Welcome to the jungle (Catgirl vs all kinds of monsters) - filled!

Started by Raigi, January 16, 2012, 12:45:29 AM

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Normally I would just post this in my bigger thread for plot ideas but this is a particular taste of mine right now so I don't want it to get lost in the many plots I had previously posted.

I am looking to play as a tribal catgirl, her village being located deep in some undiscovered part of a fantasy jungle. Pic below related.


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What I'm looking for is for someone to play the beasts she'll be encountering on her misadventures through the jungle. Giant bees and insects, plants that swallow her whole and use her sexual energy as a form of food then pumping her full of seeds and releasing her so she would go try to get them out and thus reproduce for it. Tentacle beasts that just want to get off, any excuse you can come up with to get into her pants with some kind of monster is up for grabs. I'm really hoping for a lot of things like oviposition, cum inflation,  aphrodisiac being used to lure her, large dicks / ovipositors, ect.

I don't mind if my partner is male or female, I just want someone that likes to ravage a pretty girls body with all kinds of alien appendages and whatnot. A sample of my writing can be found at the below link so you'll know how I tend to play. I have yet to write a girl on this site so sadly I can't give an example of how I handle that yet. I was hoping for someone that posts as much as my partner in the below thread but if the posts are high quality I certainly wont mind them being a little shorter just please no 3 liners I will always do my best to give you a lot to work off of! Suggestions for monster ideas are more than welcome and I may be inclined to post some pics at a later date should I not get any hits to try and stoke the fires.


And as always my ons and offs can be found here. I need to make some ammendments to it however which I will eventually get around to.


This RP has been filled by our lovely new member Sweetie, feel free to have a look at my 0/0's for more plots of mine and pm me if interested. That doesn't guarantee I'll be looking for a partner I only take on as much as I can dedicate to. I don't wish to keep any of my partners waiting so I'll not be accepting another rp for a little while at least until I am sure I can keep up the pace of posting! Much love to all you E-peoples!