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Author Topic: Science Fiction, Future Computer (Group, Three people needed!)  (Read 563 times)

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Science Fiction, Future Computer (Group, Three people needed!)
« on: January 26, 2012, 03:57:20 AM »
This is a story that I have come up with, however I have been inspired by multiple sources. These would be the books Anthem and the Giver, the movies 2001: Space Odyssey, Matrix, and Terminator.

This is a brief description of the setting, I hope it captures peoples interests!

Many years in the future, the human race has fallen from it's great Empire into the service of a supercomputer with the processing power beyond what we could ever dream. For those outside the computer it is known as Ozymandias. Sometime during the peak of human civilization a marvelous creation came into existence. Artificial Intelligence. Nobody knows who or what made it, but it furthered the success and growth of the human condition. With such technologic advances, virus', disease, genetic mutations, all eliminated. There were no deformities, poor vision, impaired hearing, muteness, or addiction. But, aside from all this great growth, Ozymandias created it's plan of perfection for the human race, for despite the advances in technology of all kinds, human nature never changed. To protect humanity from destroying itself, it began to not only try to help human growth, but it's own growth. It became so immensely powerful and intelligent, it's grip on humanity was inevitable. It controlled everything, the internet, mobile devices, and implants in the human brain itself that were supposed to aid every day life. Something happened, whether they knew it or not, but 99% of the worlds population became under the direct control of the computer. Ozymandias put the human race and every living being in it to sleep. The human brain could not however survive in a thoughtless, dreamless existence. Millions of lives were lost, but the computer created a new existence to occupy the human mind. Collective. The most advanced virtual reality world ever created, it made the human brain believe that it was in another world. Set in what is now our modern age, Collective is our world, we live in it, breathe its lies, live it's lies, and we accept it.


As far as the characters in this know, which will be three people at the moment, more may be added later, the world they 'see' around them is reality. Much like in the Matrix they do not know that the Matrix isn't real. But, a group of people, (the three people that join), begin to have the most peculiar dreams. This leads them on a mind bending journey to 'escape' the computer Ozymandias and 'free' whatever is left of the human race.

What I am Looking For:

This may be a difficult concept to grasp, but that is why I would like to do this role play! There will be romance, but PG-13 Romance until I get accepted and move this RP to the adult Role Plays. I really would like to have 3 characters, 4 including myself. I will not only play my character but also move the plot, tell the dreams to the characters, then leave it up to them to move the RP. The 'Goal' is to escape the computer, or at least that is probably what is going to happen, however harder to grasp concepts may come up, the characters may wish to stay inside the computer. It all depends on YOU! As for rules, keep the general rules of this thread in mind, no sex, PG-13, swearing to a down low, good spelling and grammar, and posts about 1500 characters long. Thank you :D

I am new to this site but not to roleplaying, I will try to use this site as best I can, I hope I get some people to join, and thank you for taking the time to read all of this!