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June 24, 2022, 05:18:43 pm

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Author Topic: Open the Box, if you Dare.  (Read 990 times)

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Open the Box, if you Dare.
« on: January 23, 2012, 03:34:13 am »
Male x Female

1. Attend to Me

Tuyet is the daughter of a wintery wizard and a queen of ice. She is the only one alive now within the region of the Far North. That was until the gates opened and allowed creatures of heaven and of hell through, pouring into her universe right on her front door. Bewildered by the battle and the fact that all were out to destroy her home she sought the aid of an ancient artifact, not knowing that inside the crystal lived another entity. One which would help her, but at a price. What price, she does not yet know [and I shall leave that up to you] but in a panicked state she agreed to the contract without knowing the fine print in hopes of saving her home.

Reference Pic: Queen of Ice and Snow

2. Begone Devil Knight

She was appointed by the rulers of her land to assassinate the devil knight, though they doubted she could finish the task. Taking up her sword she silently vowed to show them, not knowing why this knight was called a Devil Knight, or what he'd done to gain it. Is it the Devil Knight which is the true evil of the land or is it the rulers of her homeland themselves?

Reference Pic: The Lady Assassin

3. Careful what you Wish

One night a young neko princess wished for adventure and to escape the palace where she was kept under heavy surveillance, for her parents worried so. When her wish was granted however she came to meet a scoundrel who wished to sell her into a harem in some far-off land, not knowing that she was the princess and far more worth her weight in gold than the pittance that the scoundrel got for selling her off. It remains however to be seen whether the experience will be a good one or a bad one. Either way her parents and their kingdom will scour all the world for her. In the end, it all could end in war.

Reference Pic: Neko Princess

Male x Male

4. Don't Say a Word

One night some youth was playing with the supernatural as if it were a joke. In the end however he summoned a demon from the pits of hell. The demon was not amused and so decided to take what he could for the disturbance the mortal had caused. He cared not whether he remained there or went back to his home in hell, but the one who had summoned him was not going to get off so easily and thus decided that he would take his summoner and make a pet of him.

Reference Pic: The Demon's Circle

5. Everywhere there is Green

When one messes with the forest, one messes with its spirit. That is when the Spirit comes out and deals out much needed punishment whatever form it comes in. Although each forest has a different spirit, this one is male, serious and not about to let humans trample his turf. However it appears that he has been tricked, for someone wished to lure him out, perhaps another spirit which dwelled within the forest, that or a demon who wished to tame the wild spirit.

Reference Pic: Spirit of the Forest

6. For You Belong to Me

How exciting it was to finally be able to participate in the hot air balloon race! That was what got him (MC) into the mess in the first place after he'd landed for a breather though possibly those who didn't would make it around sooner. Yet they were allowed to make a couple of stops if it was necessary. Somehow he'd gone into heat and found himself vulnerable. He's a feisty thing and wouldn't give in too easily, even if he were to agree to be a pet he's a mischievous one and will try to take the Master role, despite being the pet.

Reference Pic: Happy Little Pet (My Character)

7. Give me your Data Heart

He [MC] didn't know how the hell he'd wound up a thousand years into the future. Humans had been scattered across the universe, but on the Earth they no longer existed. The only one there was an android left behind. He'd fixed it up, it looked human, though male. He really wished it had been female, but company was company. What he did not expect however was the android to try and kill him, because he was human. It's a bid for escape, he doesn't want to die, but overtime the android might have something else in mind once he finds discs for an upgrade. It's then either die or become the androids toy.

Reference Pic: No Escape