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Author Topic: Micky's Requests (M for F)  (Read 1270 times)

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Micky's Requests (M for F)
« on: January 30, 2012, 05:46:40 pm »
Hey all. Here are the RP's I'm looking for right now. I'll update them as new ideas come up. Check my preferences. Please do not post here; if you are interested or would like to discuss an idea of your own, PM me. I'll always answer. Same goes for discussing my O/O's. Even if they're listed here, I'm flexible, so pick and choose what you like or don't like and we'll see if we can agree on something.


Chars: I almost always play male characters, but can be swayed depending on the situation, and those males are usually dominant. I'm not very good at submission, so I probably won't play the bottom char. Sorry.

Domination: This is fluid and runs the gamut from full time Master/slave relationships to otherwise vanilla couplings that have certain kinks involved. Mostly the idea is that one person is doing the fucking, and another is getting fucked, if that makes sense. I find that domination is most satisfying mentally, so I'm rarely the harsh type that hurts indiscriminately, preferring to win the heart and mind of the bottom as well as the body. So if you find the idea of being pushed against the wall and fucked while dirty words are whispered in your ear, making you all the more aware of the dirtiness of what's going on, I'm your man.

Romance: That being said, I like tenderness and love as well; I find it makes the submission all the sweeter, so sweet nothings afterwards are good too.

Story: I like to play in developed worlds with things going on, as opposed to two people fucking in a cupboard, but this could just mean the characters developing as things go on and getting more into each other.

Reluctance: Generally, N/C doesn't do much for me, but a female character who is reluctant, even resistant at first, but finds to her amazement that she loves what is done to her, is very sexy. The fact that she was raised to think one thing, but what is being done to her is so damn good that she finds herself giving up more and more to feel that pleasure, makes for very erotic storytelling.

Foreplay, Oral, Anal, Rough Sex, Dirty Talk, Toys: Love all of these, giving and receiving (To a point on anal, talk to me about it). They add variety, it being the spice of life and all, and help add to a stories immersion factor.

Rules: I.E. rules for a sub to follow. These vary, and add kinkiness to stories. Simple ones are things like not wearing panties, or only wearing skirts, or can be complex like poses that a slave must take for her Master.

I like having these in stories, but they are not necessary.

Restraints: Love these in bondage stories, along with floggers and chains. I like the aesthetics of rope bondage, as well as the symbolism associated with it.

Marks: These take many forms, from hickeys and scratches (always exciting), to collars, piercings, or tattoos (Branding is rare, usually only in a supernatural stories, and never like cattle). They depend on the context, but in a Dom styled story, having a physical symbol of sexual ownership is very sexy to me.

Pregnancy: This is by no means mandatory, but a woman being pregnant with a man's child is the ultimate sign of sexual acceptance to me, and also works in D/s stories to show the depth of ownership. I fully understand that this is not everyone bag, so this is the first one off the table if you don't like it.

Incest: Once again, off the table if it's not your thing. I respect that. I like younger males seducing, or being seduced by older relatives, like and aunt, or mother, or a stepsister.

Humiliation, Public Sex: Once again, a power exchange thing. It's very sexy to control someone enough to embarrass them and still see them be aroused.


Bestiality (Meaning actual animals. Furries and Anthros aren't really my thing, though I like Cat-Girls.)


New Discoveries:

(MxF Bondage, D/S)

It seemed like perfect marriage. They had been together for ten years, well off, and seemingly happy. In the bedroom though, they were frigid. The sex between the two of them had slowed to a stop, and neither of them were happy anymore. But one night changed that.

After a few drinks, the spark that had been missing returned, and the next morning, they both agreed that all they wanted was to keep it alive. What they didn't realize was that it would ignite into a wildfire of passion and lust that they both would grow to love.

The idea is that it starts fairly vanilla, but as time goes by, a natural D/S streak begins to develop between the two of them. Eventually, the couple decides to become a full time Master/slave couple.

Son is in the Middle:
(MxF, Bondage, D/s, Incest)

A young man's parents have decided to divorce. She's devastated, and the son has to step up to take care of her. He soon finds out that the reason the marriage broke up because she is a submissive, and her husband could not dominate her properly. Without someone to take care of her, her life begins to fall apart, and as the son makes her his responsibility, she begins to fantasize about her handsome boy being her new Dom.

Binds of Love
(MxF, Bondage, D/s)

Two college students meet each other through a bondage group. They are both new and inexperienced, and an attraction develops between them as they gain experience.
Idea: Combination of college love story and D/s stories.

After the Bomb

A post-apocalyptic story ala Fallout 3. Hundreds of years after nuclear war has devastated Earth, humanity is still in existence, carving out a meager survival and trying to rebuild civilization. In this world is a young girl who hunts in the wilds to support her family. One day, she's attacked by raiders, only to be saved by a recluse who lives alone in the foothills. She is hurt, and he is angered by the noise scaring away game, so he takes her, both to care for her and extract payment in the form of labor, and later, sexual conquest.

This can be D/s or not, but as I stated above, it's one where the man will be the experienced one, teaching the girl and eventually winning her heart, but not without resistance.
Like I said before, if you have an idea that you like better, feel free to suggest it.
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Re: Micky's Requests (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2012, 11:54:04 pm »
Added two new ideas.

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Re: Micky's Requests (M for F)
« Reply #2 on: July 11, 2012, 04:12:00 pm »
Added "After the Bomb," and gave a more detailed On/Offs section.