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Author Topic: Manderla' Tales (Male seeking female, various types of stories)  (Read 667 times)

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Manderla' As a Setting

Manderla is a setting I created many years ago for an Everway game. It is a very large world with many Arab and African influences. It is a world where vast black and blue sands hide hidden kingdoms. Where a vast underground lake feeds a jungle oasis filled with secrets, and the floating city of Everway acts as a nexus for all kingdoms. It is also a land where dark waters loom to the north where a pirate nation plots to claim the great river. There are many other secrets and marvels in the world.

I would consider it a low fantasy setting because there is some magic but it stays mostly grounded. The world is influenced greatly by the East lands in Song of Fire and Ice and the Bas Lag novels.  I don't want to overload folks with information, these are just some of the story ideas I have from the world.

The Everway Lion

The Lion was always told he was born a slave and taken at an early age by a sellsword army. He was trained to be a warrior and that was his world. At the age of 14 he was sold to the Red Current Arena and quickly rose to the top of the ranks as a fighter. He gave ten long years to the games and after all those years of surface he won his freedom. He was also given a wife as a prize for such great valor. On the day of his wedding he receives a dark prophecy and must quickly flee the city.
Now on the run with his wife and the few allies he can trust he will travel the world to try to find the secrets of his past.

The relationship between The Lion and his wife is up to debate. He would be dominate by nature and can be a brutal man at times. I don't want his wife to be s shinking violet, I want her to have some fight in her. She has been forced to marry him but that doesn't mean she doesn't have a spirit of her own. The level of D/s would be up to us.

The Lotus Viper

In the vast jungle empire of Obsidia secrets and favors are the preferred currency. The Night Garden is a guild well versed in both. They train women from an early age to be both deadly assassins and spies. These women use their bodies in every way possible to get any information that Keepers consider worthy. They are rewarded for their work in many ways but never given their freedom. Once you are part of the garden you can never leave with your lift.

The Lotus Viper is one of the rising talents at the garden. Her Keeper is a man named Cestus. Since she was thirteen he has trained her and disciplined her. He has been a hard master but through the years they have developed a love for each other. It is not considered proper for Keepers to be involved with their Flowers, so they have never acted on their feelings.

But things are changing. The Lotus and her Keeper have stumbled on a secret that could grant them a great deal of power or lead to their demise.

The Bitterwine Twins

The twins always had a complicated relationship growing up. They were some time friends, often lovers, on occasion enemies and always rivals. There father was a pirate lord of the north seas with a fleet of six great ships. When they both reached the age of 16 their father promised the twins one of his ships, but only made one of them captains. This caused quite the rift. For a while they tried to work together but things turned sour quickly.

It has been many years. The captain still has their ship but has been struggling to gain much glory on seas that are too filled with rivals. Their sibling has been trying to find their own way with little success, but might have discovered something that will change all that. A rare mineral known as etherium has given some the ability to build air ships. These ships rule the air but etherium is not easy to find. The outcast sibling believes he knows the location of some of this rare prize and returns to his siblings ship with a proposition.

The twins have had a romantic relationship in their past and will most likely start that up again. They love to play power exchange games with eachother. They are both switches. In many ways they might treat life like a game but this adventure will prove more serious then either of them planned.
(more stories to come. Please message me if you are interested.)
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Re: Manderla' Tales (Male seeking female, various types of stories)
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added one.