  (Read 1411 times)

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Hey [you], thank you for dropping in, I wrote a short version so you can find out what this is about and also a longer one with all the details. I tried to be as clear as I can but if you have questions feel free to drop a pm. My ideas can be lame, yours are probably better, better ideas are welcome. I would also like to get feedback regarding this thread, how to make it easier to read or more attractive. I would appreciate it very much.

The Short Version.

For the long version containing the details you may click on the spoiler tag below.

We have a young woman revolted by the life of the so called nobility that she used to be a part, a tragedy caused by the same corrupt and debauched system she was born into pushed her to make a drastic decision. Renouncing a life of privilege she embarks on a journey, her destination and motivations unknown. Maybe to forget tragedy or recall good memories. To learn about herself or to learn about the world.

On the other hand we have a man with a bizarre appearance calling himself a monster which no one debates. He does not hide his scorn against humans but is not openly hostile towards them. On occasions he goes as far as to lend a helping hand but those same hand are also painted red with the blood of many.

I think the comng together of these two opposites is the main apeal of the RP and that is why I think this will be character driven. The clash of their ideologies and the rough buildup of their relationship due to their distincts peronalities.

All this against a medieval light fantasy setting, with opposing religious ideologies, warring kingdoms, scheming factions and growing unrest.

For more details on what I have to offer as a player feel free to check my ONs and OFFs.

The Long Version
Myth Of Creation and Deities.

During the first time, the goddess Altena and the First Father lived in the high places or Aetheria. They created the world as it exists and put their children, men, on it. They also installed 5 deities watching over the five pillars that held the world in place.

Ahau Kakmo – Master of nature

Maguku – Master of fire

Acawilix – Master of air

Vucutan – Master of water

Coyohau – Master of earth

The attention the earth received made other deities who resided in the high places jealous and they assasinated the First father while mortally wounding Altena.

Gannayappa – Dark lord agent on earth

Varumurti – Shaman of the dark lords

Ishvayu – Dark lord of the athernians

Lines where drawn in the high places and civil war broke out, at the end only the original plotters of the uprising and two opposing gods where left to fight against each other.

Enyalios – The general of the Aetherian Gods.

Tephu – The valiant warrior god.

Enyelios and Tephu did not manage to defeat the Dark Lords but managed to cast them out of the High Places creating the division between the High Places, Aetheria and the limbo know as Athernia.

Primer on 'Magic'

There is no magic, there is simply people that can use their 'life force' to summon the 'power' of one of the deities they endorse.

Let us define some things.

Life force – Everyone has some, not everyone knows how to use it and it is not easy, can be learned though but natural aptitudes make it easier. While using a power this get's drained also draining the stamina and causing fatigue, if continued it is even possibly to die from exhaustion of life force.

Power – Call it a spell or an ability, each deity grants its faithfuls certain abilities that can be invoked with a short prayer assuming they are listening.

Each of the deities allow for the use of their 'abilities' while some are self explanatory, like those of the demigods, the Athernian and Aetherian granted powers are different. To avoid geekyness let us say Aetherians handle mostly defensive abilities which is also harder to tap into and Athernians offer virtually free offensive powers.

Grand Principality of Vaksum

Created in the year 998 when the Kkanate of Rhodinia was splintered between the many lords that claimed the throne. The house of Vaksum organized itself into the Principality of Vaksum and fought alongside and against 5 other monarchies for control of Rhodinia.

In 1169 it was betrayed by a former ally who managed to kill the king before he had left a successor sparking a civil war, out of the chaos, peasants who had originally banded together to fend of bandits grew large enough to defeat both the bandits and the two heirs to the throne. The leader of the company declared himself Boyar of Vaksum.

Of the first changes the new King made was to abolish the worship of their patron God, which gave other kingdoms the notion that Vaksum would not last long without a patron deity. During the next 150 years Vaksum successfully waged campaign after campaign until 1258 when all the lands of the former Rhodinia where unified under one banner.

Instead of reforming the Khanate of Rhodinia the principality declared itself Grand, thus becoming the Grand Principality of Vaksum and renounced to all forms of worship of any and all deities.

Holy Kingdom Of Ruanastre

Is located south of the Grand Principality Of Vaksum, separated by thick jungles and a rugged mountain range. During the times of Rhodinia the much larger Khanate invaded the smaller Kingdom many times, Rhodinian armies where repelled many times but on more than one campaign managed to seize territories within Ruanastre but the lack of support from the locals who considered them pagan worshipers and the logistical problems supplying their new holdings forced them to abandon their conquests.

Ruanastre attributed the fall of Rhodinia to their worship of Demigods instead of the Aetherian deities. While the new kingdoms warred to reunify themselves Ruanastre experienced a long period of peace occasionally interrupted by unsuccessful incursions by two of the newly formed Kingdoms that shared a border beyond the mountains and past the jungles.

With the reunification of Rhodinia under the Grand Principality of Vaksum, Ruanastre has found itself once again under threat of annexation, this time by a godless kingdom.

The Plot

What does a woman of such fine pedigree look for in the company of such an abomination?

Monsters don't usually find themselves indebted to humans.

Vaksum has begun a campaign to conquer Ruanastre. Don't wish them luck, they might get it.

Deities seem to have disappeared from the scene all together. Or have they?

The Holy Templars of Ruanastre are pushing around to revitalize the faith in the Aetherian gods in war times. Is that all they want?

Where are the demigods? You don't wanna know.

Ruanastre has grown increasingly corrupt, maybe because of the apparent lack of interest from their gods, or maybe the lack of interest of their gods is caused by their corruption.

Ruanastre still clinges to the worship of deities, specifically that of the Aetherian gods. Let see for how long.

Standing face to face with the dark lords is not as easy as summoning them, the moment of truth is not the moment of regret.

Cephine Mianet-Marrero

Daugter of the Count of Mianet, hero of war during the re-conquest war, and Amelia Marrero, from a a merchant family. She was the second daughter in this renowned line of war heroes, her elder sister, Eresa, being married to the infamous Duke of Lavoe.

Her upbringing was marked early on by the loss of her mother, leaving his father to raise the two daughters. Her mother was a very strong willed woman with a fiery character, her influence and passing had a profound impact on her husband who decided to instill these values on the two girls.

A turning point in her life was a visit to the second most largest city in the kingdom early on where she saw for the first time that her standards of living was not the norm everywhere else. It was her first time witnessing poverty and would have a lasting impression of her.

Another experience that would stay with her was when she discovered the ability to tap into the power of Ahau Kakmo, the demigod of nature, to cast minor healing spells. She would spent much of her free time learning and occasionally practice these skills.

Her sister married to a prominent nobleman and Cephine was most likely to follow in her steps when tragedy struck the family again. The first born of the Mianet-Marrero line died under mysterious circumstances. Her husband was presumed guilty and Count Mianet demanded blood.

Out of the resulting feuds the Mianet estates and most of their properties where ruined and Count Mianet injured but ultimately the Duke of Lavoe was dead.

It was the hypocrisy, the debauchery, the power struggles and the lack of touch with the reality of Ruanastre that sealed her aversion for the 'noble' way of life. She decided and had full support of her father to embark on a journey, what she would accomplish by it was unsure even to herself but she was determined to become a healer and learn more about the Holy Empire, it's people and herself.


A monster is a creature that haunts you, that hunts you without giving you a moment of rest. Not even in your dreams is there peace. Remain ever alert, a monster will torture any victim it takes and the most gruesome of deaths await.

People fear what they don't understand, it is much easier to condemn what they don't understand, to say it's a monster. Instead of understanding this monster, it is simpler to destroy it, there is no place for monsters among men.

So a monster must be shunned, but a monster can not be left to roam freely, a monster must not be given quarter. Once a monster is caught, one most find its weakness by any means and end its abominable existence.

But what if this monster is not a monster by choice? What if this monster was once a man, equally frightened as anyone by the unknown?

The man has no choice that become and even greater monster than the monsters that seek to destroy him.
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Re: Monster (M) X Healer (F) [Low Fantasy-Character Driven-Possibly Extreme.]
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Changed subject to be more informative, excluded unimportant ramblings, included many critical details, rewritten to be more appealing.

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Added a Massatuck O'Pictures and rewrote the content to match.

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Divided it into a long version and a shorter one. Rewrote a few parts for decorum.
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Re: Monster (M) X Healer (F) [Low Fantasy-Character Driven-Possibly Extreme.]
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I guess a bump won't hurt.

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Rewrote the introduction.

Simplified the lore.

Expanded on the opposing kingdoms.

Divided the plot into scenarios.

Re introduced the characters.