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Author Topic: Beyond the limits (F position open for those who have carrots.)  (Read 569 times)

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Beyond the limits (F position open for those who have carrots.)
« on: February 02, 2012, 11:43:41 AM »
Apparently, despite my busy life, there is a story I cannot seem to stop thinking about. A craving, if you will, has struck me and I have now succumbed to it. So before wasting any time, here are some of the things I want it to be about; Romance, fantasy, adventurous and most of all a struggle. Now, why did I put that line beneath romance? Quite obvious, non? It is one of the more important factors I wish to inform you about.

The fantasy/supernatural part is given away right away, as the story takes place in a school for those magically inclined people. A school hidden away on an island cloaked from view from normal human beings. This tropical island which serves both as a school and residence for both teachers and students has been in existence for a long, long time. All these creatures and magic wielders are a rarity among humans and though feared by human kind, this establishment has been created to ensure a fair treatment for all of them.

At this place young men and women can come to terms with what they are, how they can help certain urges and most of all how to fit in human society without pretending to be something you're not. A save haven, if you will. The story begins with a young girl who has the, perhaps unfortunate, genes of a succubi in her blood.

Though not quite as heartless and evil as the myths portray them to be, there are two things that remain true. Their natural aura causing weak willed men and women alike to almost become enslaved to their beauty and the need to feed off of energy. This is just the same as for the young woman living in this school as one of the most powerful succubus around her age. Extremely popular, people from both ages who are not quite as strong-minded are absorbed by her beauty.

As for feeding off of energy, there has long been made an alternative to sustain her without having to drain others. Though as most replacements, her brother has many times told her that the real thing is quite something else. All succubi have one partner whom they are meant to be with, though the search is the hardest part. A rare few of them become insane not finding their mate, those are responsible for the myths and legends known today.

Though somewhat unique, life on the school for someone who is so popular, yet has nobody to resist both her natural aura or seems capable to feed her 'appetite', the young woman becomes increasingly bored with life in general, aching for some fun.. something new.

This is where my character comes into play, a young man who's extremely unusual transfer mid-year stirs up the school. This all due to the rumours that have reached the school before the person in question did himself. They say he's completely void of emotion, like a body without a soul, an empty husk that simple wanders about. Though what makes everyone avoid him like the plague, is the part where it is said the reason for his sudden transfer here is because of the recent 'incident' in the human world.

Apparently, a massive explosion in a very remote location which was explained to the humans as a military experiment, an explosion which had created so much light it could be seen from distances so far away it shocked the world, was actually caused by this man.

Albeit a ridiculous rumour at first, many girls quickly forgot about these, swooning for the tall young man's good looks and excellent physique, though as soon as it came apparent that the first part, of him being an emotionless empty husk, was true. The fear and need to avoid him just in case he was as dangerous as mentioned was instantly reinstated. Even the teachers, right before he entered class, advised to stay away from him and not to provoke the young man in any way.

A few of the stronger magically capable students had tried approaching him, though with a simple touch they were left behind extremely terrified while the young man in question remained exactly the same as before. The story begins on this man's second day of his life on this school, the day where the succubi's interest in him got vastly increased. Where as school had been so boring to her for such a long time, just one day of his presence was enough to prove that being around him could help her solve that curiosity.

Right, now for the meat of it. The idea is that during her rather forceful introduction, despite being told not to do so by many of her friends, she gives him a simple handshake. Though but a mere shake of hands, a succubi is able to determine the strength of a man or woman, and when their skin touched her body jerked backwards, shocked by the ludicrous amount of magical power hidden inside this otherwise ordinary body.

Many things can be discussed in PM's if anyone is at all interested, seeing how I have many ideas but I believe I have rambled on for far too much already. (No need to deny this, I am fully aware I did.) So, if at all interested, I can give you more details and discuss things. The main part of the story in itself is the interaction between the two, as well as the many complications of their eventual friendship brings.

Err.. tally-ho, good to go!

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Re: Beyond the limits (F position open for those who have carrots.)
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2012, 12:13:36 PM »
I can rp this with you if you want to. Let me know