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Author Topic: ~*The Genii*~ (modern day rp. M character looking for F character) M/F  (Read 363 times)

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I was thinking this could go several ways with your female character you will be playing.

1. You could call up the Genii (my character) and become his mistress. (pretty much ordering him around until he gets the upper hand? Perhaps this develops into a passionate, intense, power struggle romance?)

2. My character once called up slowly falls in love with yours. (this could involve bondage or not your choice)

Whatever you chose the plot will be something along these lines:

Some old and powerful families from around the world would give there right arm and everything they own to find and posses The Servant of the Bones (the Genii's formal title). It soon becomes known to the families that the Genii has reappeared after a long absence of being lost to the world. It's exact location somehow gets out and it becomes an all out race to snatch the bones and command the Genii. How will the two characters face such odds? Will they escape or will they fall into the greedy hands of the power hungry families, torn between them as they seek to destroy one another.

If you are still interested you can read below and see the first post.

There was a heavy trunk made of hard, dark stained oak. It was four feet by two feet in detentions and was richly engraved in gold and ivory in an Arabian style. It sat lodged against the far wall next to a big canopy bed of a richly decorated middle eastern room with Persian embellishments. The Hebrew writing carved into the lid of the trunk warned of vast power and an evil beast that dwelled within the bones. Though it promised fame, fortune and power to any man who was worthy. It was worth far more than any riches in the room and perhaps in the world. The room itself was filled with gold, gems, ivory, silks and spices, all of which only a powerful man could own. The lavender, silk bedspread only added to the lavish room with high ceilings. This was a room of a very wealthy and influential man.

A fat man with a greedy gleam in his eyes, dressed in nothing but the finest silk, in the rarest colors such as purple, red, and indigo, waltzed into the room. He was also wearing gold necklaces, rings with rare gems on them as well as a few bracelets. He chuckled as he walked over to the trunk and ran his pudgy hands over the gold plated inscriptions. He lifted the heavy lid up off the trunk and looked inside.

Inside the trunk was a complete assembled skeleton of what looked like a human only all of the bones were gold. It was positioned in such a way that it looked like a baby curled up in its mother’s womb, though the bones were those of an adult if not a young adult. The fat man touched the bones and called. “Merric, Come!” There was a slight wind and Merric was suddenly standing soundlessly and still beside the fat man. Merric was dressed in pure white silk pants with a sleeveless, open, white silk vest. His feet were bare upon the cool marble floor and he wore two golden bracelets locked about his wrists. His hair was jet black, wavy and fell into his dark intense eyes. His eyes shown with an unnatural light and with boiling anger just barely hidden upon a calm surface of cold indifference.

“Yes master?” Merric asked, eager to return to his death like sleep, for it was the only peace he had left. The fat man smiled. “I want a new ring with a rare stone set into it. I need it for tonight. The sultan of the east is joining us for dinner and I want something dazzling.” He said.

Merric glared at him. “But you already have a dozen rare gem rings! Ware one you already have!” he said with a flippant gesture of his hand and a slight turn of his shoulder away from the disgusting man.

“Did you just defy me? Merric give it to me now and while your at it, the treasury needs to be five times bigger and, more gold needs to be put into it, I want to work on the palace a bit, the walls need to be thicker, the ceilings higher and the windows grander. I want that grand stair case to have a solid gold railing... and get me a stallion for my stables, a strong black one. And after you’re done with all that I want you to fill the dinning room table with the most expensive and lavish foods. Then add a few more statues in the garden and then I want you to rub my feet.” The fat man ordered.

Merric looked somewhere torn between tears and anger as he heard all the work that was required of him. He felt tired already. Did this man’s greed never end? He thought bitterly as he looked at him with a clenched jaw.

“Now Merric!” the fat man demanded.
“Yes master.” Merric said with a sigh knowing he had no choice. He had to do as his master said or he would exert his power over him with the old commands he was bound to, and that was quite a painful and unpleasant experience.

By the time Merric was done with all his masters commands he was exhausted. He could do so much more but he was just tired. Tired in the way of the spirit, if he had such a thing. The mans greed was just as ravenous as his apatite for food. He always needed something and he was never content with anything for long. He always wanted more. Bigger, grander, more exotic and new. He couldn’t let him be! It was always this or that! And it was beginning to ware upon his mind. He could feel it splintering, cracking under the weight of such human greed...

The Sultan of the east arrived and he and the fat man sat down at the table. The Sultan was tall and worn looking from a life in the desert. His eyes quickly went to Merric, seeing him for just what he was, a genii. Merric watched him cooly, aloof. There talk bored him. It was pleasantries and empty talk. Then they got down to business.

“So, this must be the creature I have heard so much about.” The sultan said.
“Yes, it is. He can give you anything you desire.” The fat man chuckled.
“Anything? You don’t say? What else can he do?” the Sultan looked interested.
“yes.” The fat man said as he drank some wine. “kill him.” He said to Merric.
It wasn’t a surprise. The fat man wanted the sultan’s land. This would start a war. People would die. The fat man already had plenty of everything a man could ever want but his greed drove him. It was never enough.

Merric pulled out a sword and slashed the man’s head off before he could get fully to his feet. Blood splattered across his clothes, staining the pure white silk. It ran down his face, hot, thick. Merric looked at the headless body as it pooled in its own blood. He felt the still warm blood touch his bare feet.
Then he felt it. He could almost hear an audible crack as his mind splintered apart. He felt nothing. He was numb to all emotions. All but anger and hate and rage. He felt no pain. No sadness. No guilt. No joy. He couldn’t remember if he had ever felt joy. It ha been so long. No, all he felt was a consuming hate and hate became his world.

“Good Merric. Now bring me ten of the most beautiful girls.” The fat man demanded of Merric, laughing, not seeing the danger signs.
Merric came up behind his master and he slit his throat in bloody satisfaction. Blood was everywhere. “Now you can’t speak the words to control me.” He said to the corps at his feet. He looked at the blood all over him and all over the floor and he couldn’t stop himself anymore. He had completely lost his mind. He killed everyone in the palace before he tossed his blood soaked sword aside and looked to the chest containing his bones...

He walked over to his bones and he plunged back inside them. The cool darkness pressed down upon him, smothering him comfortably within it's peaceful arms, drowning the madness that shattered his mind. There were no sounds. No light. Nothing. Just darkness and the darkness lulled him to sleep. A sleep close to the death that he desired.

And so it was for hundreds of years. He slept and when he was awakened he killed his masters and slept again. He killed and slept and killed and slept until none awakened him any longer. So he slept and still sleeps in the basement of a Library. The modern world passes him by and he waits for the day he was reawakened again.

Though the trunk was now old and dusty and the ivory and gold were striped from it you could still read the letters that were pressed into the wood on the side of the ageing trunk. They were in old Hebrew and a warning that read...

I am The servant of the Bones.

within the bones there is a power greater than that of which man alone can achieve. It knows no limits upon wealth and desire.

Beware and take heed this warning, the creature within the bones must be controlled once called forth or it will put an end to you and all you hold dear. You must be strong and use these words to help control the creature.

Stop, for I am your master and I command you to do so.
Do as I wish for I am your master and you must do as I command.

Most importantly, you must know the creature's name. Merric. It will give you power over the creature.

There was now a lock on the trunk. It was huge and appeared to have lost it's key decades ago. The metal on the lock was tarnished and the lock it's self was rusting. It didn't fit in with the normal design of the trunk. It was almost as if the lock had been added onto the trunk as an after thought or perhaps in later years.
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