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Started by eavatar, February 14, 2012, 01:33:19 PM

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Here I am with my old list of Parallel universes which I would like play, but with some several changes and new ideas added. They are quite diverse and has several themes. Some ideas will need some rpg elements knowledge, like know how to play some rpg systems and how to do or change character sheets. Other ideas are deep rooted on comic book continuity and few ones are really open and need some work from both sides...

And here is the list.

Free form games:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Universe

I really love this show and I would like play some alternate realities based on this show. All of them are based on the single idea related with Dawn and the Key powers went nuts, eventually some of this rps can converge in a major group role play...

1) Willow the Vampire Slayer - Willow Rosenberg is the chosen one, her world is strange and filled with dangers, but how a former nerd girl became the sexy vampire slayer and woman chaser? And what the heck is happening at the hellmouth? (f/f)

2) Buffy Lehane and Faith Summers - Buffy and faith practically were like Night and Day, completely oppositive, but what if the destiny simply had swaped their roles at the whole process and Faith was a good girl and Bufy was the evil one? (M/F, F/F among other themes. This rp need some plot work from both sides)

3) Xandra Harris the Vampire Slayer - The universe had a major hipcup and everybody favorite underdog, Xander Harris got his gender changed and for some odd reason he became the Slayer as well in a world where some Scooby gang's members gender got swapped among other changes. Can Xandra survive on this fantasy/fetish world where he is the ultimate schoolgirl with ass kicking combat skills?

4) Dawn the Slayer - Well, sometimes the kid sisters get really pissed... now imagine what if the ultimate kid sister got pissed with her older sister and the kid have reality changing powers and the wish to show to her sister how a girl with real woman hormones and slayer powers should be?

DC universe:

I can't hide but I am a real comic book geek. And I have a ton of fantasies about the DC Universe characters. Some of that fantasies are quite tame, other are somewhat weird, and several ones are romantic.

1) Batman and Catwoman - the real dynamic duo. Bruce and Selina always loved each other, even if they were on the oppositive side of law, but something else made them finally admit their love and now Selina finally are going to become Mrs Wayne, what happened for that happen, and how is Mr and Mrs Wayne life?

2) Wonder Woman's secret life - Princess, Ambassador, Warrior, Role Model... all this wonder woman attribuition always were visible, but what Diana hides from the public eye? Who is the person which acts as the modern day anchor for Diana? And what if everything the persons say about her is real? Is she the eternal virgin? The saphic role model or simply a man-eater vixen? (M/F or F/F)

3) Red Robin and Batgirl - several things happened between them. Tim Drake and Stephanie Brown. They were first time lovers, crime fighting partners and for some time Tim even suspect he was Stephanie's baby father. For now both got split ways, but their love is a real driving force for them and it. Are they going to restart their romance, or they are going just to remember the old days and do some rebound sex for a while? (open plot)

4) Teen Titans - This team is a gold mine for several pairings. You can even pick your favorite time period and let it go. (open plot)

Parallel realities. If you had noticed on Buffy topic, i really love and dig parallel dimensions. And I have a small list of dimensions I really would like try.

Gender Oppositive roles - in this world girls are on top and the boys are to be seeing and not listen... now add here a couple from our dimension who landed over there taken

GenderWave, this rp is based on a fictional work from