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Started by seeker619, January 20, 2012, 09:07:40 AM

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A woman is happily married for ten years to her handsome wealthy husband.  He dies in an accident suddenly and she is widowed.(Was his twin brother behind it)  After about six months the brother has been following her and her habits.  He catches up with her one day at a local bar where she almost faints after seeing him.  He has been in jail for over 12 years and the brother never told the wife about his twin.

He pretends to be suffering amnesia so he can get as much info out of her he can to fill in what he had not learned following her.  He soon says they should date and eventually he wants to marry.  Does he have some similar fate for her so he gets all  the money or does he have other plans for her.  All of this is up for discussion of course.

The taker

All of her life this woman has been taking from others either by theft or by deceit.  She marries a wealthy man who is much older and while he wants her for her appearance, she wants him for his money.  When he discovers she is a gold digger he has plans for her that involve lots of his friends out to scheme her every way they can think of not only for money but for her body, her time, and anything else they want.  How it is done and why she is fooled is up for diiscussion.  I am thinking while on a one night trist she tells a man drunkenly what she is doing.  He wants in and will do anything to get in.

Thanks for reading and please tell me if you have any ideas of your own you would like to try.  I am very open and flexible.  TKS