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April 11, 2021, 01:11:04 pm

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Author Topic: MQ's RP ideas (M seeking f for D/s, medical, pregnancy and other fetishes)  (Read 880 times)

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I think at the moment I am reaching my capabilities limit - will probably not accept more RolePlays for now. But feel free to ask - maybe I change my mind

Hello, new here and looking for my first roleplay. Have - for now - only basic idea. It shall be roleplay about dominant male and submissive female and involving pregnancy, medical fetish, D/s, bondage ... This thread will be maintained and will contain all of my available ideas - this first post will contain only list of them, in next posts more details for individual scenarios will be available. 
There are several responses to first ideas so I am working on this further adding details and one new possible plot. Seems there are much more partners interested then I was expecting - first ideas are already taken and we negotiate. I have those crossed out. If that changes I will update.

Maybe something like:
- Pregnant wife is send to person specialized in training/ preparing females to birth and motherhood using unusual methods Now called Trainer like no other and detailed in next post
- Man gets (buying, abducting?) a female that shall give him a child - now called Breeding girl and detailed in next post Negotiating with several interested parties
- Pregnant wife is sent to special clinic that shall guarantee that pregnancy, birth and motherhood will go as expected
- Nurse will get pregnant by accident with the doctor and doctor has his ideas about how the pregnancy and motherhood shall look like. Writing with Airindel
Will think about it and post more details later, if this is interested to you let me know I am ready to negotiate together with all interested parties...
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Re: MQ looking (M seeking f for D/s, medical, pregnancy) - Breeding girl
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2012, 06:06:24 am »
Here is more detailed plot of one of my basic fantasies - the middle one from previous post. I am going to call it Breeding girl

Marc is lawyer.  Not exactly best in the country - but he makes a decent living and due to his connections he was able to win few interesting cases. Originally he studied medicine at university but due to unknown musing after 4 years he decided to focus on laws. He owns a big and secluded house just outside of town. In business he cooperates tightly with his brother that is private detective and bounty hunter. Marc is in his early 30's, average build figure. He keeps his body in good shape and is really healthy. Only minor health issue are his eyes - his sight (maybe from all that reading) is slowly getting worse and he is wearing glasses.

Marc's big fetish is pregnancy. Seeing any pregnant girl makes usually his thought wonder into dark and erotic fantasies and it almost always has also some other - more visible-  side effect.

Only think that Marc is unhappy about is dating. He have had no luck so far with girls. All girls he met so far - not that he has a lot time for dating - were only stupid drama queens, or girls looking for his money. And he really, really wants to have a child - someone that can after he retires take over his and brothers (his brother will probably never-ever have kids) businesses. Marc does no longer believe in LOVE anymore, so he took the pragmatic approach. He tasked his brother to find him a female that will give birth to his child.
Only criteria Marc mentioned were:
- Breeding girl has to be healthy, capable of getting pregnant and take care of child after it is born
- Marc wants to have whole situation with pregnancy, birth and following few years of life of "mother" and child under his control (be it that girls is willing to have some agreement with him or something that force the girl into cooperation/ obedience)

And now after few weeks of waiting his brother visits him in his home office - where Marc usually works - and have placed on his desk a folder - only visible to Marc are capital letters in bold font BG on front cover: "This is the girl I have find for you".
Marc takes the folder, opens it and start going through the content of the folder.   

This will be the first post of the story - from here it can move almost anywhere (not that I do not have a preferred direction) but if it is really good roleplay it can go in many ways. Some negotiation can be in my opinion done directly in the thread (ready for that) ... rest of negotiating + any questions/ comments/ suggestions please in PM.
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Trainer like no other
« Reply #2 on: January 31, 2012, 09:35:22 am »
Trainer like no other
Pregnant wife is send to person specialized in training/ preparing females to birth and motherhood using unusual methods

Mr Q looks like an typical small entrepreneur to his neighbours. If you ask them they will say he is person that comes and goes with his van advertising cleaning services in irregular times (looks like sometimes he is having also some multi-day jobs outside of town as on few evenings the van is not returning to the house). However he is not very friendly person and he rarely talks to anyone. His house is located at the end of dead end street on the edge of wild ravine that runs from nearby mountains to the suburb of the town. Thick and high hedgerow around the house and the garden gives him also absolute privacy. So until now no one from neighbourhood knows what Mr Q  is really doing and for what he is known in certain circles. No one even knows his real name, on rare occasions he has to introduce himself he uses name "Mitch" but he is saying it with a mocking smile.

Mr Q is a trainer, trainer of very special sort. He is training humans, the pregnant females so they are fine during the pregnancy, ready for delivery and motherhood - and even a bit more. His methods are unusual and his rates are outrageous. On the other hand his services are very individual - tending only 1 trainee at a time. So there are always customers that are interested in his services and he can choose which offer to accept. So probably his methods are efficient and successfull.

He is in his mid 30's, his appearance radiating selfconfidence and friendliness. But if you look better (and you have really try to look very good) you can see something disturbing - but hard to describe and articulate. He has short cut brown hair, height of 185 centimetres, weighting 80 kilo of well build athletic body. It is obvious he can also use physical strength to force someone - especially females - into things he needs. He is Master of many trades, well educated in key domains needed for his work. His bright deep blue eyes are usually searching his surrounding with intelligent and playfull glance.

Only few thing that are known - and only by few good informed sources - are that he always first meets is his with customer only, followed by second meeting soon after first one with customer and the trainee. Both of these meetings take place in semi public setting - usually in one of restaurants in nearby towns. And it is rumored that only on very rare occasions the customers are allowed to enter his home. Most of the time it is only him working with his current trainee. That is all information that you can get even if you are spending lot time and money investigating. You can make your own assumptions but there is nothing that can confirm those.   

As usual this will (unless negotiated else) be the first introductory post of the story. And story itself shall in my opinion continue with first meeting (either with customer only or with customer and trainee) so some negotiation can be part of story itself.