Pairings for roleplay (M for F)

Started by Liam, February 07, 2012, 08:56:56 AM

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Hi there, thanks for passing by to check my pairing list. I'm looking for partners to roleplay any of the following pairings. Please feel free to ask or speak anything you want about them. My character will be in bold.

Modern day setting

Single father x Babysitter TAKEN
Young man x Milf next door TAKEN
Rockstar x Groupie
Boss x Slutty secretary
Pervert x Ballbusting girl
Horny boy x Hot Aunt
MMA fighter x Manager
Passenger x Stewardess

Fantasy Setting

Mourning Knight x Goddess of death
Warrior x Healer
King x Assassin - TAKEN
Castle servant x Queen
Demon x Human harem
Rebel Leader x Captured princess
God of love and passion x Worshipper
Gang of bandits x Woman lost in the forest
Explorer x Amazon tribe
Castle guard x Princess
Wizard x Fairy

If you find something you like here, please let me know and we can work the details out together.

Thank you