Her New Life (Non/con, Coercion, Forced Seduction) MxF

Started by LaCroix, February 19, 2012, 07:53:01 AM

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This is a slightly older idea that I've been toying with for a while now. The inspiration comes heavily with a roleplay that was began with another but which never progressed much past the first session. At the moment I am still toying with the details but basically it centers around a woman. A very vanilla, very straight laced woman who for all intents and purposes has been a bit of a prude most of her life when it comes to anything and especially when it concerns sex. She is likely the sort of woman who has never had any interest in anything beyond missonary when it comes to sex, for whatever reason she just considers doesn't allow herself to enjoy or explore her own sexuality.

All of that changes on the day she wakes up from a coma and finds herself staring a strange man claiming to be her loving husband. The only problem is that she can't remember him, she can't remember herself, she can't remember anything at all. The doctors tell her that she is suffering from a sever case of amnesia and that she might not ever remember anything about her former life. The general premise behind the plot is that this man is not her husband, but her husband's best friend. A man that she cannot stand and a man who has always harbored a secret desire, a secret lust to see this extremely beautiful, straight laced woman become his perfect vision of sexual desire.

He goes to great length to create a fake background of her 'old' life married with him where he is the owner of an Production Company, and she as his wife is the number one star and fan favorite in all of his Adult Films. I think the plot offers a lot fun for deception, and plot as well as lot of heated sex driven scenes where this straight laced woman is forced to finally confront all of the sexual desires and kinks that she's repressed all of her life. I imagine that this could include body modification where he has her given plastic surgery while she is undergoing other procedures and changes her body completely basically molding her into his ideal of a slutty little Porn Star. All of it optional and negotiable and I am open to suggestions.

If you're interested, as always send me a PM and let me know I'm interested in setting this up as a forum game and seeing if it garners any attention. I think that there is a good amount of plot to be had here with all of the emotional confliction that is there just waiting under the surface of these characters. It would be great fun to watch this woman struggling to come to terms with what she is told is the reality of her new life despite whatever inklings might be there under the surface that tell her that this is -all- wrong. It'll be a lot of fun to watch her slow sexual awakening warring with her old self and how she comes to terms with all of it. There is also the culmination, where is her husband, what happened to him, what will happen with the inevitable reveal and how will she deal with everything? As much fun as the smutty parts will be and they will be fun, I'm interested in seeing that character depth portrayed here and I'd like that taken into consideration if you do decide the role interests you.
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