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May 23, 2018, 03:50:40 PM

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Author Topic: Looking for a Story.  (Read 688 times)

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Offline ObscureObscenitiesTopic starter

Looking for a Story.
« on: February 02, 2012, 12:00:30 AM »
Alright, well this is more coming to mind while i'm settled into the mood i am, so it may take awhile to pan out exactly how i want it, the person i'm looking for to write with me on this one is someone that is on semi-frequently and can post regularly. I'm a E-freak, i'm on -every- day, and i catch every one of my games up every day. (I run in the high 20's for games.) I am -not- expecting this of my partner. I would like to see a post every couple of days, if you can post once a day, i'll love you forever.

As for post quality, i would really prefer someone that can give me some length to work with, while this idea is vague in it's base, i want to work it into something intricate and drawn out, plot oriented, not sex. I was tempted to put this up in the non-adult section, and may very well put a slice of it up there, except the fact that even i enjoy the naughty bits strewn in. Make note though, i enjoy well written characters, plot, and flow by far more then i do any of the smuttier bits of writing here on E.

Alright, now that I've gotten through that some, my idea is more broad then i like it to be, but i enjoy a good amount of brainstorming over things, so getting to hammer out the exact details with someone is what i'd prefer. I want a story, a good long story, something deep, tragic, intricate relationships, spanning over multiple characters, with deep plot, intrigue, and twists to it. I am looking for a story that i can really fall into, something with dark twists, i want tragedy, many of my games have come to the point where it is happy and everything is at rest, and while that's all well and dandy, i want something dark.

I want a story where at the end of the story the loving couple get's their heart broken, the hero, or heroine admit's his love before dying, and nobody lives happily ever after. But i want there to be enough of a foundation, an adoration of characters, a hate of others, that i can feel that characters passing.

For the right down details? I leave that open to discuss to be honest, i play anything almost. I've played from simple modern situations, to a sentient post apocalyptic tree-like organism that could both sustain life, and feed off it in a symbiotic, parasitic, sexual relationship of drug induced hypnotism, and forced orgasm wrenched misery. Feel free to scan some of my other game's, note, i am not strict on my partners post limit, so some of my games may show my posts being significantly smaller than i can produce, i give what i get folks.

Anyway, PM me if this catches your interest at all and we can go from there.

Offline ObscureObscenitiesTopic starter

Re: Looking for a Story.
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2012, 10:40:18 PM »
Upon further thought onto this idea I've thought something of a scenario i like, and will add it below, it will be closely based off a particular book i read recently, and if you can figure out which book you get brownie points!

Set in medieval times, fairly firm fantasy, a land of many different gods, people and war. There are different countries warring almost constantly, but worse so is the Madigravin's who are on a jihad, a holy war to spread the belief of their, and his dominion, to place him over the gods of all and empower him further into a god king.

The Palindrakes, are not like the burning fire people, filled with heat and desire to expand, instead they are a sea bound people, close to the ever working shores of the ocean, and the song that sings in their souls is the sweet cry of the siren, in her icy depths. The Sea-Dragon's are their gods, the Mighty Foy, and her daughters, Misk Jia and Thrope. These elemental beasts embody the power of the oceans, and of water, and many other great strengths.

But the Fire-gods armies are strong and the wash over the land of Candore, and slay the Dragon-Heir, stealing into the heart of Candore to take the new Heir, a boy, and baptize him into the fire-lords faith. Culling the contract between the Sea Dragons, and the people of Candore, for hundreds of years, this bond torn asunder and the water element dying, while the Fire god only grew stronger.

So, its a small synopsis of the starting of the book, kind of, i'm sure if you cheated and google'd a bit it wouldn't be hard to find out what book it is. But then the brownies wont taste as good! I want to replay the rise of Candore and it's people, but differently than it had gone in the book.