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Author Topic: Casting Call: Looking for Female partners.  (Read 456 times)

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Casting Call: Looking for Female partners.
« on: February 13, 2012, 02:33:44 PM »
I plan on updating this thread regularly as new ideas come to mind and will note if and when any are taken.  I would prefer, if interested, that you PM me to keep this thread clean and easier to navigate.

As for my "preference" and "on and offs" - let's just say I am developing them and would be open to any roleplaying suggestion.  When in doubt just ask via PM.

General Note: In each of these suggested stories I just want to give enough broad strokes to get things started.  I don't want to define you character, their motivations or establish beats that we must flesh out. Consider it a "free will" world that we can create together.  My character and the story will be an evolutionary process.

STORY ONE:  Belle de Jour - TAKEN

Tim Drake meets a beautiful woman during a conference in New York City.  There is an immediate attraction when he spots her at the hotel lounge.  It wasn't his intention to test that chemistry but as they say "one thing lead to another" and a few cocktails later their engaged in a wild marathon of sex.  What Drake doesn't realize is his seductress is a Call Girl, but she too is caught up in the moment and never reveals her profession.  The experience has them both forgetting who they are, inhibitions gone they bond physically and emotionally throughout the night.  But as "all good things" the morning comes and they now have to confront the realities.  He is married, she is a prostitute.  I would like to begin the story from the first encounter.  What happens beyond?  Your guess is as good as mine.  I'd like it to be a complex relationship, both may reject and deny their "feelings" and "obsessions" and due to the circumstances their motivations will never be "aligned" as they were that first night.  Does this become a Fatal Attraction? Are they Star-crossed?  This shouldn't be a Love at First Sight situation.  Both should be confused by their experience. Their in each others heads for better and worse.
Jealously...Revenge...Betrayal...Lust...Romance...Heart Ache...All can and will be explored.


Think modern day Disclosure (Demi Moore/Michael Douglass).  Ryan Collins is a rising star in the world of corporate consulting.  He has devoted his life to his profession at 31 he remains single, choosing a career and a fast track to partnership to anything else.  Ryan has no trouble with women, he just doesn't put any effort into keeping him. Fortunately, his profession provides and never ending supply of disposable options to keep him satisfied, yet focused.  His professional success has caught the eye of rival firms and he is considering taking an offer with one.  In particular would be your company, where you would serve as his Senior VP and in-line for CFO.  Your courting of Ryan is multifaceted.  He's talented.  His inclusion to the team will surely accelerate your own rise (especially if you take credit for the work).  He's your type. (Sex is power and you've used it both up and down to achieve success). Their is a  difference between your past exploits and conquests and Ryan.  While he is open to your advances he is less agreeable to your taking credit for his work.  Equally as motivated and now seeing an opportunity to skip over you by impressing your superiors it becomes a cat and mouse game of professional espionage. The game begins innocently...but tables turn; alliances are formed; betrayal; lies...its cut throat and only one of us will be left standing.

Your character would be older but not significantly mid-30s to late 40s.  I'll let you define her. I envision Kristin Scott Thomas, Madeline Stowe, Demi Moore, or Sharon Stone type since they've all played similar characters in film. 

Let the games begin
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