The Arrival (Alien RP) [EX] Seeking M or F worldbuilder

Started by GloomCookie, January 16, 2012, 10:10:27 AM

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Dear Diary

I was helping pa out in the fields when we saw something.  Thought at first it was one of those new jet fighters like they got at the air base down the road.  But this thing was fast, way too fast to be a jet plane.  I asked pa what it was and he didn't have an answer.  It was gone so we went back to work, but that night at supper, some men from the government came and started asking pa some questions.  He answered truthfully, because pa's like that, and said we'd seen a fast plane up in the sky earlier but didn't pay it no mind.  I think they accepted that answer and left.  This was a couple of days ago.

Then yesterday, we saw it again.  This time it was lots closer.  Flew overhead and it didn't look like no jet plane.  Hard to tell, but I'd seen jet planes before.  This wasn't a jet, no sir.  And then today, we saw three of them, and they were really close.  So close, I could see they looked like those little plates mama saves for special occasions.  They were flying to that base again.  I just saw a pair of headlights pull up.  I wonder if it's them suit men again.

Last entry recorded 6 June 1951

TO: President Dwight Eisenhower
FROM: Brig. Gen. Allen Pole, Ledlo AFB
DATE: 7 June 1951
SUBJECT: Contact

Mr. President

At 1054 Local, contact was established with creatures of unknown origin.  Creatures seem curious about us, and hostility is unknown at this time.  As a precaution, local population that may have witnessed event has been detained within Ledlo AFB until they can be cleared.  List of names follows.  Please advise on further course of action.

Brig. Gen. Allen Pole
Ledlo AFB
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