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Author Topic: Nerd it Up. F seeking M roleplayer for game based, and original stories.  (Read 2609 times)

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Current Cravings

***Set in the Abraham Lincoln Vampire hunter universe May be slightly spoiler***
Non-Con OC
I would love to play a game where the vampires are not stopped. A daughter of as northern senator is given to a rather wealthy southern vampire for his support in the war.

Light OC
A woman becomes a hunter after her sister is seduced and killed by a vampire. This would be te story of her falling in love with another hunter or maybe a man who knows nothing about vampires.

The Hunter's Girl

I think that it would be a good story where a woman in a relationship  with a vampire hunter is captured by a vampire. He has tried to keep her away from his job, to make sure that she is safe. They found her though and took her. The leader of the coven intent on breaking her and making her his, he would take her like the hunter took his woman, driving a stake through her  heart before his very eyes.

I would like this story to be EX to NC. I am leaning to EX though.
The muse

No-con, bondage, possibly to some extremes.

Senario: An imortal artist sees a young woman who resparks his passion. He had not painted in years but seeing her brought back everything to him. At first seeing her from a distance was good enough, quick sketches as she sat in her garden but then he wanted her to model for him and she said no. So he took her. He binds her to keep her still as he works, finding that the rope on  her bare flesh brings more insperation she is less and less clothed in his paintings. As his passion for art was reawakened so was his passion for the flesh.

I did play this game for a short time with a great partner. Feel free to take a look for an idea of how I would like to see the game go,

While the Alphas away

A group of werewolfs has found a way to live in peace under their leader. He keeps his group out of the way, they follow a number of rules under him. They live away from humans and leave humans alone, those who cannot controll their transformations stay in a cell during the moon, this who can are allied to hunt the animals of the forest. The alpha, Cyrus and his mate Claire always welcome anyone who needs a place to stay if they follow the rules.

Cyrus leaves to visit a group that lives very much like them. it is while he is away one on their group decides that he dose not want to live by the rules and takes controll. And if he is going to be the alpha he may as well have the female alpha of the group.
Playing this story as a NC. Would love to play it as an EX with more violence and harshness.

-Light Exotic Version of while the Alpha's away-

A change up to the above plot, the relationship between Claire and Cyrus is forced, she was taken by the man turned against her will. In this case the story would be rather flipped, Cyrus lets the pack run wild and free doing what ever they want. It would be his Beta in a secret relationship with Claire.

Brothers Debt
I have had a game a few times where a drug addict has a debt. The addicts sister shows and works out a deal to take care of the debt. I would be rather interested in this game having some fantasy. I think if mythic creatures (vampires, fairy, etc.) showed themselves to the world their drugs would be even harder on humans.


Based on the movie Prom Night (the remake) with some changes.
A man is obsessed with a woman very deeply. He kills her family one night after a restraining order is filed. He is caught and goes to prison. Years later he escapes and finds her staying with some friends at an isolated cabin. After killing her friends, who stand in the way of them being together in his mind he is finally alone with her and finally has the chance to be with her.
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Re: Female seeking male for a Fable based roleplay.
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2012, 01:48:50 AM »

Okay so for the first plot  I got the idea while I was watching my sister playing Fable 3 the other day. She was doing one of the side quests (Reaver's unmentionables) and was quite shocked at the hidden room she found. She laughed and said that Reaver really made her want to go shower when she thought about him.

So I got to thinking it would be interesting to do a story with someone playing someone like Reaver or  Reaver if they would rather play him.

For the story I was thinking a maid accidentally find his hidden room and he discovers her there and dose not plan on letting her leave. Or maybe a guest of one of his party goers. Someone who should not be there and normally would not.

For the second idea it was based right on the start of the game.

The King's sister confronts him on his treatment of the people when he wants to have protesters executed. She speaks against him with a friend and her brother reacts baddly. She is no longer a child he tells her, she can mke an adult choice. Her friend or the leaders of the group will die.

A King offers his sister (or half sister/stepsister/adopted sister depending on the level of incest the partner is comfortable with) the choice between her sweet heart or a number of strangers dying she pleads with him off to the side in hushed tones. She would do anything if there was not an execution. It dose not have to be Logan and our hero, could be completely made up.


Would like to play a story with Ben Finn, kind of  sad he is a Non Romanceable character. For the game I am thinking an OC or maybe Paige.
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Re: Female seeking male for a Fable based roleplay.
« Reply #2 on: February 22, 2012, 11:10:51 PM »

I am really craving any story set in the world of New Vegas. Any pairing would do.


I think a story with Craig Boone would be rather interesting.  :-) maybe someone runs into him and teaches him how to feel again after his wife?


If the courier is a woman and you speak to the slave in the fort she mentions that some of the legion men have been speaking about you. I think it would be intersting if the courier refused to help Caecar and he lets those men have a go at her.

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Offline sweetsTopic starter

Left 4 Dead.

A zombie game woo.

I would be able to play Zoey or a random person, my partner could play a character from the game or a made up person as well.

The story could be a non con type. Man meets woman, has not been with a woman in a while and takes the woman.

A love story could also work. They meet, have to work together, and then fall for each other in some time.


Would rather like to play opposite Francis.
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Offline sweetsTopic starter

Original Plots

Claire had her Father's old flower shop now. It had been in the family for some time, but it was finally hers. She managed for quite some time on her own. The shop started doing very well, she was doing great compared to the rest of the neighborhood. That was when she was approached by a man who told her bad things could happen to her shop if someone did not look out for her.

A basic mafia story. Could be light to N/C.

Maria had nearly died, she had been found near death in an ally. Well when you got down to it she had died, flatlined while she was in surgery. When she woke she was told she had been attacked, likely by some sort of animal. She went home and slowly started to notice changes, sensitivity to light, a nawing hunger that would not go away. Getting on some gothic online forums she found someone who claimed they could help her. This person was the man who attacked her, a vampire who had made her into one of his kind.

Losely based on Blood ties Book one the turning. The story would be a n/c story. Maria was turned by accident, she fought managed to get his blood in her mouth while he fed.

The Highwayman

I love love love this poem. I have since I first heard it. I was thinking about a game with the reincarnations of Bess and the Highwayman in modern day? Maybe simly play out their story as written in the poem? If we could work out a way to have Tim show up I would love it. If anyone wants to work out this game with me send me a message or post here.
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Offline sweetsTopic starter


I love the world of skyrim, and am really up for any story set there.

No realy plot but I love Farkas and Vilkas and would love a story with someone playing one of the brothers. (Maybe Both?)

I think that it would be interesting to ply as a follower of the Dragon Born as an OC.


Got the Dawnguard DLC and would love to play as a vampire who is not evil. In a light to BON story with someone playing a human.
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Stories spots still open 5

Offline sweetsTopic starter

More updates, 4 slots open.

Offline Jecht

You said the magic words...Left 4 Dead...I would so be up for some kind of lot based on those games. Even Nick+Zoe or Zoe and a OC. Regardless you have my attention  ;D

Offline Genbu83

Skyrim could be interesting.

Offline sweetsTopic starter

Updates to Current Cravings, Fallout, and Fable. Taking on 5 more stories.

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Some updates.

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Updates to Skyrim and Fable

Offline sweetsTopic starter

Updated current cravings

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Added Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Plots.

Offline Belisuavious

I would be up for the a Fallout RP. Got New Vegas during the steam sale and hardly stopped playing since. Haven't been in a NC mood for a while due to some real life reasons, and I doubt my ability to play as Boone very well. If you're up to it, I'd like to do the third option.

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Re: Nerd it Up. F seeking M roleplayer for game based, and original stories.
« Reply #16 on: August 10, 2012, 09:46:19 PM »
Updated taking on 3 stories

Offline MzHyde

Re: Nerd it Up. F seeking M roleplayer for game based, and original stories.
« Reply #17 on: August 10, 2012, 09:53:24 PM »
I have a Fallout character ready to use, but she's a lady. If that's of any interest at all, send me a PM.