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Author Topic: My Many Minded Manuscripts -- Curious?  (Read 1165 times)

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My Many Minded Manuscripts -- Curious?
« on: January 03, 2012, 02:39:21 AM »
I had these settings listed in my 1x1 request thread and realized that they'd be most intriguing for group roleplays (particularly The Safe Zone -- that's a hint, by the way ;) ) So here they are! If you're curious as to my O/Os, there's a link in my signature, also my introductory thread is there too, so feel free to take a peek to get to know me better!

Now! Onto the settings!!

BROKEN GROUND: A Post-Apocalyptic RP - click to view/hide
A basic map of the village near the Niagara Falls. The city of Stratclaw is where some of the last true survivors live, having clung to one another to strive for existence, and avoidance of extinction. The Wall surrounds the entire village of Stratclaw, and only has two main gates: Northgate & Southgate. The Cemetery, guarded by the Cemetery Gate, is just south and west of the village.
The falls are approximately 1.5 miles north of Stratclaw itself. However, it is a cliffside that is not frequented only by humans. The water is a source of life to all sorts of Kreatures, and home to some as well. It is, however, the main reason that Stratclaw has survived as long as it has.
The woods surrounding Stratclaw are known as Zhas'mir. A dangerous place filled with Kreatens, Sub-Humans, and is a place only braved by the scouts and fighters who are trained to deal with such threats. Typically, though, only the Elites go out into the depths of Zhas'mir. What lies out there is not for the faint of heart, or for the untrained.
Note: The forest extends out 1.5 miles to the North of Stratclaw, 10 miles to the South, and then 7 miles to the East and West.
The wastelands are a place that are essentially a death sentence. It's exactly that, a barren wasteland, and there's nothing within sight, or even hope for anything out there. The few that stray out there and make it through alive have typically gone insane or are seen as ridiculously lucky. This vast expanse of broken ground is nicknamed 'The Dead Zone' by many inhabitants of Stratclaw...and well named.
Note: The wastelands begin about a mile outside the outskirts of Zhas'mir Forest, and are visible from the treeline.

Terms to Know
Looks exactly like what it sounds like: sewer sludge. Blackish brown, clumpy, gooey, fowl smelling, tar-like, fluid substance. It eats through anything organic in a matter of seconds due to it's acidity and it's fumes are highly toxic if exposed. It flows through the Dead Zone and occasionally makes an appearance in areas that have a large water supply. Almost like a living creature in how it seeks out water after having been in the dryness of the desert for so long. It has been known to change powers and personalities if an individual comes into brief physical contact with it (ie. Sludge-burned).
A Tribe member that is labeled as an "Elite" is a member of the most highly trained division of the militia, or field, branch. This is currently under the command of the Field Commander. The Elites are trained as extreme fighters, scouts, trackers, and wilderness survivors. Also, more often than not, they are trained as hunters, but it's not necessarily the case. To be called an Elite is a huge honor, and very few are chosen to be trained as Elites. Very. Few.
Any creature that has been drastically effected by Radiation.
The following are examples of Kreatures that will appear frequently in this thread:
Reavers (Sub-Human) [1, 2]; Dactyl [1, 2, etc.]; Bull Ant [1, 2]; Mantis [1, 2]; Spidren [X, web]; Mile-Ped [X]; ??? [X]
A note about Reavers: They have an antigen in their saliva that infects anything they bite, or any open wound their drool gets in, and it alters the DNA of the living victim and turning them into a Reaver as well. It typically takes minutes for the Turning to start, and the victim is typically killed out in the field by the highest ranking Field officer present.

THE SAFE ZONE: A Werewolf RP - click to view/hide
The Safe Zone. At least that's what they call it. Politicians euphemize it by saying, "It is a safe zone for those of mutated human decent to live their lives without fear of descrimination."

Right. Because throwing us into a massive concentration camp in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean stops the fear of descrimination. It's all bullshit.

It just goes to show that what the world is going to. No. Not the dogs. If it was dogs, we'd have a chance. The world is going to elitist racist supremist humans. And that makes it all the more difficult to get out of.

So, what's your story?

I was nine when I was bitten.

Y'know, bitten.

As in...werewolf? There you go, that's the mind set. What, you didn't think we existed? I thought everybody knew. Well, the politicians that make up the United Nations knew of us long ago and decided to do something about it. Now I understand wanting to kill us off, we're not always the friendliest of folk when we're shifted, but to throw us all in a cage together and let us rip eachother to shreds? You have got to be kidding me.

What's worse? Some of us actually fell for it. And those who didn't, were killed or trapped and taken there -- The Safe Zone. A pretty little political jargonned euphemism for "death cage". There's no government here, no rulers. But then again, that mostly works for us, since we have wolven tendencies. But still, if the wrong Werewolf gets to the top, we're all completely screwed.

It took them only 10 years to put the giant man made island together in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Big place right? Yea. We found that out the hard way when some of us tried to swim to a continent...didn't work so well. After that escape attempt they put up these fields of some sort of magnetism and electricity that we couldn't pass. We were in a cage. What a great place, this Safe Zone...or maybe not so much.

What happened to me? Well...I'm still here, lurking in the shadows and about. I'm one of the few people that has survived the first 5 years of this place. We've lost almost half of our numbers, and people are thinking we're going to die out completely. I'm not so sure about that. I think the UN,the United Nations, and the rest of the "Human World" are up to something...

What about you? Well, it's time you write your own story -- bond together and try and form a union with strangers that seem to just want to rip eachothers throats out, or become part of the rip-or-be-ripped fiasco that's called the Safe Zone Inner Circle. Do what you like...but for now...I'll be on the outter rim...Good luck.

Welcome to the Safe Zone.
Welcome to Hell.
--Dietrich DeLaFuego


Essentially this is a werewolf rp, as well as a rebellion rp. It can also encompasse romance and good ol' action-violence. The setting is the Safe zone, which is a man-made mini-continent/large-island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. It's like a city on stilts at the surface of the water.


** There are no forests, trees or living plant-life of any kind. The food is delivered in an automated shipment by helicopter to multiple regions of the Safe Zone. Do not, I repeat, Do NOT try and rp in trees or bushes or in a forest or park. Your post will become void, deleted, and I will not be happy.
** The area is surrounded by a force-field. You cannot get out of it without debunking the system which is controlled from elsewhere. Don't bother trying to break them. If they break or malfunction, I will let you know in a plot twist post.
** The safe zone has been up and running for only 5 your character can only live there for that long or less before all this happens. Be clear on that in your history.
** Play your pack type!! Below are a list of pack types, they help form your character's personality. If you say you're a Beta, play an agressive, hot-tempered fighter or something withing that idea. Don't go out and sneak into a control center and deactivate a bomb and what not, because that would be something a Gamma or a Delta would do...
**No businesses/money!! So this means no cellphones, phones, internet, buying things from stores, or working for cash. The only people who might be able to do anything are the Gammas, being the brains. If it is in their skill set, they might be able to hack into and stream a live radio feed or something, but no guarantees.
**Infection varies! Some of you can turn all the way into wolves, while others can only turn into human-looking werewolves. But let me be clear, that turning fully into wolves is RARE, and is only for those who have been infected for a very long time. Capiche?
** Any other additional facts or comments will be added here, so check back!


Every werewolf has a bit of wolf in them; they have Pack tendencies, roles and personalities. I call this a werewolf's "Pack-Type". There are five Pack-Types listed below, make sure your character's personality fits with one of these pack types!

Alpha (males and females. VERY RARE PACK TYPE.)
- Alpha's are well rounded individuals who are not experts in any one particular area. They have a solid set of many skills, much like a jack of all trades, but they are not the strongest, nor the fastest, nor the smartest...but they have it all in a package.

Beta (almost always male, females are RARE!)
- Beta's are essentially the aggressive brawlers. They are the largest in a pack, typically, and possess great strength. They aren't the smartest of folk, nor are they all that fast. They can give and take a lot of fighting. They are usually the ticking time-bombs who are ready to fight at the slightest insult...not always, but usually. Obviously, they are all offense with very little defense. They're all about attacking.

Gamma (typically male, but some females now and then)
- Gamma's are the brains of the pack. The secretive ones, the strategic ones, the silent-unphased-intellectual ones who don't give into threats and aren't easily baited into getting angry. Emotions aren't big deals to them...and they are much like the KGB, or secret service. They don't excell at offense or defense, but have a good balance of both and use them only if required.

Delta (male or female)
- Deltas are on the smaller side and are the would-be-Omegas if it weren't for how damned quiet, quick, and mischievous they are. These are the spies, the scouts, the messengers. They are not aggressive fighters...they're essentially rogues. They usually dodge and take the defensive, since they're size is a disadvantage in the fighting arena.

Omega (typically, and almost always female)
- These are the underdogs, the abused, the scape-goats...these are essentially the emo-wolves, for lack of a better description. They sit there and run away with their tail between their legs, and aren't very strong or fast. One thing, however, that they excell in is compassion. They are usually the ones in charge of the pups. They aren't battle wolves at all.

WORLDS APART: Taken to Another World RP - click to view/hide
While almost all the population of our planet, Earth, believes the world we live in to be the only world in existence, there is a small group of youths that are about to find out very differently… .

Another world, known as Kethijar, is made up of three distinct regions: Velan, Horit, and Yomel. Unlike the other two, Velan is the place of mortal beings. These mortals are the natives of Kethijar, the Velanians. They are curious creatures indeed, these Velanians. They can take one of two forms – fae, or creature. Though, out of fear of capture and torment, most Velanians hide amongst other animals in their creature form to evade those known as the terrible Shades.

Who are the Shades? They are fearsome creatures that have entered the realm of Velan from their native underground of Yomel – the lands shroud in darkness and shadowy mists. The entrance to Yomel is hidden within the side of a dormant volcano, and leads underground to a place of no light. No fires to see by, no light glistening through the cracks. Fortunate for the Shades, they need not light, nor fire to see. For some Shades, however, they live hidden above the underground cities and colonies. The darkness is their strength, and that is their reason for the attempt to take over Kethijar. It has been made apparent to the Velanians that the Shades will not stop with conquering Velan – their real goal is to reach Horit and enter the gate to the other world: domination is key intuitive to these horrid beings.

Horit – The Untouched Valley of the Ancients. Horit is nothing but ruins over grown by nature now. It was, and is, believed to be a gateway to another world, our world, Earth. But where does this gateway open? How does it work? The answer to both of these was unknown, until now. One Velanian of every generation is known as the Secret Keeper, the secrets of how to open the Gateway in Horit belonged only to them until they passed it down to the next. The Prophecies spoke of a race known as Human, how they would be the saviors of Kethijar and return all to balance. Though the Secret Keeper knows, that the Humans, once summoned, could be a blessing or a curse.

The Secret Keeper chose a select few Velanians to know the secrets of Horit, to be the Guides of the Humans once they arrived. These Guides, and one eavesdropping Shade, heard the following words:

“Be wary the humans to not fall into Shadian hands – for if Human sacrifices are made to the Horit Shrine, the gate will be opened to the other world, for all… and all of time.”

At that moment, the Secret Keeper, Kazauh died, dropping to the cold cobble stone. Along with him, all other secrets of the Horit Ruins. The Humans would come soon. The Guides would take turns on watch at the Horit Ruins, while their comrades battled with the Shades each night, and rested each day. If failed, the nights would get longer, and longer… and continue this path until eternal darkness consumes them all… .

But how would the humans get there? What was the equivalent gate on Earth to the Horit Ruins? To us it is merely a tourist attraction in the United Kingdom…A place known to us, as Stonehenge. Six youths, six teenagers to be exact, had been chosen by the Earth-bound gate. Each was summoned and found themselves, through different circumstances, visiting the ruins of Stonehenge all on the same day. Yet only those six were taken…only those six, had simply …vanished… .

Now the real story begins – the humans now find themselves in a new world, with new powers, and new abilities…and new responsibilities cast upon them.

Welcome to Kethijar, will you help us?

†•†•†•†•†•†•†•†•†•†•†•†•†•†•†•†•†•†Welcome to K e t h i j a r

[ X ] - The G a t e W a y  of Horit
Located in the antient Valley of Horit, where the secrets were kept and had summoned the teens into the world of Kethijar from their own world, Earth.
And the place where the Shades wish to spill their blood...

The city of V e l a n - [ X ]
Where the Velanians had lived for years upon year, in the midst of the densest part of the Jungle.
...still kept secret from the Shades.
...A place the Shades have yet to infiltrate because it's exact location can only be found by a Velanian.

[ X ] - The V a l l e y to Velan
The strange and twisted jungles filled with many creatures, that lies between the dormant volcano that houses the Shadian race and the Velanians home.

The B e g i n n i n g - [ X ]
This is where the six teens had waked, somewhere just outside the Valley to Velan.
[ X ] - The Underground City of Y o m e l 
The city resides inside a dormant volcano, paths leading deeper to its core and below.
The dark city, laced with lava in some places, is full of twisted developments, bloodshed, and cruelty...

PS. Perhaps I'll add more of a 'Hello, greetings, how are you dahling' later on. But it's 12:39am PST, and I can't be arsed. :P Cheers!

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Re: My Many Minded Manuscripts -- Curious?
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2012, 10:34:17 AM »
Hello, Dey.  :-) Interesting ideas. I especially like the Broken Ground and Worlds Apart ideas, and would be interested in playing either one as a group game.

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Re: My Many Minded Manuscripts -- Curious?
« Reply #2 on: January 03, 2012, 11:49:16 AM »
I liked broken ground. :)

Offline DeyKnightTopic starter

Re: My Many Minded Manuscripts -- Curious?
« Reply #3 on: January 03, 2012, 12:23:42 PM »
Lovely! Did the two of you want to PM me your character ideas? Broken ground has two votes, I love it! Its my favorite setting that I made entirely from scratch, so I do love that the two of you like that idea!

To anyone else who swings by: All three are games I'm up for running, if y'all are interested! PM me or message me here I guess! (Not used to folks replying on the actual thread, you two surprised me on that one! lol)