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Started by Stattick, February 22, 2008, 12:01:17 AM

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I'm looking for one female player to play the character Amber in this freeform game. This game may have some non-con sex in it, but it definitely revolves around non-con themes, power, submission, redemption, and possibly other themes as well. Although there will likely be some sex in the game, the game is more focused on the psychology of these two, the captive and her captor.

Amber was a desperate girl whose life had fallen apart. Her drug usage was spiraling out of control, her boyfriend had left, she'd lost her job, and she was just a few days away from being evicted from her tiny crappy trailer. She'd taken to stripping, but hated the job, and couldn't get enough money saved up to make rent. As dirty as it made her feel, she was even doing some hooking to support her habits...

She only had vague memories of the night before. There was the club, and then the place closed. She vaguely remembered agreeing to go party with someone. She had a cloudy recollection of feeling like she'd been drugged, and she thinks that someone had their way with her as she was half conscious. When she awoke, her clothes weren't quite right, as if she'd been stripped and redressed while unconscious. There was a collar padlocked around her neck, and the heavy chain on the collar was sunk directly into a cinderblock wall, but the chain was long enough to let her move freely around most of the room. There were cameras set in the ceiling of the room. She was in some sort of cell, and it was likely underground as there were no windows, and there was a ladder in one corner that the chain was too short to let her reach... 

Amber is in her early 20's, a short petite blond with longish curly hair (it might be dyed though) and pale skin. She's attractive in a bad girl sort of way. She smokes, is addicted to meth (among other things), and likes hard rock and heavy metal, which is one of the things that attracted Jack to her in the first place. She had an unpleasant childhood and familial relationships, but Jack doesn't really know the particulars. Jack has shared with Amber that his background was troubled as well. So the two of them do have some commonality, but it might not be as similar as it appears on the surface.

I'll be playing the role of Jack.
Jack's never done anything like this before. He's justified it in his own mind that he's "saving" Amber, and getting her detoxed off the drugs. He used to work with her, and he's definitely infatuated with Amber. He's built up a fantasy in his mind about how they'd be perfect together. Of course, she may turn out to not be quite the same person in real life as the fantasy girl in his dreams.

Jack knows that Amber might not react in quite the same way as he hopes. He's afraid that she might hate him, at least at first. He's also afraid that she might turn him in if she knows who he is. So he's planning on disguising his identity with a mask. It's up Amber's player if she figures out who he is, and of course how she reacts to that.

Other info:
There probably won't be a lot of BDSM sex, but anything's possible. For instance, if Amber is especially combative, Jack may end up disciplining her for it, or restrain her at times. So much of how this scenario could go will depend on what the other player wants to bring to it, that it's really hard for me to say exactly how this might go. Jack is initially just wanting to "keep her" for six weeks to detox, but there's a part of him that probably won't want to let her go.

I think it would be better if the players do not share what their characters are thinking or planning, only what would be outwardly evident. There's a great deal of possibility for a psychological power struggle between the two of them, like a chess match, where the freedom of each player is the stakes of the game.

EDIT: I think a key to understand here, is that Jack doesn't want to be a "bad guy", and he WANTS Amber to like him.

EDIT II: I'm not 100% firm in the details, so if you'd like to try something like this but change it a bit, then we can talk about it. Also, I am conflicted on whether to include thoughts and inner dialogue or not. I think the story can work either way, so again, it's not something I'm firm on.
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It looks like I have a player for this one.
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