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Author Topic: Amazing Emporium of Insane Offerings, Unlimited  (Read 2791 times)

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Amazing Emporium of Insane Offerings, Unlimited
« on: January 31, 2012, 10:16:08 pm »
Many of these are barely sketched out, but what's the point of collaborating if you don't have anything left to discuss?  I have no problem with cross-gender writing, but I have discovered through experimentation that my female characters are all straight, and my male characters are all gay.

Unless I have already chatted with you, I am unlikely to do M/F at this time.

To make things easier, I'm going to use the following format:

Title:  The title.  Please mention this if you PM or respond to me.

Kink(s):  Kinks that are intrinsic to the plot.  More can be added.
Base Rating:  The lowest board rating for the plot.  Can be negotiated upward.

Plot: The basic situation.

Out-of-character info: Things that the characters don't necessarily know at first.

Gender-Bending Plots
Otherworld Plots
Stranger in this Town plots
Corruption plots
Characters with or without plots
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Gender-bending plots
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2012, 10:19:38 pm »
A Fish of a Different Color
Kink(s): M-Preg
Base Rating: BON-Exotic

Phipri is the newest addition to an exotic aquarium.  Without any of his own kind, he ends up in a 'relationship' with either another captive, one of the handlers, or even the owner of the aquarium.  It's a little-known fact that clownfish will change from male to female if there's no female around.  As a result, most people (including Phipri!) are surprised when it becomes clear that there's going to be another addition to the aquarium. 

My merfolk are human to the waist, with a V of smooth skin down the stomach-side of the tail.

Life is a Game (renewed 5/1)

Kink(s): full gender transformation (magical).
Base Rating: Light-Human

Ty Reese is an average 18-year-old.  He loves video games, hanging out with his friends (online and off), and is privately confused about girls.  All of that gets turned upside down when he gets hold of a copy of a new online game that one of his friends has recommended.  The company he ordered it from had strangely low prices for such a popular and hard-to-find game, but a college freshman on a budget doesn't ask questions.  Shortly after he starts playing, though, his character stumbles into a trap, leaving him with a female avatar.

To make matters worse, the change seems to be seeping through into the real world.

In this story, I'd like for Ty's friend to be bi- or pan-sexual. He's been attracted to Ty, and has made half-joking advances before, but now that Ty is having this problem, he finally has the chance to follow through in a number of different ways.

The Royal Trap (added 8/20)
Kink(s): M-Preg, some forced cross-dressing
Base Rating: BON-Human (arranged marriage)

A generation ago, two kingdoms were locked together in war.  It was clear that the kingdom of Kyran would eventually fall, but the old king's stubbornness meant that it would likely take many years and many lives before that finally occurred.  No one knows if age or something more scurrilous took the old king's life, but his son immediately entered into negotiations to help spare the Kyranese people.  The price:  a child of his line to be given to the heir of his more powerful neighbor, so that the blended line would then rule over the combined kingdom.  The problem:  The new king's lady has borne only one child - a son named Rael.  Under the terms of the truce, Rael is to be sent to the neighboring kingdom to wed the heir, who is also a prince.

His parents insist on sending him in the guise of a bride, despite Rael's fears that this will end in disaster, and probably his own death.  What he doesn't know is that his fiance not only prefers the company of men, but has dark arts to ensure that there will be a continuation of the line.

The unnamed prince can be played any number of ways, from sympathetic to Rael's plight to reveling in continuing the charade.  The tolerance of the new kingdom for having two males on the throne is therefore negotiable, as is the amount of time Rael will have to spend in a dress (could be 'none at all', 'occasions of state', 'all the time', or anywhere in between) .  The 'dark arts' are not necessarily evil, so much as being contrary to nature - at least in Rael's eyes.

Taken Plots
Here Be Dragons - Taken

Kink(s): hermaphrodite/third gender, optional breeding
Base Rating: Light-Exotic

It's been many decades since the last of the Great Wyrms struck terror into the countryside.  The short-lived humans have already started declaring them a mere myth, but the other races aren't so cavalier.  None of them expected the reality:  the Great Wyrms had changed, growing smaller and more nimble to evade the human knights, and learning how to change their form to better blend with the other races. 

In this story, a traveler (race negotiable), encounters a strange young man named Gwyn.  Gwyn is friendly and curious - maybe a bit naive as far as the traveler's culture is concerned.  An honorable man might think to at least see him safely to the next village.  A less-reputable man might see him as the perfect mark.
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Otherworld plots
« Reply #2 on: January 31, 2012, 10:21:49 pm »
The Project added 5/6/2014

Minimum rating:  Light
Kinks required: none

This is probably the closest I will ever come to a fanfic RP, but the 'fandom' is so obscure that I'd be shocked/amazed/delighted if anyone recognized it.

The Young Man:
  He was a street kid, living most of his life on the ragged edge of society, according to his own moral code.  He wasn't your standard thug, though.  He had a sense of honor, and a keen intelligence that he sated in the stacks of the public library, having dropped out of school before finishing high school.  By the age of 18, he had a rap sheet as long as your arm, mostly consisting of petty theft and trespassing, and mostly resulting in minor sentences 'due to his youth'.  Now that he is an adult, however, that mitigating factor is gone.  The fact that the crime he committed resulted in a death (purely accidental as the night watchman had suffered a heart attack chasing after him) was another strike against him.  He is given the 'opportunity' to take part in The Project instead of facing trial and sentencing.

The Scientist:  He had spent most of his life studying cultures long gone, but he was not some 'ivory tower' intellectual.  No, he studied under the hot sun, in parched landscapes, or in places that hadn't ever felt the tramp of a Reebok.  Some of his colleagues joked that he studied the past like a foreign language that he intended to become fluent in - to the point where even his thoughts were in that tongue.  If they only knew. 

The Project:  The U.S. is ready to make its first attempt at colonizing space.  The technology to reach the stars has been cobbled together from debris previously studied at Area 51.  At a top secret installation, The Scientist works in conjunction with a government group to select and train individuals with the right mindset to become pioneers - people able to quickly assess a situation and take action, without relying on some distant authority for guidance.  People who, by the very nature of that mindset, were looked upon as 'trouble' by existing authorities.  In the old days, they would have been 'mountain men' or explorers - but there was nowhere left on Earth to explore.

The Accident:  The Young Man has been part of The Project for a little over a month.  During that time, The Scientist has taken on the role of his mentor.  The two have worked together in the field, training both at study and survival.  Both will be necessary for the initial assessment, and they have become a cohesive team.  Word has come in that a likely planet has been found, and the transfer equipment has been set to send the initial exploration team.  Both The Young Man and The Scientist are working late to prepare the supply packs when an explosion rocks the installation.  Terrorists, system failure, natural disaster - who knows?  But when the dust settles, the only remains that are found are that of the transport - hopelessly shattered. 

The Plot:  Both men find themselves on an alien world.  Shaken, and with minor injuries, but in better condition than they should have been.  Unfortunately, the return transport will not connect, nor do they have any way of communicating with Earth.  There may or may not be intelligent life here.  What is certain is that they are the only two humans for light-years, reliant on each other for survival - and companionship.

While I will play either character, I am regrettably incompetent at writing a dominant character.  I have nothing against either a 'man of the streets' giving his mentor a little 'education', or an older man taking liberties with his protege.

It's That Time...  added 5/26

Minimum rating: Light
Kinks required: 'heat'

This was half-inspired by a George Takei image, but Star Trek fan-hood or even knowledge of Star Trek is not required.

The two characters are part of a research expedition to a newly discovered planet.  Through some calamity, they are separated from the base ship, and it will take several months for them to get picked back up.  Logistically, this wouldn't be a problem: the shuttle has emergency supplies for just such an occurrence (including a hydroponics kit in case the preserved food runs out), and the planet itself is similar enough to 'home' that exposure and finding food aren't problems.

What is a problem is that one of the characters is coming up on a 'heat' cycle.  The expedition was slated to be over and done with well before this happened, with a much-anticipated shore-leave planned for the cycle itself.  Now, he finds that his only companion is another male crew-member, and while he could 'sate himself' in private, privacy is a hard thing to come by when your main shelter is a small shuttle craft.  Not to mention, there's something about being with another person.

Possible twists:  1) Both crew members could have the same difficulty, whether or not they are the same race.  Neither one has mentioned it to the other because that's 'just not talked about'.

2) Whether the situation is resolved willingly or not, the two will end up back on the same ship - for at least a time.  Transfer paperwork to other vessels take a while to process, after all.  How will they handle working together when they aren't the only sentient beings around?

Stone Walls Do Not A Prison Make  Added 5/15/13

Pairing: M/M (Senior Colonist/Jack 'Angel' Gabriel)
Kink(s): None required
Base Rating: BON (likely N/C, but if you have an idea to make it consensual, I'd be interested to hear it.)

The year is 2650.  As Earth's population increased, violent crimes rose as well - overcrowding and scant resources are a recipe for discontent.  Prison buildings have been replaced as the danger of inmates escaping has become too great a risk.  Instead, those convicted of violent offenses are now shipped off to 'mining colonies'.  On the surface, it looks like a good solution:  The colonies bring in resources; and Earth gets to reduce not only the total population, but specifically the population of 'undesirables'.

Jack Gabriel, known as 'Angel' on the street, would beg to differ.  On Earth, he was a street-tough, earning his nickname by a combination of his mild demeanor and a pair of blood-stained wings tattooed on his back.  Rumor had it that he added a feather for every person he sent to the Docmobile, but it's hard to tell how much of that is true and how much is from drunken bragging.  Regardless, the rumors were used as evidence against him when he was arrested after an attempted break-in at a distribution center.  An elderly desk clerk suffered a heart attack, raising the crime to a 'banishing offense'.  When the 'Guilty' verdict was read, he was swiftly sedated by the court and packed off on the next labor shuttle.

Now, he is in a place where his reputation could mean nothing at all - or make him a target.

The senior colonist could be another inmate, one of the guards, or possibly someone who was there before the colonists (Exotics welcome)...

The Data of the Dead (added 1/19/13)

Kink(s): negotiable
Base Rating: Light

Note: Despite the title, there won't be any dead bodies to deal with.  Unless some NPC gets gacked, which is entirely up to you.

What happens to data when there is no one left to access it?  One character is about to find out.  In a popular VR MMO, there are players that come and go, some leaving the game for good for whatever reasons take them away.  After a certain period of inactivity (and more importantly, non-payment), the servers shuffle this data into its own backup area, where it sits and festers.  Parts of it get overwritten, combining and recombining until it is completely unrecognizable as the characters it once was.

One day, something unexpected happens.  A quest pops up on one user's travels called The Data of the Dead.  No information is available for this quest, even on the message forums and cheat sites.  No other users have ever heard of this quest, and even replicating the actions that led to the first user getting it don't cause it to be issued to anyone else.  The quest-giver's directions seem to point to one of the newer, more dangerous regions of the MMO, but the quest itself seems to be of the standard 'fetch' variety:  retrieve that which was lost.

Shortly after embarking on the quest, the user is met and joined by a stranger.  The stranger doesn't behave like an NPC, but he doesn't seem to have a username or a profile either...

Somewhat spoiler-ish
The stored data has actually developed a strange sort of consciousness, and a desire to communicate with other sentient beings.  Compounding the problem is that the servers will occasionally shuffle new data into storage - which will cause abrupt changes in the consciousness that would be worrisome in a flesh-and-blood user (lapses of memory, personality shifts, etc.)  The story could involve finding a way to extract the consciousness, either from the storage server or from the MMO completely.

In Your Wildest Dreams

Kink(s): mild mind-control (dream-walking)
Base Rating: Light

He had always remembered his dreams, from an early age.  Some were more vivid than others, though, and he made a point of writing those down.  Those were the ones most likely to 'come true' in some small way.  It was a surprise, however, when some of those dreams started to link up.  At first, it was scenery that he remembered from a previous dream.  Then, it was a person.  The other man was trying to get his attention, that much was obvious, but why?  Ty found himself anticipating each new installment in what he now considered to be one extended dream, even more vivid than any he had dreamed before. 

This one could go a number of ways.  Perhaps Ty is pulled into what he thinks is the dream-world.  Perhaps he meets the other man in a similar place in the waking world.

Lost - Sort Of...

Kink(s):  None required.
Base Rating: Light

I'm going to preface this by saying I never watched Lost.  Sue me.  This is based a little bit on a manga I read part of a while back.  It's sketchy, but that's hopefully part of the intrigue.

He wasn't sure how he got there.  His clothes were sopping wet, but the backpack lying on the sand next to him was dry.  Driftwood and other flotsam littered the beach, as though there had been some kind of storm recently, but long enough ago that it, too, had dried out.  Beyond the sand, lush vegetation hid the interior from immediate view.  In the opposite direction, the ocean stretched featureless as far as the eye could see.  To either side, there was no sign of civilization - only a crumpled heap that looked like it might be cloth about 30 yards away.

This one can be done either M/M or M/F.

Taken Plots
Back to Wonderland M/M Taken

Kink(s): non-specific
Base Rating: N/C

I have a pending M/F 'Wonderland' RP so I'm listing this one as M/M.  If it falls through, I'll be putting up the M/F version as an option.

Alex is a street kid, maybe as old as 21.  While running from a gang of toughs, he stumbles down an alley - and crashes through a strange door.  When he recovers from the face-plant, he's in a strange new world.

I'd like this Wonderland to be a bit darker than Carroll's vision.  The beings Alex meets are out for their own interests, and some may not take 'no' for an answer.  If the animal characters are no more than 'tail-and-ears', then it will be classed as Human.  If they are full anthro, it will be Exotic.  Beyond that (hey, maybe the Jabberwock wants a go!) it would be in Extreme territory.
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Stranger in this Town plots
« Reply #3 on: February 17, 2012, 05:37:46 pm »
(The plots in this section are more 'culture clash' than a complete disconnect between 'worlds' that I have in the previous section.  I am rather biased towards M/M, but a good story-teller can possibly convince me to do M/F.)

Freshman Rush (added 10/6/13) M/M Only!

Kinks: college fraternities
Base rating: Could go as low as [LIGHT] with the right story.

Damian Sanders has recently arrived at Central State University on scholarship.  It's the only way he's able to afford a university as prestigious as this one.  He hadn't intended on getting involved much in the social aspect of college, but the 'unofficial' culture of Central State makes it difficult for non-pledged freshmen to avoid trouble.  Damian finds himself tapped by a rather unusual frat: the intellectual and mysterious _____ ______.  Rumors abound as to the strange hazing rituals for this fraternity.  Pledges that fail generally end up transferring out - or at least, that's what the official story is.

This could be played as a simple college-student plot, but I kind of like the idea of having the fraternity up to something out of the ordinary.  Occult rituals, paranormal experiences and unauthorized experiments could easily be brought in to add some different spices to the mix.

The Stray  (added 8/28)  M/M Only!

Kinks: Body modification (pre-existing)
Base rating: Could go as low as [LIGHT] with the right story.

In the distant future, the wealthy have control.  They can have anything that money can buy, and money can buy a lot - even another human being.  'Pets' are a common addition to households, but there are various shades to this 'peculiar institution'.  Some are willing, offering themselves as a form of servant, exchanging dignity for a guarantee of food, shelter, and care.  Many of these get by with simple training to their new role.  It's better than life on the streets.

Others are not so willing.  Kidnapped from the ranks of the unknown and unwanted, they are forced into their role.  Sosin is one of these.  He resisted training to the point that his captors resorted to surgical enforcement:  The tendons behind his knees were shortened so that he could never walk upright again, the tips of his ears were augmented so that he could never be mistaken for anything other than a 'pet'.  Further discipline with a choke chain reduced his voice to a whisper.  He was deemed ready to be sold.

Adding insult to injury, his new owner turned out to be capricious.  Within a few months, Sosin had become 'boring', and one night he was taken out in a large canvas bag and dumped by the side of the road, like an unwanted animal.  He was barely able to fend for himself - scrounging in trashcans for something remotely like food or hiding in alleys to escape the wind and weather, unable to return to even the level of the most destitute.  He did his best to stay out of sight.

Eventually, that was bound to fail.

I'm looking for someone to play a free human.  (I'd be willing to expand that to something more exotic as well.)  Through Author Intervention, this character encounters Sosin.  Will he treat the stray with kindness?  Or will he take advantage of an opportunity to acquire an otherwise expensive plaything?

Prisoner of War

Kink(s):  none required
Base Rating:  BON

The war was over - at least as far as R (my character) was concerned.  The last wave of fighting had swept over the poorly-defended village, and most of the inhabitants had been rounded up as 'spoils'.  The stronger ones were relegated to hard labor.  The rest were given more 'domestic' duties.  Some were kept to help with the new fortifications, and others were sent back by ship to a new home that they had never seen before.  Three weeks of misery were enough to keep them in line until they were collected.

Note - If this is to be quasi-historical, I would prefer a Greco-Roman era war (Romans and Celts, Greeks and Persians, that sort of thing), rather than anything more modern.  Futuristic or fantasy settings are wide open.

Taken Plots

Good Morning - Who Are You?

kink(s): mild prescription drug use, possible dubious consent in the first meeting.
Base Rating: D/s 

The pills were supposed to help with his anxiety.  There were some side effects listed, including sleepwalking, but he'd never thought it would result in this.  As he looked at the - frankly handsome - stranger still asleep in the bed next to him, he thought frantically back, trying to remember what had happened, how they'd met, or even what his bedmate's name was.

Luckily, the mystery man isn't some kind of predator.  He'd recognized the vulnerability of the foggy-eyed brunette in the bar, and intervened before someone less savory could take advantage of someone who was clearly not 'with it'.  Without any clue where his charge lived, he had taken the young man home to sleep it off.  He hadn't counted on him going through his entire bedtime routine, including getting into bed with him.

Vague concept:  The mystery man is a Lifestyle Dom.  He realizes that a good portion of the young man's anxiety is due to a need for structure. 

You Know Me So Well  Taken as M/F

Kink(s): sibling incest
Base Rating: Light

The 'apocalypse' has come and gone - and most people didn't even notice.  December 22 looked a lot like December 20, in fact - with the exception of the drifts of 'The End Is Near' signs that had recently appeared in the local landfills.  Soon, though, people began to notice that the world had, indeed, changed:  veils that had concealed a hidden world were fraying.  Beings formerly thought of as 'legends' were found to be all too real.  [Note - if you are familiar with Charles deLint's 'urban fantasy', you'll have a good idea of the way this works.]

Character A (my character) hadn't been particularly concerned with all the hype.  The 'end' of something was usually the 'beginning' of something else, and hopefully the 'something else' would be a good thing.  A was intrigued by the 'hidden world', and sometimes sought out the same places that attracted the Others.  That was when Character B came on the scene.  He was a bit mysterious, maybe a little aloof, but A was drawn to him anyways.  Not that they were an instant match - the sparks that flew were just as often in conflict.  It was the little things that kept A coming back - both had been raised by a single parent, both were only children, and somehow, A just couldn't stay too upset with B - and every so often, there were moments where it would be so easy to take that extra step. 

What A and B don't realize is that B is A's long-lost brother.  Both share a human mother and a father who is Other.  B had been taken by his father to the 'hidden world', while their mother had told A only that her husband had died shortly before A's birth.  I would really prefer that they don't find out until after it's too late.  Because I'm evil that way.

The Mortal City - Taken

Kink(s):  non-specific
Base Rating:  Light

This particular plot-bunny came to me while listening to Dar Williams' Mortal City.  It diverges somewhat from the plot of the song, but here are the lyrics anyways.

She never should have rented this apartment in the Mortal City.
The cold comes though every crack she puts her hand up to.
The radiator's broken, so she has to use electric heat.

And tonight was the first date with the brother of the guy she worked next to.
He lived a couple streets away.
He listened, he had things to say.
She asked him up for dinner sometime.
Sometime was tonight.

The radio gave updates on the ice storm while she made the dinner.
They said, from all the talk, you shouldn't drive or even walk,
And this just in -- We're asking everyone to turn out their power.
They need it at the hospital.

She ran around pulling plugs, then she called him up.
Maybe now they shouldn't meet; he said that he would brave the streets.
She met him at the door with a blanket and a candle,
Saying, I heard it on the radio, I had to turn my power off.

He said "You're not the only one, the streets were dark tonight,
It was like another century
With dim lamps and candles lighting up the icy trees and the clouds and a covered moon."

She said, "What kind of people make a city
Where you can't see the sky and you can't feel the ground?

I tell you something, I have this feeling that this city's dying."
He said, "It's not dying it's the people who are dying"
She said, "Yes, yes I think the people are dying and nobody cares.

We got all this technology; our dream was bold and vague,
And then one city got bad planners, one city got the plague."

He asked "Why did you move here?" She said, "For the job
For the job and I've been so lonely here, so lonely
There's no one I can talk to, you know I don't even know your brother."

He smiled and said, "Sometimes at night I walk out by the river,
The city's one big town, the water turns it upside down.
People found this city because they love other people
They want their secretaries, they want their power lunches.

And think about tonight, I heard the same newscast you did,
I unplugged everything, I looked out the window,
And I think the city heard, I watched as one by one the lights went off
So they could give their power to the hospital."

They ate in silence while she thought this over,
They sat together in a dark room in the Mortal City
Shifting in their blankets so they wouldn't get spaghetti on them.

Then came the awkward moment after dinner, what to do,
The ice was still falling, the streets were still dangerous,
The cabs were not running and this neighborhood was not the greatest.

They both looked at the space where a couch would've been.
She felt her stomach sink, she felt like she could hardly think.

She said, "I never should have rented this apartment in the Mortal City,
The cold comes through every crack I put my hand up to,
The radiator doesn't work, I have to use electric heat."

That settled it, they would both sleep in her bed,
It was a matter of survival.

She brought out teeshirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, socks, hats.
If there was ever any thought of what would happen in that bed tonight,
There was no question now.
They could barely move.
They were wrapped up like ornaments waiting for another season.

They lay in bed, they listened to the pelting ice
He said, "My brother's not a bad guy, he's just quiet.
I wished you liked this city."
She said, "Maybe I do.

I think I have a special kind of hearing tonight,
I hear the neighbors upstairs,
I hear my heart beating,
I hear one thousand hearts beating at the hospital,
And one thousand hearts by their bedsides waiting
Saying 'That's my love in the white gown,'

We are not lost in the Mortal City.
We are not lost in the Mortal City."

It's sometime in the future.  Humanity messed up big-time, and now the population is confined to highly populated but failing Cities.  In the Mortal City, the climate control is starting to go.  So are the power plants.  Electric rationing isn't unusual.  Like a person with frostbite, the City diverts resources from the extremities of the residential areas to the more vital structures.  With luck, the inhabitants are able to survive until the rationing is over.  If not - well, the dead don't turn their power back on when the 'all clear' sounds.

We got all this technology: our dream was bold and vague,
And then one city got bad planners, one city got the plague.

The truth is, no one knows what the situation is like outside of the Cities.  It could be that the Mortal City is behaving like a faulty refrigerator, sometimes freezing the milk instead of keeping it safe.  It could be that the outside world is just as dangerous as the stories say.  It's not even terribly clear if there are other Cities.  There used to be - there were transmissions that came in from other domes, and even limited commerce between them.  Those have tapered off, mostly driven by a push towards 'self-sufficiency' that some people said would save resources - no need to use fuel to bring food in if you can produce it within the dome.  There was one confirmed City that had to be quarantined, but surely that quarantine was enough to save the rest?

Our characters meet on a blind date at her home.  As the song suggests, a rationing period results in the date lasting longer than planned.  And then what?  Do they simply return to life in the Mortal City, or do they find a way out of the dome to survival?

The Strange One (added 1/29/13)

Kink(s): fantasy races
Base Rating:  BON (slave trade)

The wicker wagons rolled into Seprikas at dawn.  Many turned and hurried away when they saw them - just because the Trade Treaty protected any merchant didn't mean that those that traded in other races were sought out.  The thin leather banners rustled with the movement of the draft beasts as the slavers guided them to the southern quarter.  It was a place where anything could be bought for the right price - or with the right coin.

One wagon stood out from the others.  The woven slats were narrower, farther apart, and shimmered with a sickly sheen.  A display cart, containing the most unusual of the traders' wares.  Unlike most of the wretches, the inhabitant of this cage sat quietly in the center of the floor, wrapped in a cloak of black feathers.  His skin was likewise jet black, but gem-bright blue eyes peered inquisitively at those that had a mind to look at what was for sale...

Summer King, Winter King  Added 5/23/13

Kink(s):  rival sex.
Base Rating:  N/C (to start)

For centuries - millennia, even - their kingdoms had been in conflict:  the golden children of the sun, and the ethereal children of the moon.  No petty human politics, born of short-lived Men, could compare to the clashes of the Courts of the Fae.

And so it happened that one day, while on a Hunt, the prince of the Summer Court was separated from his party.  Intent on the game, he pursued his quarry through lightless thickets, unaware that the sun was creeping swiftly to the west.  He was also unaware that he had crossed into an area claimed by the Winter Court.

The Prince's trespass was keenly watched by many eyes.  Some were mere beasts with no care but to avoid the shafts of his bow.  Some were the smaller Fae - cunning and devious, but no match for the nobility.  One, however, was a Prince in his own right.  To allow his counterpart to leave unchallenged would be a sign of weakness, especially as the Summer Prince was moving even deeper into the lands of the Winter Court.

I have no problem with this story involving cruelty, humiliation, or even torture.  The two princes have grown up thinking that the other Court is 'the enemy', although they have never met.  Perhaps the older nobles have a more mellow view, but these are 'young' Fae, and as hot-headed as any human teen (18-25 in attitude and appearance).  Having the Summer Prince subject to his whim would be an exciting prospect to the Winter Prince.

At some point, however, I would like the two to come to some kind of understanding, and possibly even an alliance.  Of course, anything consensual between them would challenge the oldest taboo of their kind...  mingling with the other Court.

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Corruption plots
« Reply #4 on: June 28, 2012, 03:57:03 pm »
(The plots in this area have to do with someone being lured 'off the path' - but was it really the right path for them to begin with?)

The Institute (added 12/19) TAKEN

Kink(s): medical play, within O/Os
Base Rating: Bondage, likely to go higher

My character has been involuntarily admitted into The Institute, a highly acclaimed facility that treats both physical and mental illnesses.  He was discovered wandering the streets with amnesia and no identification, and it was decided that he needed a 72-hour evaluation to make sure he wasn't a danger to himself or others (he isn't).  During, or shortly after admission, your character (who is a doctor at The Institute) decides that this nameless nobody would make an excellent subject for - certain treatments.  If one of those happens to involve relief of the good doctor's sexual needs... who is going to believe any complaints from a delusional patient?  A surreptitious change to the records, and the commitment is made permanent.

This could easily be given a Lovecraftian spin, or incorporate supernatural or fantastical elements.  Or, maybe the doctor is simply a twisted human.  Those can still be fun.

En-Thralled (added 12/17)

Kink(s): negotiable
Base Rating: Bondage

It was a dangerous meeting.  The holy warrior (my character) stood before the demon in the remnants of the summoning ritual.  He had slain the acolytes, but too late to prevent the ritual from completing.  Still, the demon had one more trick up his sleeve - an offer of power, glory, and of course, an 'important role' once his conquest of the mortal world was complete.  It was a long shot - after all, most paladins had a strong moral streak - but the road to this point had been filled with increasing demands on this mortal, and diminishing returns.

To everyone's surprise, the paladin agreed.  Stained by the demon's Mark, he turned his abilities to preparing the way for the conquest.

With such an ally, the demon's forces were soon able to establish the new reign.  Now, it was time for the formerly holy warrior to receive his reward.  There was only one thing that he hadn't bothered to find out:  What is a 'thrall', anyways?

Broken Wings 

Kink(s):  seduction (is that a kink?)
Base Rating:  Light

Brother Caelis (my character) has been a member of the Order for as long as he could remember.  The older Brothers told him that he was left there as a foundling, and they have done their best to raise him according to their beliefs.  The vow of poverty was no sacrifice for one who had nothing to begin with.  Neither, it seemed, was the vow of celibacy.  Even when ministering to the women of the brothels, none seemed able to convince him to become a customer, or even to take their version of 'charity' in return for his good works.  On a particularly stormy night, however, Brother Caelis finds a traveler on the road (your character), apparently in need of food, shelter, and possibly healing.  With the best of intentions, he takes the man back to the Order-house.

The 'traveler' can be one of a number of things:  A fallen/falling angel whose failing is the sins of the flesh, a demon sent to tempt mortals, one of the Fae simply looking for a good time, or even a normal human.  In the case of the supernaturals, as the Order-house is not a church/temple itself, it will be only mildly uncomfortable (like being the only one to show up at a formal event in blue jeans).  Being in an actual church/temple is also possible, but will depend on how far Brother Caelis has already 'strayed'.  Altar sex is a distinct possibility, but most likely to be the final seal on Brother Caelis's 'corruption.'

Fais ce que tu voudras (Do what thou wilt)

Kink(s):  none required (unless you count 18th century garb)
Base Rating:  Light

Welcome to the Hellfire Club - a gathering-place where gentlemen are rumored to go to act... ungentlemanly.  Not merely men off the street.  Every man here has station, whether born to it, or earned from years of respectable employment and education.  There are other rumors of what goes on here:  blasphemies, strange rites, prostitution, and other debauchery.  Only the members know for sure, and they operate under the strictest of confidence.  Phillip Chesterton is a prominent man, eminently respected by his peers, none of whom suspect that he attends meetings at the Club regularly.

As sins go, however, Chesterton is rather mild.  He enjoys a good brandy, occasionally dedicating a toast to Dionysus, but just as often to Anacreon.  So, why is the tall, young newcomer so interested in him?  And are there things so scandalous that even the Hellfire Club would find them shocking?

The picture that inspired this.  Safe for work.

When Heaven's in the Music

Kink(s) minor transformation (at a minimum) of my character. 
Base Rating: Could go Light, more likely to have some N/C

When heaven's in the music
Hell is in control
The angels' got the voices but
The Devil's got the Rock and Roll!

Two lost souls.  One wandering aimlessly, one stalking the streets, both in human form.   One unaware of his true nature, one reveling in the knowledge - and the discovery.

The Light One:  He had appeared out of nowhere.  At least, that's what everyone said.  Everyone who saw him would swear to the fact that they couldn't have overlooked the young street performer.  When asked where he lived, he would only give a helpless smile and gesture at the park.  Vagrancy was technically illegal, but when the police took him into custody, he somehow vanished from a locked holding cell.  The other drunks attested that they'd seen him 'get up, walk to the door, and walk out, just like you'd leave your house in the morning.'  But, they usually blew over the limit, so the statements were quickly hushed up.  The next day, he was back on the corner, singing the strange wordless music that no one knew, but everyone recognized.

The Dark One:  The city was his 'home away from home'.  No one noticed him unless he wanted them to, and by then it was already too late.  And now, he had noticed the silver-voiced performer.  Only one who had heard the original could produce that music - the music that permeated Creation.  Even though the human throat it issued from created a poor copy, it was unmistakable.  Buried inside that shell was one of Heaven's Own, apparently oblivious to that fact. 

What a prize.

The Light One is, in fact, an angel.  He hasn't Fallen (yet), but tumbled off course and awoke with no memory of his immortal nature.  For the moment, he is pure.  The Dark One is some denizen of Hell, tasked with doing what mischief he can in the mortal world.  Merely sullying an angel would be a strike against the forces of Light.  Thoroughly corrupting one - that would be legendary.
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Characters with or without plots
« Reply #5 on: September 06, 2012, 09:26:13 pm »
Here, I'm putting characters that I would dearly love to play, but haven't come up with good plots for.

Yakuza character
Kyusai Azukaya
Age: 25
Hair: long, jet black.  Usually in a tight braid.
Eyes: brown, with occasional flashes of gold.
Build: average.
Height: 6'9"
Temperment: calm, almost unnaturally so.
Occupation: Yakuza boss, (actually second to his father, who is in failing health).
Other: In true yakuza tradition, Kyusai has a very large, intricate tattoo, covering his entire body to his wrists and ankles.  As a result, he usually wears suit jackets, dark dress pants, and a tie.  There is a thin V of bare skin from his collarbone to his mid-chest, only an inch wide at the top.

Upper back:  Tortoise, done in blacks and greys, with a black snake passing through the shell and curling over the shoulders.  Both heads on his left side, snake head positioned directly over his heart. The tortoise head is staring out from the left shoulder-blade.

Left arm: Siberian White tiger, snarling head at his shoulder (looking backward), looking like it's actually embracing the arm, complete with 'blood trails' where the claws 'sink in'.  Tail wraps around his arm, ending on the inner surface of his left wrist.

Right arm: Blue oriental dragon, each scale edged in green, positioned like the tiger with the head at his shoulder (looking forward) and with the claws 'sinking in'. Body and tail wrap around his arm down to his inner wrist

Lower back: Phoenix in reds and oranges, wings spread so they cover the tops of his buttocks, tail-feathers curling around his right leg to the knee, head looking towards his spine.

Central back: Ki'rin (Oriental unicorn, half dragon, half horse, single curved horn) done in golds, rearing up and facing his left side.  Gold shimmers like actual metal.

Each beast is done to largest possible size - the bodies of the dragon and tiger cover the entire upper arm with the tail extending down the lower arm, the wingspan of the phoenix goes from hipbone to hipbone, and the tortoise shell goes to the center of each shoulder blade.  Eyes of all beasts are surface piercings with precious stones:  Black opal for the tortoise and snake, star sapphire for the dragon, ruby for the phoenix, white opal for the tiger, and topaz for the ki'rin (the metal part of the piercing goes through the stone itself, forming the pupil).  The space remaining from wrist to ankle to throat is filled with stylized vines and flowers, forming borders around each beast.  His left leg is tattooed with a very realistic scale pattern (touch reveals that it is normal skin) fading from pearly white at his ankle to black at his mid-shin, to blue at his knee, to red at his mid-thigh to gold at his hip.

History:  Kyusai is the heir to a very influential yakuza family, and has been sent to establish a foothold in a new city.  He is taking the opportunity to explore a number of things his father wouldn't approve of, including a strong but dangerous desire to be dominated.  Naturally, this would have to be someone 'worthy' of Kyusai's submission, but should this desire become known, it would cause his underlings to lose confidence in him.  As it is, the senior Azukaya has been ill, and Kyusai is running the organization in all but name.  Rumors have been circulating that Kysuai might also be seeking to 'deal' with 'otherworldly' forces.

wizard/mage character (not necessarily Potterverse, but adaptable)
Taan Ajila (aa is broad like 'father'. i is pronounced 'ee'.  Ah'-jee-lah)

Dark, wavy hair past his shoulders.
Deep blue eyes
A bit above average height, with corresponding build - not overly muscular, but not overly slender.
Usually easy-going and cheerful.*

Sexuality:  Gay and not too concerned about it.  His parents are disappointed, though (family line and all that).

Bit of a flirt.

Doesn't really fall into a dom/sub category, for the most part (not interested in ordering people around, somewhat casual about following orders himself).*

Quirks:  Fascinated by fire magic.  Spends extra time studying anything to do with that subject (should serve him well with finicky Potions). 
Insists on wearing crimson somewhere - usually a loose shirt under his robes (but still visible).  If it's not visible - trust me, it's there somewhere.  >:)
Single ruby earring in his right earlobe.  (tasteful size and setting)  A thin silver hoop - as small as practical, to the point of being easily overlooked - is in his left earlobe.*

Taan's family is one of the less-'involved' pureblood families, politically speaking.  They have a strong sense that purity of blood relates to strength of magic, and for that reason alone, they have kept their line mostly unsullied.  (There were a couple of black-sheep cousins a few generations ago - but they don't talk about them, and have quietly removed them from the family's personal records.  For all Taan knows, Great-great-greatuncle Galiga Ajila only had three children, not four, and Great-great-greataunt Tess MacTeine died childless.)

*'Tewyn'  (Tay'-win)

History:  When Taan's proclivities came to light, his parents were not happy.  They seen him (and all their children) as being responsible for carrying on the family line, and so they 'sought treatment'.  A rogue wizard was brought in to 'make the boy more biddable'.  Taan spent a week being subjected to numerous spells intended to 'fix' him.  The plan backfired.  On the surface, it appeared to fail completely - Taan was still undeniably not interested in women. 

After a few months, however, it came to light that the spells had been partially effective.  Every so often, Taan would wake up as 'Tewyn'.  Outwardly, 'Tewyn' is almost indistinguishable from Taan, except that he reverses the positions of his earrings (the jewelery has been checked for any triggering spells and even replaced a few times, and is completely non-magical.  This is a symptom, not a cause).  A keen observer might note a slight difference in the way that Tewyn walks and stands.  The real difference shows during interaction:  While Taan is a bit of a rebel, and quick with a comeback, 'Tewyn' is very soft-spoken, almost timid, and easily swept up by a forceful personality.  The trigger, if indeed there is one, remains unknown.  The situation has so far always remedied itself after 'Tewyn' goes to sleep.

To his parents' dismay, despite 'Tewyn's' more accommodating personality, they still weren't able to get him to express any interest in doing his family duty.  Since the 'treatment' was on the grey side of legality, they 'conveniently forgot' to mention it on any of his school forms.

Guitarist/rock star
Dae Adams

Occupation: Guitarist
Size: 6' tall, but slim.
Age: mid-20's
Blond/blue eyes, long hair

Best suited for: urban-fantasy
Also suited for: modern to near-future (with mods)

Dae was, at one point, famous as the energetic front-man of a band called Lethe.  His haunting melodies and lyrics charmed many an audience during the band's short but successful run.  Indeed, they were at the height of their popularity when the group suddenly wrapped up a nation-wide tour and Dae dropped out of sight.

It was widely reported that Dae developed a peculiar form of anxiety about performing indoors - to the extent that the entire final leg of their last tour was done at outdoor arenas. 

Potential plots with Dae:
Homecoming - The truth of the matter is that Dae is partly fae, although the fact is buried deep in his family history.  I would really like him to be found by a full fae and brought into his true nature - although whether his 'savior' has additional plans for his songbird is up for negotiation.

I Want To Know Your Secret - While the band was on the road, they made quite a number of fans.  After the sudden break-up, the fans were left to wonder - all except for one.  This enterprising man has managed to track Dae to his new home - a simple house in the suburbs.  Now, he just needs to find the opportunity to get the singer alone...
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Re: Amazing Emporium of Insane Offerings, Unlimited
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Putting this back in active circulation.  Several plots have been added over the past months, so have a look about!

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Re: Amazing Emporium of Insane Offerings, Unlimited
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Added 'Summer King, Winter King'

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Re: Amazing Emporium of Insane Offerings, Unlimited
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Added 'Freshman Rush' to the Stranger in this Town section.

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Re: Amazing Emporium of Insane Offerings, Unlimited
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Added 'The Project' to the Otherworlds section.  Having a serious craving for this one.