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Author Topic: Superheroines in Peril! (Superheroine characters needed) NC/EX [CLOSED]  (Read 1740 times)

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Forewarning that this is going to get squicky for some people, hence the extreme tag.  Play will include a extremely disgusting villain of over eight hundred pounds with farting, cumming, burping, and spitting abilities among a few others.

EDIT: Please respond to this message or by PM if interested! I've bookmarked the thread, so I'm always checking for new replies.

This idea is kind of fresh in my mind so I'm willing to take other ideas on as to how to flesh it out a little bit more.  I'm willing to go in multiple directions depending on the partner I choose for the game. 

Rancid, the villain, is a man that's just gaining some traction in the world as a serial rapist.  He loves women in tights, often finding them at yoga studios, jogging, or otherwise working out.  What he'd really love is for a superheroine to confront him and lose to his powers.  Women are always completely disgusted with him, he has terrible body odor and he's nearly always sweating.  He owns a local comic book store that he mostly has run by other people (just so it'll stay afloat) but occasionally he'll wander in if he hears there's a hot girl in his store. 

The world, as it stands, has metahumans in it though a low percentage of the population.  Women often are given a sense of entitlement by the gene while men's minds tend to break and they go crazy.  The result is that there are superheroines in every major city, often just one or two protecting it and often some girls protecting smaller cities as well.  This RP will take place in a major city, probably with your character being the main superheroine protecting it.  Or if you'd rather you can play an upstart heroine, or several different if you feel up to the task. 

What I'm looking for is more of a romp-based game with some loose plot.  Rancid would love to take over the world and have all of the superheroines as his sex slaves.  It has to start somewhere, so he's starting with the city.  As for the kind of rape I'm looking for, I was thinking more the "No, no no" to "Yes, yes, yes" at the very least during the sex, possibly even getting a little addicted to sex by Rancid or just addicted to rape in general (being that it's so taboo). 

Let me know your thoughts.  Below is a character sheet for Rancid.

Name: Romeo Ancid
Alias(es): Rancid
Age/DOB: 24 (looks closer to mid 30's)/September 18, 1987
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 800 lbs
Build: Morbidly Obese (is an understatement)
Hair: Stringy and black, he brushes it back if he's going into work.
Skin: Clamy.  Always moist and pale.
Eyes: Dull gray.
Hygiene: Disgusting.  There's green stuff growing around his gumline, he appears to never take a shower and his B.O. is bad enough to make people gag.

Work: If he goes into his comic book shop, he'll often wear a pair of sweat pants and a custom fit hoodie for his large frame
Casual: Same as for work, except he doesn't wear a shirt.

Occupation: Comic Store owner/Serial Rapist/Sex Slave Seller
Income: $1,750,000/year
Marital Status: Single.

History: Romeo wasn't always as disgusting as he is now.  In fact that didn't happen until he was diagnosed with a relatively new disease going by the nick-name of Metabetes.  It's not at all related to diabetes but one of its side effects causes diabetes (among a slew of other health problems).  Up until 17 he was a relatively normal kid, a little on the big side, but it allowed him to play football and hang out with the guys.  He got diagnosed just after his seventeenth birthday and got told that's likely the reason he could never actually lose the weight.  On the bright side, according to doctors, he didn't seem to have the normal life expectancy of this disease that strikes one in every fifty million people.  Instead of living only to eighteen or twenty, they expected him to live to twenty-two!

He could have strangled his doctor.  A hot blonde lady in her early forties best he could figure.  Still keeping in shape and he could have easily mistaken her for being in her late twenties.  Two years later he didn't strangle her, no, he raped her.  His first of many.  At that point he was a "mere" 400 pounds but his hair was already falling out his eyes had gone from vibrant blue to a dull gray and he'd already started to smell.

Just a year after that, at twenty, he had gained another two-hundred pounds, and at twenty two, he was a total of 800 lbs and growing fast.  His death year, as he'd called it, had lasted all year, then he lived the year after that too.  His body, latent with metahuman genes, had fought to survive, converting the disease to work for the body rather than against it.  However the bacteria now produced by his body gives him severe gas, severe body odor, and makes it impossible to keep clean.  He could stand and get bathed 24/7 and he'd still come out as if he'd never taken a shower at all.  Women look at him like he's the most disgusting creature on earth.

While at first it was a turn-off and made him depressed, he remembered that doctor and the way she'd denied it at first but then got into it.  Sixteen multiple orgasms later and well she probably wanted more.  Now it's a turn-on, almost like he can't help it when they look at him so disgusted, or get a whiff of him and gag.  He still has a thing for spandex, and with his body turning Metabetes in his favor, he might not be losing weight, but it's given him some extra...unique abilities. 

He's always been a bit of a tinkerer, and after the hot doctor landed him a cool hundred-grand in cash he decided to make a living at it.  Raping women, making them like it, and then selling them on the black market.  Ironically, he might not be able to get clean himself, but his cum seems to wipe out all diseases in other people, including cancer.  Now only if he gave a damn about saving the world he may save it.  Instead he has his sights on all those girls wearing those tight, tight, tight spandex bodysuits, leotards, and whatever while fighting crime.


Marksmanship- When shooting his cum he's become quite good at aiming where it goes and what he hits.  He's shot a woman across her spandex clad ass from a hundred yards away!
Computer- He's good with computers, enough to hack his way through most corporate security, although he finds the work extremely boring unless he's finding out about a woman he's interested in.

Abilities: Bacterial and Body Control.  His abilities that come from the metabetes allow him some pretty disgusting abilities.  One of which includes to eat any food substance, no matter how rotten or moldy.  In fact, the more bacteria living on it, the better it is for him.

  • Burps: He can produce massive amounts of gas through the bacteria in his stomach churning up the most foul smelling burps on command and so massively he could knock out a room filled with over a hundred people.  Though he finds that incredibly boring, unless it was filled with superheroines.
  • Farts:Similarly he can do the same with farting.  Often it squicks out the women and he gets off on it.  He can knock them out or just make them gag.
  • Body Odor:  More of a passive ability but he stinks.  He can technically turn up how much he stinks, or turn it down, depending on the situation, but he often just doesn't care enough to do either.  Instead he remains at a state of where if he moves it may make a person gag.
  • Sweat: Being 800 pounds means he's always sweating, even if he were nude in the dead of winter, he'd be sweating like a pig.  Between his weight and the metabetes he produces a lot more heat than even your average person...making him sweat.
  • Energy to Burn: Despite his extreme weight, Rancid has an incredible amount of stamina.  He can run or walk for miles without ever getting tired.  Running for him is a little difficult given the size of his legs, but if he chose, he could manage.
  • Marathon Cummer:He can cum on command, not just a simple orgasm, but he can cum as much as he wants and for almost any length of time and any force.  Filling up an Olympic sized swimming pool wouldn't be terribly difficult for him.
  • Hard to Break:His fat protects him from super strength, bullets and knifes, even long falls.  His fat is more likely to absorb a punch and possibly make it get stuck within his massive amount of fat. He's hard to hurt and even harder to break his bones or any part of him.  Being durable is half the reason he can walk.
  • Strength Boost: The other half of the reason is that he's super strong.  Enough to lift his body with the ease as if he were ten time lighter.  He can punch through brick walls, and daze some of the stronger superheroines...not that it's been tested yet.

Secondary Abilities:

Material Stretch: Something he's always had the ability to do is stretch materials beyond their natural limit.  It makes what would normally be a secure pair of tight leather pants, not so secure as he can easily rape a woman through her clothing.  He prefers spandex, it's already stretchy plus it feels good on his cock.


Slow: He may be able to walk, or even run in some cases, but he can't do it very fast.  His weight gets in the way and he can't properly walk or run like normal people which gives him more of a waddle.  He has to lure people over to him...which is difficult.
Niceness: Simply being nice and not grossed out will do wonders for a girl.  He currently has one lady that comes into his shop whose son died of metabetes a few years ago.  She always comes from her yoga class wearing tight pants and a sports bra.  She's in her mid thirties though could be mistake for her early to mid twenties.  And he has little desire to rape her.  Granted if he knew she was a superheroine, he'd rape her in a second.
Rank:  He smells, bad.  Even when he tries to tone down the stench, it's at best just a guy that hasn't taken a shower for a day or two.  Someone after a super hard work-out bad.  Luring people to him can sometimes be difficult.  He's hoping that his totals of rapes will get some super-bitch to take notice of him.
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Re: Superheroines in Peril! (Superheroine characters needed) NC/EX
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2012, 05:35:11 am »
I would love to discuss this idea further, and perhaps integrate it with an idea of mine...Super Fragile, listed in my story ideas. Please let me know if youre interested.

Offline DarwishiTopic starter

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Re: Superheroines in Peril! (Superheroine characters needed) NC/EX [CLOSED]
« Reply #2 on: January 17, 2012, 10:28:33 am »
Sorry, for the moment this idea is closed.  I can only play one character of a type at a time and someone already snagged it.  Thanks for the interest though!