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Author Topic: Looking for Players (Female seeking Male(s) Plots inside~  (Read 493 times)

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Offline SairinTopic starter

Looking for Players (Female seeking Male(s) Plots inside~
« on: February 12, 2012, 11:56:02 PM »
I'm looking for a guy or few to role play with.  I'm quite flexable in any genre you may wish to do, however, here are a few that I had in the past enjoyed, and would much like to do again ^^

As for things you could do to me in these roleplays are limitless. I'm open minded and just about willing to do anything.

Plot idea(s):

Hidden desire (Vampire plot):
The world of vampires are looking bleak. Reckless vampires walked about and began to feast upon whomever they wished, whenever they wished, and left piling bodies to be examined by police in stupefied awe. With people becoming more and more aware of the existence of these evil beings, the vampires must break off from their feedings upon humans to keep their regarded secret. However, the reckless are about yet, ready to do as they please. Why must they obey to humans and hide in the dark? Their power is far superior.
A vampire prince (played by male) had sat away in a castle not far off from society. From here he could feast upon lost stragglers, and arrange meetings with other high class vampires from the city. On one such meeting, high class vampires enlighten him that the vampire race is no longer safe. Having no choice, he must go into the city and stop his kind from doing exactly what he desires; feasting upon humans.
At first, this seems simple. The prince had never liked the taste of city dwellers anyway... until he met her.
He could smell her a mile away, hear her heart pulsing, her breath upon the warm air. This woman could drive him insane, but if he was to partake in her blood, he would be called a hypocrite. If caught, the prince would loose what little faith the vampires have in him. If this was to happen... chaos is to ensue.

Mixing with the wrong bloods (Mob/blackmail): When a young girl moves out of her parent's house and into a city she thinks she has it all. Finally she won't have to listen to her parent's ranting at her for doing minimal chores. She is her own woman now. But soon she wished she never came.
Being at the wrong place at the wrong time, the girl witnesses a brutal murder between two men. As the one man falls dead, the other spots her and chases her down so she can't get away. Telling her if she was to do anything he would have her throat slit like that of the man he'd just murdered. When she agrees to him, he takes her wallet and sends her on her way.
But she had no intention of keeping quiet. The following day she goes for the police station but is stopped outside by two husky men that know her name. They tell her she can either go nicely, or by force to their boss' place. Once there, she is terrified to know the murderer is actually a mobster. And he knows every single thing about her past. All her dirty little secrets, all the things she never wanted anyone to know, her address, her parent's address, all personal info, everything imaginable.
The mobster doesn't look upon her with pity, rather with lust. He is a notorious flirt, and the woman before him stirs him. He agrees to not harm her or her family, nor her reputation if she becomes his little play thing. Under these conditions he does whatever he want, whenever he wants.

Set in modern day time with danger about. The man murdered was a high rank of an opposing mob committee.

Behind enemy lines (Kidnapping): The rise of a new era is about. The Dezmin era, people are calling it, after their great president Dezmin. The president is a highly regarded man, one loved by many, if not all. Dezmin sent troops to fight where they needed to go, and won countless battles in a war that was thought to never end. He raised the moral of his people, promised things that he made true... however at what costs?
Alexis Dezmin knows what her father really is; a dictator. He did have the ability to make things happen, but at devestating costs. Innocent men and women were sometimes thrown into jail, beaten, and tortured, until the president got what he wanted. If these people denied to keep a secret of what had happened to them, they were promptly executed. He rigged the stocks and lottery, putting money where he wished it to go. Denying to help where it was really needed while putting surveillance everywhere imaginable. No one can hide anymore.
Alexis watched in sadness at what her great country had become. It was then she decided to do something about it. With nervous hands, Alexis held the pistol in her hand and made her way to the secret room that peered into her father's study. Alexis had only one shot. Raising her gun, she prayed not to miss.
I loud bang rang throughout the white house, and as Alexis' hands tremble in fear, she comes to the realization it wasn't her gun that was fired, but a stranger's who had shot her,a single fire that grazed her side and sent pain throughout her body. The gunman quickly delt a blow to her head, knocking Alexis out.
Days later, Alexis wakes in far off unknown territory. There she is greeted by her kidnapper and the prince of the nation her country is at war with. Terrified, she finds out she is held ransom until her father's head is brought to them.

As for the guy that partakes in this role play, you may choose if you wish to be the kidnapper/assassin or prince of the nation~

Damned nights (Vampire): Set in the 1800's, a noble family moves into a mansion just on the outskirts of a terror stricken town. Victoria is the daughter of two wealthy parents whose occupation she doesn't know. While Victoria is to study how to be a house wife, her parents go out to slay vampires.
On one such night, vampires raid the noble family and slay all those in sight, Victoria's parents first and foremost. The lead vampire of this raid comes into Victoria's room soaked in blood.

From there, the plot is to be made 

If you're interested in role playing in general with me I can generate a plot between us, just give me the type of role play you'd be willing to do. Send me a pm, or post here on the forum ^^

Also, i'm up for more group role plays.