Deep, dark cravings. (Extreme.) (F seeking any.)

Started by misstiny, January 05, 2012, 01:48:33 AM

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OK, I'm just going to lay it on the line here. I'm looking for someone, male or female, who wants to do a snuff rp. As in, a character who wants to torture, humiliate and kill my character.

I particularly enjoy consensual snuff - playing a character who is willing and ready to die. Although, a bit of non-con play is always fun too.

I have a couple of potential plot ideas, but I'm also open to yours:

1. Snuff girls for hire

There is, somewhere out there, a service that offers women to be killed for the right price. And for someone of sufficient financial means, who wants to kill a woman, they are available.

2. The natural end.
A slave has been serving her Master well for some time; he would like to trade up to a better model though. To that end, he must dispose of the old slave. She knows this, and meets her end with dignity and honor. <- Ons and Offs


It would be interesting to do either one or perhaps both the plots.


Edited to replace one plot idea with a new one.