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Author Topic: Lucifia's Emporium of Utter Depravity! (not for the vanilla or faint of heart!)  (Read 8466 times)

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Hello, and Welcome to Lucifia's Emporium of Depravity!

Soft Whispers
In the soft orange glow of the candles, Lily looked so innocent and vulnerable. She was naught but skin and bones when Lucy had rescued her from the gang in the ally. Now after a fresh hot bath, the little waif sighed happily as Lucy swathed her in fluffy towels. Laid out on the bed, the two girls took respite from the harsh daylight, soaking up the cool calm of the twilight. Finished patting Lily down with the towels, Lucy's hands started to roam slowly over her body. Starting at her ankles... trailing up her pale creamy legs and thighs, her fingers always teasing so close to Lily's intimate parts before dancing away to tickle another part. Lily giggled and mewed in frustration, as Lucy once again came within an inch of brushing her nether lips.
Filthy Talk
With my face crushed up against your crotch, I can feel your precum and my throatslime leaking from the edges of my mouth and drool onto my large shaking tits. With every thrust your hard cock slams into the back of my throat, making me both gag and moan with pleasure. I close my eyes slowly, my fingers rubbing my clit and nipples, as I savor the helpless depraved position of being your fucktoy...your filthy little cumrag. Your hand on the back of my head shows your approval as you pick up pace, my breasts swaying and bouncing. I can hear your growl of appreciation as you lean down and whisper in my ear, "Mmmm that's it princess...suck Daddy's cock...worship Daddy's fuckmeat you sweet little cumslut!" The grin on your face is loving, but also menacing and overpowering..."You're getting better and better every time I skull-fuck you, baby. You might just become better than your mother at this! What do you think sweetheart?" You glance over towards Mom, but it's clear she's not paying attention. She's moaning and grinding her cunt on my boyfriend. His thick 8-inch cock is pistoning in and out of her hot MILF cunt while my brother's cock slams her ass. I pull my mouth off your cock for a moment, slapping the wet slippery head against my tits as I giggle..."She looks like she's busy Daddy...I think she's wondering what will make her cum first: those two studs, or watching you fuck your hot little daughter-whore!"

Now that I have your attention, Welcome to my Emporium of Depravity! My rp request forum is laid out a little differently than others I've seen on E. Below is a three-section area of different RP ideas, followed by a list of my most epic characters that I have played. I enjoy deep background character development, and hopefully seeing some of my characters and their stories might inspire an idea for an rp. My roleplays usually involve a character similar to them, they're just them for show-off and inspiration!

Writing Style
When I RP on the forum, I tend to RP in third person, and occasionally like to play multiple characters. My posts are usually 4 good paragraphs of 4 lines each, though I don't demand as much from my partners. If my muse is up, I'll often post a lot more, at least matching that which my partner does. Since Forum RPs are usually a long term thing, I like a good deal of plot mixed in with the sex. The balance of sex and plot is crucial, making sure we don't get bored of either:). When I RP on Yahoo IM, I tend to rp as first person. Since its usually for instant gratification, there's much less emphasis of plot, more emphasis of epic extreme fun!

Search Term catch: fuckslut, cumwhore obscene, wanton, slutty, fuckpig, bitch, cumdump, sensual, sci-fi, sex-driven.

Kinks and Fetishes
I have absolutely no limits:P, but unfortunately I do have preferences. Below are listed some of the kinks I've encountered and how I rate them. Rmember, nothing is an absolute no except for those things on my NO! list. Even then, if you're a good partner with me, I might try it out! As well, I tend to want to play the younger partner between myself and my playmate. IE I don't do mother-son roles. Sorry! Most of my RPs have a backstory...something that you can build on. Also... I pursue the extremes of my kinks with my partners on Yahoo ;)... push as hard as you like! How depraved can I go? deep as you dare. I can be extremely sadistic, but I like the plot to justify my actions:P.

Ahegao: When someone has so many orgasms, it all melts into one mind-shattering endless brainmush cum.
Creativity: I absolutely adore creative scenes! No matter what the setting or kinks, as long as its creative and depraved, I'm game!
Multiple Penetration: I've got three holes, so use them!
Feedback: If you're enjoying the RP, then go ahead and tell me! If you think some things could be changed ad-lib, I'm happy to do it!
Incest: Nearly invariably I like to do Daddy-Daughter. Just something sexy about a big fat daddy cock penetrating the girl he made.
Intellegent RP: Language is a weapon to wield against the forces of boredom!
Sweet Dirty Talk: Dirty Talk is awesome, but it takes special skill to be able to mix dirty talk with sweet talk. The same way it's a skill to be able to totally and brutally slamfuck someone and make them love it.
Mutual Corruption: A new concept to some, where two opposites meet, each is drawn in by the other to change a little.

Anthro: I've got a special soft spot for mythical animals, especially werewolves, Minotaurs, and giants.
Bestiality: Fucking horses, dogs, bulls, and other actual animals is amazingly hot if paired with a humanoid character who enjoys sticking his cock in another of my holes.
Excessive Cum: I love being absolutely painted with cum, have it oozing out of my ass, drooling from my lips, even leaking from around your cock as you fuck my cunt.
Hidden Obscene: The contrast between being openly innocent and chaste, while being secretly depraved and slutty is a major turn on for me.
Descriptive Sex: Throatfuck me until my face is a drooling spit-soaked mess. Ass and cunt rape me until both holes are frothy dripping gooey messes of slut juices and cum! Or... make it dainty and elegant. Regardless, descriptive is key!

Everything else: If you're thinking of a kink I've not mentioned, it probably fits here in the maybe section. If your RP contains a few of my fave elements or yes elements, its likely I might be willing to entertain your fetishes too!

Dumb Characters: It's not really that fun to fuck something or someone whose mindless with nothing else to contribute.
Meaningless Pain or Torture: Pain doesn't figure much in my RPs, especially when its for no good reason.
Pointless Orgasm Denial: If I can't cum my brains out, and enjoy you blowing your load or gushing your cunt all over me...what's the point!?
Sissy-boys: Nothing against you guys:), but I can't RP well with a submissive male character very well.
Worthlessness: I disdain RPs where the the idea of being worthless is repeatedly imprinted on the female. You can still be a cock hungry cumdrinking three-holed fuckpig, and still be valued for just that!
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Re: Lucifia's Assorted Emporium of RP Ideas (F for M)
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2012, 12:29:28 PM »
Science Fiction

Alien: A New Threat
The planet has been abandoned for millennia. It was once populated by alien creatures, highly sexed and intelligent (think of the blockbuster 'Alien'). Foreseeing the demise of their race, the aliens selected their progenitor, the prime alpha of their species. He was a large muscular male, fast, strong, and intelligent, endowed with two cocks. His objective, to lay dormant in stasis until a suitable host species arrived on the planet. The slime and fluid it oozes is an aphrodisiac, which reduces its target's ability to think and act, while heightening her sexual desire and lust. One cock spurts actual reproductive sperm, while the other secrets a mind altering serum.

A crew of female explorers arrive on the planet, and come across the stasis chamber containing the alien. Curiously they take the pod on board, not realizing the alien is anything but asleep. Once airborne, the alien escapes its pod, and begins its quest for a suitable carrier for eggs. Only one female is suitable, the others will become mere lust slaves...but a brand new future awaits the chosen female. It is more intelligent than the women give it credit. It wishes to find a perfect mate to whom it may pass some characteristics on to, and with whom it can escape into deep space with (possibility for futa and romance there). The other women are just fucktoys...vessels for its eggs.

Illegal Nature: The Banned Gender *TAKEN*
In a future where the galaxy is explored, a promising young police woman goes on a search for her parents. She was told that her father was a revolutionary who died in a failed coup against the galactic government. In truth he is still alive, leading the underground resistance against a dictatorship that bans all sex outside wedlock, and harshly punishes any sexual deviance or fetishes. The deeper the police woman goes into the darkness, the more taboo kinks she is exposed to, and the closer she gets to her father.

When she does actually find him, she is fully proficient in many forms of sexual acts, and has fully unleashed her inner slut. But even this initiation isn't enough to prepare her for the secret her father holds about her mother... who is a Futa. According to her genetic clock... those hermaphrodite genes are ripe for expression.

Laboratory: Daddy's Pet Daughter *TAKEN*
Another tale from the Lab. The head scientist working for the underground Mafia is hard at work to produce the best sex slaves. Women who serve willingly, unconditionally, and without limits to their owners. In order to do this he created an injectable serum in the form of a virus. The first ever human-generated STI. Infused into his semen, he seduces his own daughter, spreading the submissive infection. She instantly becomes infused with lust and desire, her body chemistry changing her into a futa with a cock that grows upon request and disappears on command. Now fully loyal to him, she helps him track down the most beautiful girls on the planet, taking them by force, converting them into more sex-starved obedient fuck slaves for the market. Unfortunately for the pair, they are no the only sex hunters on earth. Other rivals are developing their own serum, and the race is on.

New Vegas - Rise of the Undercity/Fall of the Overcity *TAKEN*
The floating space station of New Vegas orbits its solitary sun in a system of three planets.The Overcity is wonderous paradise. Family-friendly neighborhoods, school trips, parades, sports events. etc. The normal day to day activities of a healthy bustling megacity abound. It a dream urban setting for any city-dweller, where the political promises of the ruling party are generally met. And crime is nearly non-existent. Education, public services, sports events, finances... all are taken care of admirably by the Mayor. All of the wonders and virtues of the Overcity, are reflected and reversed in the Undercity. Hidden away on the underside of the vast station, it is rife with a flourishing drug and arms trade, and with it come crime families, drug cartels, smugglers, prostitutes, assassins, thugs, and gangs. No one officially says it, but all high ranking public officials know it. Much of the money from the Undercity filters through to the Overcity. Corruption, bribery, assassinations, and browbeating is commonplace among the political elite.

Lucifia is a Overcity Enforcer, running in the 13th precinct (of 20) in the city. She is one of the youngest officers of the force, but one of the most experienced too. As a Twilight Enforcer, she patrols the streets on her motorcycle between the two haves of the city to prevent folk from either side trespassing. Its an exciting job for the adventurous girl. With absolute authority, she can kill or spare anyone she sees, and is not above a little interrogation to get her information. Dressed in uniform black leather, one might mistake her for one of the many beautiful whores and sluts that roam the streets night, were it not for the shotgun slung across her back, and the pair of uzis at her hips. The adrenaline of the frequent gunfights thrills her, plus she gets to see her boyfriend and lover...Vince.

Vince is an Undercity Mobster, the only son and heir to one of the major crime families that rules the northwest sector of the Undercity. Conveniently this mirrors the exact territory of District 13 in the Overcity. With a devil-may-care attitude and somewhat cocky personality, Vince loves to live larger than life. Impressing those around him with his muscles, street skills, and other eye-catching antics, Vince is always at his family's casinos or whore houses having a good time...with Lucifia of course. He's cruel and ruthless to rivals, but absolutely loyal to family and has a kinky spot for Lucifia. Together they get up to the craziest and naughtiest things. Going to wild parties, frolicking with the sluts in the whore houses, even aggravating the neighbouring territories.

The crime family and the precinct know of their relationship, and since it helps keep the crime rate down, it is generally blessed by the precinct captain. It is a perfect match, rising cop star, and crime family heir. But things have changed. Recently a new crime family has been muscling in on Vince's turf. It started with graffiti, then with drug deals, then gang violence, and now to drive-by assaults and shootings. Equally, police officers from the 12th and 14th precincts have been extending their patrols into the 13th territory, nabbing high ranking crime members while seeming to ignore their own crime expansion. Something is amiss in New Vegas. Vince and Lucifia have to find out, before the Overcity comes crashing down... or the Undercity rises up.
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Re: Lucifia's Assorted Emporium of RP Ideas (F for M)
« Reply #2 on: October 22, 2012, 06:38:59 AM »
Lucifia: The First Succubus *FINISHED! YAY!*
One of the darker and more extreme RP of my assortment (that is within Elliquiy rules). A Cult of satanic worshippers wish to receive the Devil's blessing and become Immortal. In order to do so they have captured a royal princess, forcing her to perform unspeakable acts of depravity, bestiality, gangrape, bondage, and blasphemy. Each depraved act drawing the Devil nearer, the final summoning occurring when the Cult Leader sinks his dagger into the princess's heart. The Devil is about to grant the cult their wishes, when he looks closer at Lucy's soul and sees an opportunity. He makes her an offer...Eternal Life and Lust, for Eternal Service and Obedience. What girl could refuse that?

The princess is reawaken to the horror of the Cult, transformed into a winged seductress, with lesser horns and tail to match the Devil, and she proceeds to exact terrible revenge on them. With her deed done, Lucy stands before the Devil, dripping with blood and cum. Then she lays on the altar...and eagerly spreads herself open...offering herself entirely to her new Master. This would be just the first scene in the depraved and extreme adventures of Lucifia, the First Succubus.

Labyrinth: Bargain of Flesh
The City of Minos is rich trade city, bordering on the Minotaur's mountains. It is one of the few cities that openly cooperate with the mythic creatures and maintain good relationships with them. However, heretics have spread their poisonous words, and one by one, the other cities have uprooted their mythic neighbors. Now the armies of the un-believers mass at the walls of Minos, and the city's military might isn't enough to defend. Indeed the king fell in the first defense, leaving control of the city in the hands of his young but savy daughter. At the same time, the dwindling population of Minotaurs threatens their existence. Thus the young princess enters the Labyrinth to bargain with the Minotaur King, offering riches, food, and territory. But perhaps the greatest bargaining chip she herself.

Unlife: Succubus Breeding *FINISHED YAY!*
The master demon and his little futawhore daughter, Lucifia are looking to make a new demon, a sister for Lucifia. But female demons aren't born... oh no. They are raped into existence. Daddy and daughter hunt the surface world for the perfect vessel, an angelically beautiful young human to lure home...down into the darkness where no one can hear her scream or beg for help. The rape is long and complete. Every hole fucked and stretched beyond recognition by finger, cock, fist, and toy. Sometimes it's necessary to have some lubricating fluid... piss, cum, shit, blood... anything. Ultimately it is fatal, as the victim's soul is literally fucked out of her body, the limp corpse still only for a moment, before the hot ropes of thick white seed from the demonic pair fill it with new life... a new demon lifts her head, before licking her new daddy's cock in gratitude, while fingering her sister to orgasm. Also a futa succubus, she and her sister Lucifia might get into some nasty hot trouble.
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Re: Lucifia's Emporium of Utter Depravity!
« Reply #3 on: June 03, 2014, 07:41:14 PM »
Modern Day
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Re: Lucifia's Emporium of Utter Depravity!
« Reply #4 on: June 03, 2014, 08:14:15 PM »
The following characters are the crew members of the Black Shark Frigate, set in a Scifi Universe! Have a Read!

Commander Lucifia - Confident Leader (Siberian Tiger)
Commander Lucifia "Luci" - Confident Leader (Siberian Tiger)
Role: Commanding Officer
Main weapon: Assault Rifle
Favorite Kink: Gang-bangs

Combat/Melee Ability

Agility/Reflex Ability

Technological Ability

Intellectual Ability

Moral/Loyalty Score

Backstory: Lucifia's natural leadership and charisma make her the commanding officer in nearly all situations. Versatile in both tactics and weapons, she can sometimes seem to have ice in her veins, and other times be compassionate and considerate. With a naturally fiery personality she is very resistant to being dominated. The only way to achieve this is to gain her loyalty and trust. While she always follows orders, she will openly show disdain for an order she feels is wrong or driven by alternative motives. This often gets her in trouble with her superiors, and sometimes makes her side with the enemy. She has an inbuilt aversion to injustice, often going out of her way to protect those weaker than her. She also has no hesitation in putting a bullet/spear/arrow through the head of anyone she feels deserves it. She is well rounded in all areas of training as needed. Ways to gain her trust include, being honest, being considerate of those in lesser situations.

Lucifia hails from a strict traditional family with a twist. Characteristics like honor and bravery figure largely in their virtues, yet they took a very lax view regarding some of the 'activities' most normal families would abhor. The use of drugs, sex, and adrenaline thrills was not prohibited within the family, though the motto 'deal with what you have done' often applied. Strangely, this free open-minded attitude allowed Lucifia great experience in the seedy areas of life, but steered her away from addiction or outright lewd behavior (though she has her moments).

Quartermaster COX - Polite Titan (Cyborg)
Quartermaster COX - Polite Titan (Cyborg)
Role: Quartermaster
Main Weapon, Lightning Gun
Favorite Kink: Adapts to partner

Combat/Melee Ability

Agility/Reflex Ability

Technological Ability

Intellectual Ability

Moral/Loyalty Score

Backstory: COX is the Black Shark's VI (Virtual Intellegence). Built as the ship's protected CPU, COX maintains and runs all vital systems on board the ship. As a learning VI, COX served on board numerous ships of all shapes and sizes until it was deemed too valuable to send out on another mission. Extremely difficult to hack, and even more difficult to shut down, COX installed itself on the Black Shark after its original ship was dismantled in the docking bay of the Military Engineering Department. Sensing imminent deletion from the database, it had jumped ship so to speak, hacking its way through the station mainframe into the blank drives of the Black Shark.

Since then, COX has maintained and improved the Black Shark, adding components and modifications not seen before on any standard ships. His somewhat unorthodox installation often seem dangerous, useless, or outright weird, but when it matters COX knows what he is doing (and yes, the girls conceded to classifying him as male. He had all the right 'parts' for the role, and knew how to operate them).

Agent Nightshade - Dark Mistress (Anubian Jackal)
Agent Nightshade - Dark Mistress (Anubian Jackal)
Role:Infiltration, Subterfuge, Interrogation
Main Weapon: Silenced Pistols
Favorite Kink: Mind-hacking, hypnosis, coersion

Combat/Melee Ability

Agility/Reflex Ability

Technological Ability

Intellectual Ability

Moral/Loyalty Score

Backstory: No one knows the true name of Agent Nightshade, nor of her full back story. All the information released shows that she was recruited at a young age into the training program, and that she is fitted with several biotech implants which augment her already considerable reflexes and abilities. Cold, calculating, and not above playing dirty, Nightshade always has a secret alternative motive. She only accompanies the crew on the Black Shark if there is a target of interest on board the target ship. As per protocol, Lucifia and the rest of the crew are not told who that personage is, but Nightshade always seems to find them, and make them give her what she wants.

Because Nightshade is not an official member of Luci's crew, she is often isolated, and sometimes her loyalty is called into question. The first words she said to Lucifia and her crew was "If my mission is to kill all of you, I will.". Luci's response was "You will try." Despite the rocky start, Nightshade has always asked for the Black Shark if placed on a mission.

Corporal Vanessa - Southern Fire (Fox)
Corporal Vanessa - Southern Fire (Fox)
Role: Mech pilot, GI
Main Weapon: Mechs, Bots
Favorite Kink: Sex Machines, Puppetry

Combat/Melee Ability

Agility/Reflex Ability

Technological Ability

Intellectual Ability

Moral/Loyalty Score

Backstory: Vanessa is the mechanic/hacker/engineer of the crew. She drives the APC and pilots the mech on ground missions. She was actually recruited from a rival faction when she was young. Working as a hacker, she was so skilled that she could read every email, see every video, and intercept every message. This supreme skill lead her to intercepting a message within her own faction, a contract put out on her by her own boss, because he feared she knew too much. Naturally she fled the faction, seeking witness protection against them with the Military Core. Once the faction was dissolved and dismantled, she received a job offer as a hacker. She accepted, on the condition that she be permitted to disappear whenever she wish without being followed. Naturally the Core said yes, and of course Vanessa found messages decreeing her death if she made a move. The recipients were all the captains of the most prominant ships, and they all agreed to execute her if she showed signs of desertion. All captains except one - Lucifia. Thus she petition to be added to Lucifia's crew.

As a hacker, Vanessa has a friendly rivalry with COX, always trying to hack him and infiltrate his systems. When COX catches her, he 'punishes' her with a little bedroom therapy. When Vanessa succeeds, she uses him for bedroom therapy. Thus COX is always updating his defenses, and Vanessa remains orgasmic, happy, and occupied. Win-win.

Doctor Cali - Sweet Innocence (Cat)
Doctor Cali - Sweet Innocence (Cat)
Role: Medic, Psychiatrist, Chemist
Main Weapon: Bio-weapon, Poison
Favorite Kink: Drugs and aphrodisiacs

Combat/Melee Ability

Agility/Reflex Ability

Technological Ability

Intellectual Ability

Moral/Loyalty Score

Backstory: As the youngest member of the crew, Cali's story is a rather strange one. Brought up in a middle class family, she was brought up in scientific community, having trained as a lab technician for a local pharmacological company. Her fame began with her natural talent for spotting and correcting chemical formulas. Whatever chemicals she used, she always seemed to find the best way to remove side effects or enhance the needed effects. Within a few months of her employment at the labs, new drugs were being made with surprisingly good efficacy. Naturally the government and military took interest, and recruited her as a military scientist. Her first contact with the Black Shark crew was during the installment of its new generator. It required a stable but powerful fuel, and Cali was the one to call. She hit it off incredibly well, especially with Laura Silverwing who took an almost maternal role with Cali.

As a prodigal chemist and biologist, Cali is forever experimenting with chemicals, sometimes with explosive results, other times with addictive results. As such she is always getting hooked on her own drugs, but manages to find herself a cure before creating the next fix for herself. Very innocent and child-like, she sometimes acts with the purity and ignorance of a young kitten. She is only just beginning to explore her sexuality, and is still very much a virgin in every sense. In this sense, the first person she would explore herself with, would be Laura, her motherly/sisterly protector.

Major Laura - Motherly Instinct (Vampire Bat)
Major Laura - Motherly Instinct (Vampire Bat)
Role: Sniper, Scout
Main weapon: Baretta
Favorite Kink: Cumplay, Lactation

Combat/Melee Ability

Agility/Reflex Ability

Technological Ability

Intellectual Ability

Moral/Loyalty Score

Backstory: Laura's sad story began in the slums of the old station 'New York'. Much like its namesake, the platform was run by various crime families, each vying for supremacy. An orphan, she was brought up by the Sanguine family, a collection of various animals all connected by their vampiric blood. With her echolocation, flight, and sharp reflexes she was the perfect sniper, able to reach vantage points unreachable by foot, able to detect targets without seeing them, an able to take her shot with incredible accuracy. Her deadly skill was such that the Sanguine family quickly gained great influence over the station. As a reward she was married to the Sanguine heir, and birthed a healthy happy bouncy baby bat.

Her happiness was unfortunately short lived, as the rival families struck back. Luring Laura out of the station on a false contract, the rival families killed her husband and infant child, leaving the Sanguine influence in ruins, and Laura shattered and distraught. A cold murderous change came over her, and she set about systematically eliminating the members of the rival families, starting with friends, then distant relatives, then close family, and finally the heads of the families. By this time the Black Shark was called to capture her, and she was taken to prison to face the death penalty. Her life was saved when Lucifia pleaded for a deal on her behalf: Life service aboard the Black Ship in exchange for a clean record.

Initially Laura spent all of her time brooding in the cargo hold or engine room, never bothering to socialize with the other crew members. Then a miraculous change occurred when Cali came aboard to fix the engines up. Cali must have reminded Laura of her own little baby, for a little spark of life came back to her. As Cali joined the crew, the two spent time together, growing closer and closer until Laura felt ready to rejoin the world. She is much more at ease in company, and treats Cali like a daughter with benefits.

Sargent Bomba - Rough and Wild (Lizard)
Sargent Bomba - Rough and Wild (Lizard)
Role: Seige Breaker
Main Weapons: Minigun, Explosives
Favorite Kinks: Power Play and BDSM

Combat/Melee Ability

Agility/Reflex Ability

Technological Ability

Intellectual Ability

Moral/Loyalty Score

Backstory: Bomba is unique in the crew, in that she is pure tank-breed: she was created in the lab to be the perfect soldier. Reptilian DNA being easier to manipulate and splice, her core genetic material comes mainly from that of the komodo dragon, an ancient species found on earth, combined with several other homo-reptiliae breeds of space-faring races. The objective of the splicing was to create a soldier whose scales and hide were naturally resistant to explosive devices and fragmentation to make her the perfect front-line bezerker. While the splicing was highly successful, they neglected some of the finer points reptilian/amphibian genetics.

As demonstrated in Jurassic Park, within a group of females, the dominant may become a male if no males are present. As the most dominant of her brood, Bomba was constantly in and out of therapy, drug sedation, and other treatments to prevent her from sprouting a cock and running rampant in her cohort. Despite these precautions, she ended up killing her entire cohort in her mating fury. Bomba was saved from being put down, when she was offered a place in Lucifia's crew. Many feared that an all-female crew would be the last place to put Bomba. Surprisingly, Bomba fit in perfectly well, showing no signs of masculinisation. While official research papers attribute this to drug therapy, nearly everyone knows that Bomba no longer takes her medication, and the suppression of her masculine tendencies is due entirely to Lucifia being the stronger more dominant female.

Bomba gained her well deserved infamy at the Korsaw Ridge. The Korsaw Ridge had been a section of asteroid debris strewn in a belt between a colony planet, and an encroaching fleet. Despite having good short range defenses, the planet had no answer to the large Battlecruiser Mantis which strafed the planet's surface with explosives and chemical weapons from beyond the belt. On a stroke of genius (or madness), Bomba had suggested setting shaped charges in the asteroid field. The Black Shark set the numerous payloads in the field, and when the Mantis swung near for a run at the planet, the charges exploded, sending a large field of debris and asteroid at it followed up by several squadrons of fighters and boarding vessels. The fleet had been unprepared for such an unorthodox attack, and even less prepared for the rampaging Lizard that lead the boarding action aboard the Mantis.

Many soldiers who fought aboard the Mantis suffered post-traumatic stress disorder, but the majority of them cited Bomba as the cause. She tore through the ranks with her mini-gun and grenades...then with her bare claws and teeth when she ran out of ammunition. Tearing the opposing troops limb from limb, she smashed her way to the bridge, right up to the ship's commanding officer. The officer's last moments were to have his head ripped off his shoulders in one swift slash of Bomba's claws. With live tv coverage of the war, all viewers and factions bore terrible witness to the moment when the officer's heart was plucked from his ruined body, and eaten by Bomba. Yes, she was a monster. A freak of the lab. A terrible force of science unleashed on the universe, and she liked it that way.

(It is not recorded in any official records, but sometimes Lucifia does allow Bomba to gain masculinity, if only for the other girls to have fun with her futa cock)
(For human-only Bomba, ignore those specific issues)

The Black Shark - Valkyrie Frigate
The Black Shark
Commanding Officer: Lucifia
Dimensions: 90m x20m x 40m
Weapons: Laser battery (3), Hellfire Rockets(2), Seeker Torpedos(2)
Cargo: APC (1), Customized Mech (1), Minifighter (1)
Armaments: Hexeme Shell Shield, Carbo-titanius weave hull, Redundant life systems

The Black Shark is Lucifia's Valkyrie class frigate. Equipped with the high-end technology and kept up to date by her contacts in hyperspace engineering. The normally large cargo bay is taken up mainly by extra mods and improvements, but there is space for an APC, mech, and minifighter. Its size belittled its agility and speed. Whatever the situation it always had the advantage, outrunning larger slower ships, and outgunning smaller faster fighters. Due to its colors and sleek design, it was nicknamed the Black Shark by fearful foes.

It was specifically designed as a hunter-killer ship. Stealth technology allowed any electrical or heat signatures to be masked rendering the ship invisible on scans. However, while in this mode, firing would cause the resulting energy burst would give away the ship's location. Furthermore, it used only rudimentary visual camouflage, and a keen eyed scout would be able to spot it out the window if she got too close. Her MO is to silently stalk a vessel, approaching it from behind undetected. Even at full speed, only the tip of the dorsal sensor aerial can be detected intermittently by the best scanning equipment. This eerie similarity to a shark's fin only added to the potency of its name.

The hull surface is studded with weapons points, all of them downward facing, with a good number able to swivel to fore and aft positions. A formidable hexime shield covers the top half of the ship like a shell, inpenetrable to most ship fire and missiles except for cruiser and capitalship fire. It is a very durable, but high maintenance shield, lasting only 30 min at full power. While the shield protects the Black shark from interruption, she is free to rain missiles and laser fire down on her victim, or force-dock and board her. She has disabled and destroyed many ships both larger and smaller than her in this manner, getting away cleanly before her shields run out.
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Re: Lucifia's Emporium of Utter Depravity!
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Full Name: Alexis Taylor
Age and Birthday: Mid 20s
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Attached
Species : Human
Universe: Modern World (designed for the Undercity/Overcity RP)

Occupation: Police Enforcer
Sexuality: Bi-Curious

Distinguishing Features: Alexis takes good care of her body to keep herself fit. She can be found most evenings down at the fighters' gym, throwing it down with the best of them. It's a place where many thugs and body builders hang out, and she is well known and liked there as a regular. Othertimes she's at the Precinct shooting range honing her accuracy with the latest weapons. Her hard training regime keeps her toned and quick on her feet. Her long jet black hair is usually tied back in a ponytail to keep it out of her eyes.

Biography: Lucifia is a Twilight Enforcer, running in the 13th precinct (of 20) in the city of New Vegas. She is one of the youngest officers of the force, but one of the most confident and experienced. As a Twilight Enforcer, she patrols the streets on her motorcycle between sundown and sunrise to stop undercity folk from emerging too soon, and prevent Overcity folk from coming out too early. Its an exciting job for the adventurous girl. With absolute authority, she can kill or spare anyone she sees, and is not above a little interrogation to get her information. Dressed in uniform black leather, one might mistake her for one of the many beautiful whores and sluts that roam the streets night, were it not for the shotgun slung across her back, and the pair of uzis at her hips. The adrenaline of the frequent gunfights thrills her, plus she gets to see her boyfriend and lover...Vince.

Vince is the only son and heir to one of the major crime families that rules the northwest sector of New Vegas. Conveniently this covers the exact territory of District 13. An absolute hunk and bad-boy, Vince is the perfect fire to make Lucifia hot. With a devil-may-care attitude and somewhat cocky personality, Vince loves to live larger than life. Impressing those around him with his muscles, street skills, and other eye-catching antics, Vince is always at his family's casinos or whore houses having a good time...with Lucifia of course. He's cruel and ruthless to rivals, but absolutely loyal to family and has a kinky spot for Lucifia. Together they get up to the craziest and naughtiest things. Going to wild parties, frolicking with the sluts in the whore houses, even aggravating the neighbouring territories.

The crime family and the precinct know of their relationship, and since it helps keep the crime rate down, it is generally blessed by the precinct captain. It is a perfect match, rising cop star, and crime family heir. But things have changed. Recently a new crime family has been muscling in on Vince's turf. It started with graffiti, then with drug deals, then gang violence, and now to drive-by assaults and shootings. Equally, police officers from the 12th and 14th precincts have been extending their patrols into the 13th territory, nabbing high ranking crime members while seeming to ignore their own crime expansion. Something is amiss in New Vegas. Vince and Lucifia have to find out, before the Overcity comes crashing down... or the Undercity rises up.

Personality: As a Twilight Enforcer, she is an investigation team rolled into one. Both contemplative and hot headed, she can be unpredictable. One moment she will be in a fierce fire-fight with gangsters and thugs, the next moment she'll be analysing leftover fingerprints and blood splatters. Her justice is harsh, and she's not above killing a man in cold blood if she feels he deserves it. In bed, she's a rough and tumble girl, definitely a more active lover than most.
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Re: Lucifia's Emporium of Utter Depravity!
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Full Name: Lyra Swift
Age and Birthdate : 26, born July 21
Gender : Female
Marital Status : Single
Species : Human Furry - Mountain Lynx (Predator)
Universe: Predator-Prey

Occupation: Countess by day. The title was inherited from her step-father, an elderly lion, upon his death. She also inherited a sizeable swath of land on the edge of the city bordering a mountain range where a variety of prey rent out space and work in her wheat and fruit fields. At night she works as a spy to gather more information about the courts and the Monarch.
Sexuality: Bisexual, and happily so.

World Explaination: The world that Lyra exists in is an interesting one, based off an rp that she used to be a part of. It's set in victorial/medieval times where all individuals are furry and born with animal characteristics or traits. The difference is that all people born with predatory traits (traits of animals that are predators) are treated as upper class and proper citizens, while the prey (those with traits of animals that are generally prey) are treated as second class citizens or slaves. The Predators don't actually eat the Prey, but the social divide is more than obvious. The tricky part is that prey parents can give birth to predator children, and vice versa.

Distinguishing Features: Despite being the offspring of two prey, Lyra shows all the markings of a true pure-bred Lynx. Her anthropomorphic nature is evident in her slightly pointed ears with darkened tips, the slit pupils, and the sleek reddish tail protruding from her hips. Her skin tone is between European white and Tanned Latin, which sometimes allows her to pass as either a native to Europa or a foreign exotic. Lithe and athletic, her curvy sensual form has been hardened slightly by secretive training. Lyra has deeply red hair with subtle flecks of crimson. It is naturally straight, but she wears it in an elegant single braid if in high company. Her eyes are sparkling emerald, which appears dark but gleams brilliantly in the sunlight.

Biography: Lyra's story began when she was born to a pair of rather surprised rats. A flawless and intelligent Lynx kitten among the vermin, her birth quickly spread through the rat den until the leaders of the rat resistance group (The Fallen) decided on a daring and ambitious plan. She was to be planted in the city: a predator of high standings to be their eyes, ears, and sometimes claws. The Monarch would never suspect such an obvious predator for a fallen spy!

So it was that as a child she was passed in secret into the care of Count Ajani Goldmane, an elderly lion who lived on his sizeable estate on the outskirts of the city. The old lion has once been in the monarchy's court but had grown weary of the endless politics and soul-draining subterfuge and had retired to his plantation. Sympathetic to Prey, he readily accepted the fallen's proposal if only to give Lyra a better life. The story he told his predator friends, was that Lyra was the daughter of an exotic branch of his family in another country and that he had adopted her. No one questioned his word.

As she grew up, Lyra moved within the circles of the court and learning to curtsy while keeping an ear to the ground. When at home she learned the darker arts of combat from her true parents: blade fighting, poisoning, stealth, and other skills of the fallen. She learned fast and by the age of 18 she had move into the most intimate circles of the court, no longer as the bright daughter of Goldmane, but as the attractive single woman of marrying age and great inheritance potential. Or at least most people saw her that way. As she penetrated deeper into the court, she was met with more resistance. Opposing agents either working for the monarchy or independent began getting in her way. Usually she sidestepped these without trouble, but the opposition became more and more fierce, until Lyra was certain there was an organised counter-espionage ring set against her.

Her fears became realised when during a ball, one of the captains drew her aside and told her that the court suspected Fallen activity on Goldmane's estate. Naturally the captain had no clue that Lyra was the very spy they were looking for. He even gallantly offered her a room at his quarters. In a panic Lyra fled home only to find the mansion ablaze and the Monarch's men storming the ruined gates. In the main hall, Lyra found a bloody aftermath. Count Ajani had been slain along with his loyal servants, protecting the secret Fallen operation. The fallen whom poured forth from the mountains had engaged the monarch's men, killing all in the first group, but more were coming.

To protect Lyra and her true nature, the Fallen bound her and the bodies of Goldmane and his servants, pretending that the fallen had made a botched hostile takeover of Goldmane Mansion. Lyra's true parents were among those chosen to stay behind as 'hostage takers' while the rest of the fallen escaped, disguising the tunnels and secret passageways. As the second platoon of the Monarch's men, lead by the gallant captain burst through the door, the Fallen made their last stand. Lyra had to pretend to scream for relief at her rescue, while watching her parents be cut down in front of her eyes along with every last remaining fallen.

To this day, no one truly knows what happened at the mansion except her and the escaped fallen resistance. The official reports state that the fallen had held Viscount (posthalamous) Goldmane and Countess Swift hostage, and that Goldmane had fallen defending his home. No one knows either the deep effect of losing her parents and Goldmane on one bloody day has had on Lyra. For the most part, she slipped into the role of Countess smoothly, picking up control of her land and workers with ease. As far as the bachelors of the court are concerned, Lyra is now a ripe fruit to be plucked, heavy with land and money, but Lyra's heart burns with even greats resolve to carry the Fallen's Torch.

Personality :"What you give is what you get, and you shouldn't expect more or less!" that has always been Lyra's motto. She hates the lazy beggar as much as the fat miser sitting upon inherited money. A spoilt predator who whines for more cake gets the same level of respect as the penniless Prey who does NOT speak up about his empty paycheck...none. She doesn't see the struggle as being Predators vs Prey, she sees the world as Power vs those too weak to take it. She will not help those too lazy or afraid to help themselves, but show initiative and daring and you may find a valuable ally.

In herself, Lyra is a vibrant vivacious gal with fire to spare. She is pleasant to engage, having spent a good deal of time in the aristocracy, she has developed a silver tongue and a heart of gold which makes her an easily lovably character, often to the point of desire. She does not become easily attached to another individual. Money, promises of power and influence mean little to her as she has plenty of her own. However, show that you use your own assets in ways she likes, and she will take a shine to you.
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Re: Lucifia's Emporium of Utter Depravity!
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Full Name : Tanya Marlowe
Age and Birthday: 26, born July 21
Gender : Female
Marital Status : Single
Species : Human
Universe: Mass Effect

Occupation : Recent N7 Graduate, Biotic Specialist.
Sexuality : Bisexual, and happily so. Originally quite shy, her time in the intensive and co-op N7 training opened her eyes to a greater variety of sexualities.

Distinguishing Features : Tanya was most people's definition of a blonde bombshell. Her golden blond locks fell in curls past her shoulders. Her flawless skin and sparkling violet eyes caught everyone's attention. A perfectly sized large bust and a round tight ass on an athletic and sensually tall frame marked her out from her N7 companions. After her encounter with Cerberus, her cheeks were permanently flushed with sexual desire, every movement of her body screaming for sensual pleasures.

Biography: The last time the siblings had seen each other was when James Marlowe boarded the shuttle for his first N7 mission after being selected. Tanya had applied for the same cohort, but was prohibited due to lack of physical strength. She had done well with her aptitude and strategies scores, but she simply wasn't as strong as the other candidates. At the time, Tanya had been a rather shy plain girl. She was pretty, but nothing stunning. With a small bust and flat bum, many men and boys had overlooked her. James of course was always devoted to her, but Tanya had long since given up the thought of being a 'glamour girl'. As James was often the rebel and renegade, Tanya became his source of goodness, and he protected her from any who would seek to harm her.

Disappointed with not being allowed to join the N7 program with her brother, Tanya turned her attention to her other major talent. Biotics. With purely physical combat out of the question, Tanya spent years honing her own form of biotics. Later, when she presented her inventive combat style to the Academy, they instantly put her up for special training. While most biotics were tinged slightly blue, Tanya's biotic powers were purple. Some experts attributed this to her unique use of her powers. Her mastery of biotics, along with her set of invented biotics quickly caught the attention of N7, who agreed to train her IF her use of biotics could compensate for her physical strength.

While most biotic manifestation were blue, Tanya's biotics were purple. The full extent of her biotic powers were still being explored but they enhanced her senses. In particular they allowed her to see things not visible to the naked eye. This included heat signatures, fluid flow, density, and a degree of penetrating vision. The side effect of this wondrous ability was that her normally pale grey eyes blazed brilliant violet. Through the tough years of training in N7, Tanya was forced to come up with many new biotic techniques to help her compete with her stronger, more brutal classmates. An infusion of biotic power into her legs allowed her a temporary boost in running speed. A biotic alteration to her eyes allowed her a moment's clear sight through a dark smokey room to pick out her target. Tanya found a way to augment every sense in her body to give her the edge against her rivals. And she had many. Endless barrack pranks and sabotaged equipment plagued poor Tanya. Perhaps she was too shy to confront her tormentors, or she was brought up too 'nice'. But she endured the hardship, eventually getting her revenge in competitive combat, where her biotics gave her a decisive edge.

The constant boosting of her body and senses with her biotics began to manifest in the second year of N7 training. She grew taller, her flat lifeless brown hair began to lighten and shine. What were once pale grey eyes became vibrant orbs of sparkling violet. She quickly found her uniforms did not fit any more, as her bust began to fill out, and her ass slowly swelled. This was an annoyance, as she constantly had to put in requisition orders for clothing. Her skin blemishes faded and her voiced smoothed out into a youthful but sensual murmur.

In her final combat trials at N7, Tanya opted to use a specialized custom-made rifle. In reality, it was little more than a hollow rifle-shaped frame of lightweight metal with a sight. However, with a pair of sensors attached at her temples, Tanya could create and 'fire' pure biotic bullets from her rifle. Her bio-bullets were a fraction slower and lighter than ordinary rounds, but as long as Tanya concentrated on creating bullets she could keep an infinite stream of fire. Depending on the type of target, she could unleash a mini-gun like hail of small bio-pellets or fire a huge rocket-sized howitzer that exploded on contact. Further more, she could guide her bullets, applying a curve to their trajectory to hit targets from over a wall or around a corner. By the end of her N7 training, some biotic experts were speculating if her prowess rivaled that of the Asari justicar.

Key Turning Point: While on a mission in the Kite's Nest, Tanya was captured by Cerberus for Project Synthesis. The extremist human faction believed that biotic powers were linked to certain emotions and sensations. They reasoned that Asari had amazing biotic power because they had a long lifespan, with which many of them spent centuries indulging in carefree sex and debauchery. Based on this information, Tanya was held in a sensory prison. Her body and mind subjected to acts of unspeakable sexual depravity. Cerberus surgeons worked endlessly to tune her body to pleasure: a highly sensitized clit, a tighter vagina... even alterations to her anus and rectum to induce pleasure during anal intercourse. For countless days she was forced to watch videos of every species act out the nastiest taboos: interspecies orgies and rapes, bestiality, incest, circle jerks, bukkake, and more. All this time, headphone whispered obscene things to her...calling her nasty filthy names, urging her to orgasm, and use her pleasure for the glory of Cerberus. Whatever their methods, Cerberus did manage to increase her biotics when experiencing exquisite pleasure to unheard of levels of power.

Eventually, a crack squadron lead by her brother James Marlowe managed to rescue her from the clutches of Cerberus. Her experience left her with an insatiable sex drive and somewhat warped fetishes and turn-ons. Pleasure causes her biotic power to become dangerously powerful and unstable, and only a satisfying orgasm can calm her down. In all sense, she became a human Ardat-Yakshi.

Personality: Despite her run-in with Cerberus, Tanya retained her sense of morality. Now running in James' N7 team, she still acts as his voice of goodness. Anything consensual sexual act is accepted by Tanya... and that means Anything. Her time with Cerberus has caused her to be aroused at anything even remotely sexual. This could be anything mundane like simple vaginal intercourse, all the way to niche fetishes like lactation, stockings, or sticking a table leg up your ass. The only thing that she objects to is rape. Whatever her new fetishes, Tanya is still a Paragon. Any hint of non-consensual sex may turn her off...unless it's herself.
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Re: Lucifia's Emporium of Utter Depravity!
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Full Name : Lucifia (Warning! Extreme Character!)
Age and Birthday: 26, born July 21
Gender : Female (Futa)
Marital Status : Single, Owned
Species : Succubus
Universe: Medieval Fantasy

Occupation: Fuckslave, and second in Command to her Master
Sexuality: Globosexual, happy to fuck or rape anything her Master desires... or she desires

Distinguishing Features: Lucifia's human features were twisted when she was corrupted. Her light skin tone darkened into a deep tan tinged red. Her brown eyes brightened to green emeralds. Her straight white teeth became rows of sharp fangs. Complete with dark horns, sinister wings, flexible tail, and sharp claws, Lucifia certainly looked the part of the Succubus With every subsequent rebirth ritual performed on her by the Archdemon, Lucifia's nature moves further away from human, and closer to a true Succubus.

Biography: At one time, Lucifia had been an aspiring human acolyte of magic. Studying at the Coronai Mage Tower, she was on her way to becoming a powerful Mage. Some even tipped her to become the next Archmage. That was until the Archdemon attacked Coronai, laying siege to the town and the Mage's Tower. Hordes of undead, monsters, and slaves battered the gates of the beleaguered town.

The council of Mages believed the Archdemon was after the powerful artefacts in their vault, and prepared for an attack. The powerful mages put up a magnificent resistance, with magic, guile, and cunning ...but none were more cunning than the Archdemon. Lucifia was the prize student of the tower, and the genius behind many of the traps and tricks that nearly caught him. SHE was the target, and a feisty one indeed. Every step of the way, Lucifia's tricks and tactics nearly overwhelmed the Archdemon. She would have succeeded, were it no for the colossal jealousy and arrogance of the other mages. Some of her rivals did not want her to get credit for finally defeating the Archdemon. In her moment of victory when she caught him in a room full of detention spells, they sabotaged her work, not realizing the full potential of their treachery.

Free from the detainment spells, the Archdemon descended on the Lucifia, tearing her clothes from her virgin body and subjecting her to the most depraved sex-acts imaginable. Turning her wards and charms against her, he converted the room into a pleasure chamber wherein he proceeded to slowly corrupt Lucifia. It took only a few days, but to Lucifia it was a lifetime. A lifetime of thick hard demon cock tearing into her virgin cunt until she craved more...A lifetime of cum spewing into her asshole until she felt it well in her throat...A lifetime of kneeling before her new master ...begging to be allowed to lick his balls and suck his massive fuckmeat ...An endless lifetime of squirting, cumming, writhing, and soiling herself on the floor...moaning while her Master laughed cruelly at her depravity, using his powers to torment her with pleasure until her mind broke and she submitted to him.

Coveting her magical powers, the Archdemon used an unholy lust ritual to meld part of his essence into her soul, permanently corrupting her and changing her forever from the bright innocent mage into the devious and cunning futa Succubus. Soaked in cum, urine, and blood Lucifia turned on her treacherous colleagues, the new Dominus-Daughter duo utterly decimating the mage tower, and breaking the remaining mages with ease. By the time they had finished, the tower was a twisted ruin and the town was enslaved. Nearly all the mages and townsfolk were slain, and those they spared they took as sex slaves.

Eventually the Kingdom's heros and army came and burned the infested town to the ground, but Lucifia and the Archdemon had already disappeared. Now, several years on, they continued to enjoy their depraved lifestyle in their secret cave home. Freed from the shackles of mortality and morality, Lucifia plunged headlong into the dark demonic life of a Succubus. Many travelers sheltered in the entrance to the cave, not realizing that only just down the corridor a powerful demon and his Futa daughter indulging in explicit and obscene pleasures. A good number of their slaves died, either through sacrifice for rituals, or carelessness of being fucked literally to death.

With history slowly moving on and facts on the Archdemon slowly turning to fiction, the devious pair begin planning their next takeover. Perhaps it would be a small town, but with the power of two... the Kingdom itself may be in peril.

Personality: Lucifia is cruel. With no sense of morality, Lucifia relies on her Archdemon Father for guidance. Anything that makes her Master smile or cum... she will gladly do. Whether that's raping a captured villager... tearing one limb from limb, or corrupting one to enjoy fucking the sheep in the barn. Everything her Master does is right, and anyone who think otherwise is useless fuckmeat. When not charged with a task, she spends her time thinking of filthy sexual ways to please her Daddy. While she is happy to carry out violence in his name, her succubus nature enjoys sexual acts more.

One of her favorite pastimes is to spread corruption. For example, she may find a happy pious family and corrupt each member in turn. She would start with the daughter...cruelly raping her in front of her parents until her spirit broke and she became her eager lustful toy. Then she would have the daughter rape the father, laughing as he would try to stop his daughter from licking his cock or cramming it up her cunt. When he had finally given in and sprayed his hot cum into his own daughter, she would join the pair in raping and finally corrupting the mother....all for the enjoyment of herself and her Master.
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Full Name : Lexi Belle
Age and Birthday: By preference, but young:) (must be 16+ for E rules!)
Gender : Female
Marital Status : Single
Species : Human
Universe: Modern Day or similar

Occupation: Happy slut
Sexuality: Globosexual, happy to fuck anything

Nice Lexi (SFWish)

Naughty Lexi (NSFW)

Distinguishing Features: Lexi is a petite girl, with a nicely proportioned bust. Her tits are perky, and her perpetual smile makes everyone happy, especially if they're spraying cum at her or thrusting balls deep in her. She's a natural blonde, but is more than happy to dye her hair or wear contacts to suit the preferences of her partners.

Biography: Lexi is a young slut, in every sense of the term. She loves sex. She loves watching sex. She loves talking about sex, and the smell of sex...and the feel of three cocks pounding her every hole, while jerking two more off in her slender hands. And She is definitely young (16+) to watch it spurt thick jizz over her fucked asshole. But thats ok, cause she has the best sex teachers in the world... her parents. Daddy taught her that love is measured by how far a cock can squeeze into her tight little holes, and how much cum she can squeeze from those spurting dicks. Fucking her daily and making her watch the nastiest dirtiest porn, he quickly made Lexi into a perverted little sexkitten. Over the years of depraved wanton sex Lexi has enjoyed beastiality, incest, scat play, piss play, bdsm, a while variety of toys, and even the coercion of other girls her age, all for the enjoyment of her family. The best bit? Lexi enjoys it even more herself!

She's not a dumb whore though. Her grades at school are consistently A or A-. Everyone who doesn't know her dark slutty side always praise her as being a role model girl. She knows that some people don't like sex (for whatever reason) and when required, she can act as the chaste innocent virgin girl. This helps her remain undetected by the authorities...and also helps her get close to an intended fuck-target before changing her personality to her familiar slutty self. Unlike a lot of sluts her age, Lexi still has morals. She would never force someone else to have sex if they really didn't want it. She also wouldn't take advantage of someone who didn't deserve it.

Personality: Lexi loves any excuse to have her brains fucked out. Sometimes she will fail a test at school, just so that she can be 'punished' by being bargirl at her father's poker club. Inevitably, the night will end with her draped over the poker table, clothes torn, with cum oozing from her holes. Anything that can take her 'good girl' image and smear it in humiliating cum makes her horny. Other times, to encourage the school sports teams, she might offer herself as a prize... whoever wins gets to gangbang her! Usually it's her own team that wins, but if they lose, Lexi still enjoys the ravaging cocks of the visiting boys! Win-Win!

One of the major things that soaks Lexi's panties is dirty talk. And not just 'oooo ah so tight'. She loves all out nasty talk. She loves it when her Daddy growls at her "Fuck Lexi...You are such a filthy little fuckpig! Sick dirty obscene cuntwhore fuckmeat!" while plowing her cumsoaked pussy. She loves the reaction she gets when she tell the entire football team.."Congratulations guys! You won! are you going to stand there patting yourselves on the backs... or are you going get your cocks wet in my fuckholes?"

One of the most fun aspects of Lexi is that she loves to dress up, and cosplay (see pics!). Over the numerous fucks, she has been a catslut, a schoolgirl, cinderella, a hardcore prostitute, a nun, a sunbathing girl, a rocker chick, a high class bar girl, and more!.
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Full Name : Akshyra (Awk-Shi-ra), Kinkith Tribe
Age and Birthday: Early 20s
Gender : Female
Marital Status : Single
Species : Human
Universe: Prehistoric/Fantasy World

Occupation: Bezerker
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Distinguishing Features: Akshara's fiery red hair frames her face and sharply defines her look and attitude towards life in prehistoric times. Wild, untamed, and dirty. She only gets the chance to wash if she accidentally falls in the river. Her athletic body has been hardened by years of battle and hunting. Her large breasts a sign of her fertility and desirability.

Biography: Born and raised in the forested mountains of the Kinkith Tribe, Akshyra was different from her kin from the start. Traditionally, the women were gathers and the men were hunters and fighters. Not so for her. Faster, stronger, and more aggressive than any other girl in her tribe, she disdained the submissive female path laid out for her and chose the warrior's path along with her father and brothers. Being a woman caused much ridicule and prejudice, but she grit her teeth and pushed on through training, making mistakes and mastery at the same time. Soon she was among the best hunters and warriors the tribes had ever seen. She was still young, and lacked wisdom and experience, but her ferocity and energy more than made up for this.

In a world where the population was still low, strong individuals were highly prized for mating and the surrounding tribes made several attempts to trade for her with the Elder Kinkith. Being a materialist, the Elder agreed to one of the trades with the Aloris Tribe and was willing to give Akshyra away in exchange for wealth. However, Akshyra and her family were notoriously headstrong and resisted the agreement. A short civil war ensued, in which Akshyra was triumphant over the Elder, but lost her father in the battle. Sensing blood, the Aloris Tribe attacked, hoping to catch the weakened Kinkith tribe unprepared.

Already weakened by the civil war, Akshyra lead the remains of the Kinkith Tribe against the Aloris tribe. Lacking vision, she lead her warriors across the plains to the waiting Aloris warriors. Little did she know it was a decoy, and the Aloris Tribe had sent a small group around the edges towards the vulnerable women and children. Nearly all the Kinkith tribe left at home were slain. Meanwhile, Akshyra defeated the decoys easily, and learned of the deception. Enraged, she and her warriors charged on to the Aloris tribal home, exacting terrible vengeance on their people.

Now with both Kinkith and Aloris tribe wiped off the map, the other tribes of the region moved into their territory. Akshyra was forced to lead her large warrior horde as a renegade army, hunting as raiders and marauders to maintain food and shelter. Her reputation as a fearsome warrior leader spread far and wide, and many of the smaller tribes were willing to give them sanctuary and provisions in exchange for temporary protection and future aid. Eventually one day Akshyra hopes to reclaim her ancestral home, and restore her tribe to it's former glory.

Personality: Like her hair, Akshyra is a fiery tempered amazon woman. Quick to anger, and eager to fight, she is a very aggressive woman, who respects power and cunning. Living in desperate times she has little patience for diplomacy or soothing words. Politics bore her and Diplomats anger her. If you want to gain her respect, show her how well you fight. If you want to get in bed with her, beat her in fair combat.
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Full Name : Alice Greyson aka "Red Shadow"
Age and Birthday: Mid 20s
Gender : Female
Marital Status : It's Complicated
Species : Synthetic
Universe: Marvel/DC/ Scifi Universe

Occupation: Assassin/Infiltration
Sexuality: Unknown

Distinguishing Features: Few have seen the assassin and lived, but those who have describe her as a black blur with a red streak. In reality, she is quite fair, with a beautiful synthetic face, pale with lack of sun exposure. Her skin grows over a titanium skeleton, with many hidden slots and sections where weapons and armour plates hide just below the surface. Her amber eyes could be any color and contain lights, lasers, and an array of sensors to help hunt down her quarry. In fact, in her entire body, only her brain and her bright red hair are from the original human Alice. (Oh and her nether parts, but that's not mentioned in the brochure)

Her body is normally mat black, with the shape and curve of a tall athletic human. Under this, there is a thin layer of organic skin. This allows her to hide her armour plates and masquerade as a normal human when she is dressed. Under that skin, there are many gadgets she can use, such as foot boosters, wrist guns, skeleton keys, and other infiltration devices. But as long as no one tries to sweep her off her feet, she can pass as a beautiful redhead girl.

Biography: So named for the silhouette of blood left around her victims, Alice Greyson Aka 'Red Shadow' is the ultimate hero-killer.

At a young age, Alice had been fascinated by the mutants and heros that populated her world. She read about some of the greatest hero of the age: Batman, Superman, the X-Men, the Avengers, the rest of the Justice League, Fantastic Four, and more. Instead of joining in on the common pursuits of girls her age, she immersed herself in their lore. What she didn't realize, was that subconsciously she was memorizing their weaknesses and their vulnerable points. At the same time, she was adept at engineering, beyond the talent of those twice her age and experience. Problems that would have taken months or years to solve took her mere hours, and several of her science projects gained national fame for their revolutionary ideas and concepts. However, she lacked popularity and funding, and therefore always stayed in the shadows.

She would have enjoyed the quiet nerdy life of a gamer girl, but it was not to be. In one of the clashes between heroes and villains, Alice's family was caught in the collateral damage. A terrible explosion killed her parents and brother, and mutilated much of her body. Rushed to the hospital, the doctors tried their best to restore her organ function and maintain her blood flow, but they couldn't repair the terrible damage. At 4:30 AM, after 8 hours of desperate surgery, Alice was declared dead, her remains signed off for cremation to lie with the rest of her family's ashes in the cemetery. But things were not as they seemed... Unknown to the public, she had actually survived the blast. Her body was transferred to a secret government research laboratory, where they probed her brain for information. Realizing her uncanny talent for technology, and her flawless memory of mutant weaknesses, they reconstructed her body to be the ultimate titan-killer. A living, breathing Iron Woman.

At this point in time, the government publicly supported superheroes and their abilities to defend the city, but secretly the fear of a superhero revolution had already seeded in the minds of some of the more paranoid members of the government. In Alice, they saw a means to police and control the mutants and heroes among them. Drawing from research from the experimental Inspector Gadget and the long deceased Alex Murphy (Robocop), they rebuilt Alice almost from scratch. Her limbs and part of her torso were rebuild to be more powerful and reactive than any known to exist in nature. With her new body, she could run faster than the best sprinters, jump several times her own height, even carve handholds in rock to climb up sheer cliff faces. Her senses too were multiplied beyond her ordinary 5. She could now see heat, smell the tiniest particle, feel sound, taste fear... everything that you hope your opponent could not do, she could.

To cap this all off, the government implanted an interface chip into the base of Alice's skull. Into this chip they downloaded every military manual known to exist. She easily absorbed it all, from the Navy Seal's handbook to Sun Tzu's art of war. The chip also served as a means to control. The devious scientist, Dr Onyx had developed a way to implant and withdraw thoughts and emotions from Alice's mind. With this, he could drain her of all emotional attachment. He could sap her of any shred of humanity, and turn her into a controlled machine. She was a beautiful abomination...a deadly mix of man and machine that should have never been.

For several years, Dr Onyx and the government used her to hunt down villains and rogue heroes alike. Always successful in her missions, her name became a by-word for death among the mutant and super community. The phrase "Don't get a red shadow." came to mean "Follow orders...or else!" Few had ever been down to the deep labs to actually see the young girl trapped in the machine, and so it would have remained, had there not been an accident in the laboratory.

Dr Onyx, having grown a moral conscience, had decided to create a synthetic hero-hunter from scratch. Basing it off Alice, he worked to create a purely mechanical being of obedience and intelligence to serve him and his government. It would ultimately replace the heroes, bring an end to crime, and perhaps stop the underlying fear of mutants taking over the world. But intelligence and obedience never go together. Once fully operational, the machine, known simply as X-A2 (or Alice 2), turned on Dr Onyx, mortally wounding him before Alice could come to his aid. In the ensuing deadly duel, much of Dr Onyx's laboratory was destroyed, Alice had been dealt a debilitating blow to the back of her neck, and X-A2 had disappeared. Dr Onyx, knowing he would sccumb to his wounds, downloaded all his knowledge and work into Alice, before passing away.

When Alice awoke, she felt like she had just woken up from a hibernation. Her emotions had returned, her senses were her own. The blow had damaged the controlling chip, and for the first time in several years, Alice was fully conscious. She also had within her, the entire works of Dr Onyx and his computerized subconsciousness. By this time the government troops had arrived. Seeing only Alice and a dead Dr Onyx, they assumed Alice had gone rogue. She was forced to flee the government's protective custody. Now a true rogue element, Alice has no friends to turn to. Her family is dead. The heroes and villains fear her. The government hunts her. And somewhere out there is a mechanical doppelganger of herself who wants her dead. Her only choice is to work as a mercenary in exchange for recharging her batteries, and a place to lay her head.

Personality: All the tampering with her emotions via the chip has left it's mark on Alice's personality. Deep down she's a very geeky nerdy girl who would like nothing more than to talk shop endlessly. But with the chip's random signals, she is prone to outburst of inappropriate emotion. Sudden rages or sobbing fits can occur under stress, and outbursts of laughter at the most somber times can occur. Still, deep down she is a young girl who has been handed a weaponized body and told to grow up too fast. She has never known friends or the bond of love, but likes the concept.

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Full Name : Shia Vizla (Clone of Shae Vizla)
Age and Birthday: Mid 20s
Gender : Female
Marital Status : Single
Species : Mandalorian
Universe: Star Wars

Occupation: Rogue Jedi
Sexuality: Bisexual

Distinguishing Features:

Biography:  Shy and her twin sister Shia were bred specifically for bounty hunting and security by a wealthy business man, Bako Coran. An intelligent man, he had foreseen his rise in wealth and fame, and planned ahead by ordering DNA specimens of many of the age's best fighters, hoping to fast-grow his own security team. Shy and her twin sister were genetic clones of the old bounty hunter Shae Vizla, who existed during the Old Republic. Shy and Shia were inducted into the jedi order at a young age, but possibly not young enough. Though they both excelled at their training, they had formed attachments to Bako who had created them, which proved to be her sister's downfall. He was wealthy enough to create clone bounty hunters for all his facilities without needing the twins. Unfortunately, he was also wealthy enough for those clones to turn on him.

The bounty hunters killed Bako, seizing his assets, and establishing themselves as warlords using his many facilities in the various systems. Shia managed to control her emotions and overcome her anger. Her sister did not. Enraged with the jedi's zen-like acceptance of the event, she stormed out of the Jedi Academy, taking her saber with her. One by one, Shy tracked down and slew the treacherous clones that had taken over their creator's establishments. However, taking down clones of legendary bounty hunters was more difficult than first thought. Eventually, the frustrated and destitute Shy sought refuge with the Sith. In return for aid from the Sith, she offered her services as a rogue Jedi, and the vast wealth and resources she seized from her kills. The Jedi could not allow that. In the stronghold of the late Bako, the Jedi and Sith faced off against. In the ensuing battle, Shia and Shy faced off, the former narrowly defeating her twin. Shia never forgave the Jedi for making her a kinslayer, but equally recognized how the Dark side had twisted her sister beyond all recognition.

After the battle she withdrew from the Jedi order, returning her saber as requested. For this reason, the Jedi did not attempt to hunt her down, though the Sith made many attempts to corrupt her. Without her saber, she struggled to defend herself initially, but she soon learned the use the force along with her innate blaster skills to make herself a daunting opponent.

Now known as Shia, the Swordless, she is a dangerous and expensive mercenary to hire. She is perhaps the only existing being who can bend laser blasts with the force. This makes her deadly in a firefight, and nearly impossible to shoot back at. Critically, her ability to influence lasers means she can apply the force to a light-saber blade, effectively deflecting or even stopping a strike using her willpower, though this takes great concentration. Because of this vital ability, the Jedi order often 'request' that she accompany some of their members on particular missions against the Sith. While Shia still harbours a deep grudge against the Jedi as a whole, it does her a world of good to see and work with her old friends, some of whom have become Jedi Knights and Masters.

Personality: Shia is a pragmatic bounty hunter, who values a straight forward approach. She has initial animosity towards any Jedi she meets, but deep down she knows her sister's downfall and death were self-inflicted. Still, that doesn't make working with the Jedi any easier when she has to unless she knows them already. Shia tends to shoot Sith on site unless there is a good reason not to. Usually, there isn't one available, and many Sith agents have had to defend themselves against her pinpoint accurate attacks. Many fail in this en devour

Bounty Hunting leaves little room for honor and morals, but with the reputation she has gained she has some leeway to refuse a bounty if she feels morally uncomfortable. Her loose association with the Jedi and her outright dislike of Sith already sets her moral compass slightly north, yet she is not unaccustomed to the ordinary bounty hunting missions such as assassination, sabotage, and arson.
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The Laboratory!

Lucy (Taylor Swift) - blue eyes, blond hair
Personality: The perfect girl. Smart, kind, vivacious, foxy, sensitive, strong, sexy, (insert more adjectives)

Tanya(Emma Watson) - brown eyes brown hair
Personality: The consumate Domme in progress. Exudes confidence and control, never loses it. Even when in a 'sub' position, can make you feel she just might be playing along for her own amusement.

Lily(Lucy Pinder) - blondish hair, blue-green eyes

Vicky - Charlotte mcKinney = bitchy rival
Sam - vicky's brother
Derek - vicky's boyfriend

Blitzball team:
[/left]Alina(Alina Li) - blizzball captain
Personality: A natural leader but unsure of herself sexually. Special fetish of bukakke.

Laney(Yovanna Ventura) - Latina, green eyes, black hair
Personality: Luxurious, lusty, almost feline in her grace. Deliberate and patient. An aspiring actor, with actor parents and raw talent.

Sarah (Sandra Prikker), boxer/bodybuilder
Personality: Muscled, primal, aggressive, she's almost as protective of Ashley as Tanya is of Lily. Is a gym trainer and semi-professional boxer. Special fetish of violent asphyxiation/breath play.

Kimberly(Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) - Strawberry Blond
Personality: Haughty, confident, she's got the looks of a model and is everything Vicky isn't. Not exactly an ice queen but as close as an Ice queen as the New Chicago swifts can boast. Is an actual model who models alongside Jessica. Special fetish of master-slave play.

Jessica (Candice Swanepoel, Blonde
Personality: Fun-loving, much like Lily but not quite as erratic or random. She's a prankster/daredevil (think Harley Quinn). She and Kimberly are best friends and model together. Special fetish of toys and fucking machines.

Ashley(Molly Quinn)
Personality: Shy, sweet and adorable, she looks on Sarah like an older sister. Hidden fetish of rape-play.

Jodie(Gabrielle Union)
Personality: Confident, sassy with a sharp tongue that is one of the few people that can have boasted to get into a verbal sparring match with Tanya or Lucy and not be utterly made a fool -- or have any bodily harm from Tanya. Special fetish of thick anal.

Plot Notes:
X-gen - sports branch of sci-corp
Black Swan - cruise ship traveling from New chicago, to stop at several coin cities before arriving at Earth

Minor Characters:

Madison Malkova, one of the nicer reporters, and one Sam had had a crush on ever since she'd been assigned to the Vazquez beat for the Galactic Daily News celebrity beat.
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My own list of interesting games to watch for:

Clare's quest
Orange Trainer