Mutant hunting [Extreme] [F dom looking for M or F sub]

Started by elfguy, February 13, 2012, 12:42:12 AM

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Ever since World War 3, where new types of radiation was used against entire cities, mutants have become a reality. Since then, whole counties have been cornered off, and are off limit to all, containing a large quantity of mutants. But there's some people who think themselves more brave than others, and go in anyways, either to try and see them, or even hunt them down for sport. Most mutants are barely intelligent, and even though some are much stronger or dangerous, they can be captured fairly easily.

That's what a hunter thought as he went in Sector 9, one of the mutant infected areas, in search of a unique prey. And there, he saw her, a female monster who he decided to capture. But unlike the others, she was intelligent, strong, and smart. Some of her powers include superior strength, high agility, and even though her eyes are gone, she has the power to see using ultra vision. And when he goes to hunt her, she instead make him her prey, and captures the human. Then, she abuses him mercilessly.

For this RP, I envision a very Extreme environment, with a lot of blood and pain. I'll be playing Kita, the mutant, and I need someone to play a male or female hunter who she will capture. I'd like if the pain was dished out in both ways, where the hunter does everything he can to kill her, and she laughs at his feeble attempts, abusing him in turn. She will eventually kill him, but not before injuring him and abusing him sexually first.



It sounds intresting. Aswell as fun. Throw a pm my way if you dont mind me playing a "Female-hunter" i could play male if its a must but i get a fealing it would be more fun and sexy if i played F. Let me know thanks, Jason.