American Horror Story 1x1 (Seeking M/M or M/F. Looking for a Tate

Started by Mujitsu, January 11, 2012, 12:26:47 AM

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Hello there! I'm pretty new to Elliquiy, and this will be my very first forum thread, aside from my introductory one. :3 But, anyways!

I've been so obsessed over the TV Series American Horror Story. So much that I would like to RP it with someone. I would like to have someone play Tate Langdon, and we would split the rest of the characters up, OR play them when we need the story to progress. I would be willing to play Violet, or my OOC Male Character, Jake. Hes a closet bisexual. The plot may not be completely the same, nor may Tate's orientation be the same if we choose my male character. (Which I would -love- to do.)

If there's any questions, concerns, what have you, please message me and we can work it out from there! I also feel better using PM's or IM's for the RP. We can work something out. ^^ Just throw me a PM. I might not see this thread after a few days of creation.

I also give out what my partner gives post-wise, and I'm a very nice, leaniant person. Always looking for more RP partners! (I also tend to post back quite quickly.)