The ubiquitous flame

Started by seeker619, January 18, 2012, 05:19:08 AM

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In High School or college either the guy or the woman becomes obsessed with the new man/woman they met and they just can't wait to see them or hear more about them.  Suddenly while surfing the internet you find this very person has a web page which includes an extensive array of pictures, nudes, and glams, which are tailor made for the taste of the web surfer/lusty individual.  Under the bio-section he has all the right things listed.  All the right things to drive you crazy.  (Like I think I said I can play either the obsessed or the one with the web page.  Suddenly you see this person again and although it is not said outright it is hinted that he knows you have been looking at his site.  He asks what you like rather ambiguously.  This is where you may go out for a drink and see how much he really knows about what you saw, and if he is as charming as he seems on the internet.  Was he honest, etc.  What is the competition.  Perhaps you sign up to volunteer in one of his video clips. 

It is all up to your suggestions if you are interested so please let me know.  This can be romantic or horror.  Hope to hear from you and thanks for reading.