M Seeking F for Vampire play. Mature woman vs younger guy

Started by phtlc, February 06, 2012, 02:56:40 AM

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I'm seeking a role play with a female who enjoyes being the cougar/milf to a younger guy. The plot would be one where my character finds out your secret by accident, and you have to take ownership of him to prevent him from telling your secret. You would have possession of my character, and would be able to command him to serve you sexually while threatenning to kill him if he doesn't satisfy. I am very open to explore your extreme fantasies.


Must be literate!

Must be willing to develop characters and plot (Sex in the first few posts is just smut)

No one or two line posts. I want some effort. You don't need to post multiple paragraphs, but please give at least a paragraph or two.

Frequency...OK we all have a life, so I understand that you can't post every night. I have a career which gets me busy from time to time, and I have a real life social life so I understand that we all occasionally fall behind on RP's, but please give me some sort of notice if you have to be  away for a prolongd period of time

Quitting....sometimes a RP loses it's interest. It happens. Please be up front and let me know if you want to stop.

If you are interested please PM me as I may not always be checking this thread